by Jennifer Smith April 06, 2023 6 min read

Fashion trends for men are increasingly becoming a lot more about convenience fused with style. We can see the rise of sporty clothing that caters to a person's comfort as well as style. An exemplification of this is wearing a leather jacket with a hoodie, a combination now considered high fashion for men.

The relaxed look of the jacket instantly becomes when you wear a classy leather jacket over it. If you want to learn how to wear a leather jacket with a hoodie, we have listed some ideas you can count on for a dapper look.  

Leather Jacket Over Hoodie: A Sports Luxe Trend in Menswear 

Wearing a leather jacket with a hoodie underneath is a style you can wear, whether you are just out to run some errands, at informal parties, or in any such casual instances. Mixing and matching hoodies with your splendid jacket made of leather is a style move that hardly misses the bull's eye, as it will make you stand out. Plus, it is quite functional to block those chilly winds out and keep you warm and snug with the double layering.

The jacket ties this look together, giving it the true sports luxe feel, so we recommend selecting the best looking one. A leather hoodie, or a hooded leather jacket, is an alternate style that is similar to the hoodie under jacket look. You can also opt for a voguish hooded bomber jackets, pullover hoodies, or hooded biker jackets made of leather to diversify your casualwear options.

You can opt for a men's leather jacket with a detachable hood. Both the leather jacket with hood or without hood can be a valuable wardrobe addition. But weigh in on the jacket vs hoodie choice according to your particular style needs.

Do’s and Don’ts of the Hoodie Under Jacket Look 

While the leather jacket and hoodie combo is easy to ace, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, the fit of your hoodie is vital to avoid a sloppy look. Oversized hoodies are unsuitable for this look, as we are looking for a layered look here. Choose regular or slim fit hoodies.

Do not pair a printed hoodie with printed men's leather jackets unless you are unabashedly quirky with your fashion. For a smart look, consider both essentials to be plain, or try one of them in a trendy print. For instance, a striped black and white hoodie looks great with a white biker jacket. 

Don't assume you can only use pullover hoodies for layering under a leather jacket. Zip up hoodies also work perfectly well, given you keep the contrast balanced and the fit appropriate.

We suggest you build your outfit around your jacket instead of the hoodie. The jacket will be the hero piece in your outfit, and it won't be wise to draw attention away from it. Team up complementing hoodies and jackets, as the wrong color contrasts will fail to give the luxe appeal to your outfit. 

Leather Jacket With Hoodie Outfit Ideas to Try 

With the wide variety of hoodies and leather jackets available, there can be a lot of hoodie and leather jacket outfit ideas for men. To rock this cool look without fail, you can try the outfit suggestions we have compiled for you.

Black Leather Jacket and Hoodie Look 

Every style-conscious guy has at least one black leather jacket in his wardrobe, which is probably his most frequently worn outerwear. Pairing it with a hoodie is a great way to create a look that portrays comfort as well as a dashing style. The choice of hoodie can be as simple as solid black or a plethora of colors that make a nice combination with your black jacket.

Slay the street style fashion with a black biker jacket by wearing it over a plum colored hoodie and blue jeans. This is the ultimate remedy to take a laid back outfit up a notch and get it labeled as sports luxe. Wear converse sneakers and black wayfarer shades to seal the look.

You can try wearing a warm hoodie in a light pink shade and wear it with navy jeans and a lustrous black leather jacket for a magnificent look. Black Chelsea boots will perfectly finish off this stylish outfit.

Team up a mustard hoodie and light blue ripped jeans with a black bomber jacket for a fashion forward look. Finish off the outfit with brown suede ankle boots. 

Hoodies in pastel shades, neutrals, and muted hues go well underneath the black jacket. It also lends effortlessly to graphic printed hoodies.

Colored Leather Jacket With Hoodie Outfits

The easiest way to build a leather jacket and hoodie outfit is to wear your colored leather jackets with hoodies in a neutral or complementing tone. For instance, a brown jacket made of leather will seamlessly go with a plain black pullover hoodie.

You can also swap your brown leather jacket with a splendid white one or a blue one to rock this outfit. Black chinos will be the right choice with any of your colored leather jackets.

Custom Leather Jacket to Wear Over a Hoodie

If you are fascinated by the leather jacket over hoodie trend, the best style advice that we can give you is to go for a customized jacket made of leather. Depending on your hoodie collection and your personal style, you can design your owncustom leather jackets from scratch. Leather Skin Shop is your trusted choice for a quality jacket that will help you build a hoodie and jacket outfit perfectly each time.


What Are Jackets Without Hoods Known As?

If the jacket is without a hood, it is simply called a hoodless jacket. Made with a variety of materials, including leather, polyester, fleece, or wool, hoodless jackets are a men's wardrobe mainstay for casual layering. Some hooded jackets come with a detachable hood. With the removable hood, you can turn it into a hoodless jacket whenever required.

What to Wear With a Brown Hooded Leather Jacket?

If your brown hooded leather jacket is in a lighter shade, wear a dark brown t-shirt or sweater underneath it. You can also wear hooded leather jacket in any shade of brown with black or white shirts, and black and blue jeans. White t shirt and jeans look quite voguish with a brown hooded jacket.

How Do You Look While Wearing Hooded Leather Jackets?

A hooded leather jacket gives men a fashion forward look. The leather jacket retains the masculine style, but the hood adds a charm that further enhances your look. 

Is Wearing a Leather Jacket With a Hoodie Ok?

Wearing a hoodie under a leather jacket is a rising fashion trend. As the leather jacket hoodie combo provides both practicality and style, young men frequently opt for it for all sorts of casual events.

Is the Hooded Leather Jacket Currently Trending?

Hooded leather jackets are highly suited to the fashion forecast for this year. As men divert their fashion choices towards the sporty style, the market for hooded jackets made of leather is rapidly growing. 

What to Pair With a Leather Hooded Jacket?

A hooded jacket is best paired with a solid colored tee, matching or contrasting jeans, or chinos. You can also wear it with sweaters, turtlenecks, and sweatshirts.

What You Should Not Wear With Your Leather Hooded Jacket? 

Avoid wearing sharp essentials, such as dress pants, crisp buttoned shirts, and bulky or oversized clothing under your leather hooded jacket. 

Is There a Zipper in a Leather Hoodie?

A hoodie made of leather can have a front zipped opening. Pull-over style leather hoodies are also currently in fashion, so you can opt for whichever suits your style and layering needs. 


When we discuss the fusion of two styles in men's fashion, nailing it with perfection always seems difficult. But in the case of a jacket with a hoodie outfit, all you need to do is to harmonize the look with appropriate contrasts. Pair the your mens leather jacket and hooded jackets with any bottom wear, shoes, and accessories we have suggested, and you are good to go!

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