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When you want your outerwear to stand out, the best way is to go for an orange jacket. The vivid hue is known for its attention grabbing quality and lively, peppy vibes.  Although it's a typical fall color, this blog will help you create an orange jacket outfit for any season. 

When it's time to complete your outfit with a jacket, it's common to go for black or brown jackets for their versatility. However, an orange jacket is great to add that much needed pop of color and portray an individualistic style. Even though it is a vibrant hue, an orange jacket is easily paired with clothing items in varying prints and colors. From casual, street style, and smart casual to semi formal ensembles, we are going to state all the orange jacket styling possibilities in this blog.

Which Orange Jacket Style Is Right For You?

Whether you opt for a lustrous and fashionable orange leather jacket, an orange blazer, a denim jacket, or a business casual coat, it will give you a bold and unique style, revealing your unbeatable fashion sense. It can be a fun way to express your personal style and make a statement. Opt for casual relaxed fit vests or denim jackets for a chic style, or go for fleece, wool, or puffer orange jackets to stay warm on a chilly day. 

For an elevated style such as streetwear, orange blazer, leather jacket, military jacket, or a quilted jacket may be the right choice. 

Orange Jacket Outfit Ideas 

A collection of orange jackets in varying styles is the ultimate remedy for effortless styling. Read on to know the flux of outfit suggestions we have for you to ensure a fabulous look each time you pick an orange jacket from your closet.

Orange Leather Jacket Outfits with Different Color Clothes 

A striking orange leather jacket can be styled in multiple ways. As orange makes a great combo with white, black, blue, green, and beige, you can mix and match pieces in these colors for a stylish outfit. A white and orange dress with a jacket in a cropped style can give a sensational look, and you can round it off with white heels and a chained necklace. 

You can also go for a quirky look with a bubblegum pink midi skirt and a white tank top and top it with an orange jacket. Slay this funky look with nude platform heeled shoes and a boho style white bag.

Orange Corduroy Jacket Outfit 

Need some fall outfit ideas with your burnt orange corduroy jacket? Pair the jacket with high-waisted bootleg jeans, a white knitted top, and black leather ankle boots. Accessorize with statement earrings and a black crossbody bag.

Orange Puffer Jacket Outfit 

Puffer jackets in shades of orange are quite popular for the winter season. You can layer them over turtlenecks and leather pants in black, beige, or white. Another idea to wear your orange jacket in a high fashion look is to pair it with a cream sweater dress, black tights, and black leather knee high boots. 

Orange Ski Jacket Outfit 

A ski jacket is not only a utilitarian garment anymore, as you can style it in fabulous ways. A fail proof idea is to wear a black mock neck sweater and white slim fit jeans with a bright orange ski jacket. Round it off with black chunky soled boots and a leather purse.

Orange Winter Jacket Outfit With Black Leggings

Nail the athleisure look by wearing your orange wool jacket with black leggings, a grey hoodie, and white sneakers. Finish the look with a black baseball cap and a neon yellow backpack.

Orange Plaid Jacket Outfit 

The plaid jacket trend is ruling the fashion scape and you can ace the styling for an orange one effortlessly. An orange blazer in plaid pattern can be an excellent layering option over a black collared shirt tucked in high waisted skinny jeans in black. Round off the smart attire with black ankle strap heels and a camel tote bag. 

Orange Blazer Outfit

An orange blazer is a must have for quick layering solutions over smart casual looks. Team up a sophisticated orange blazer with a navy blue buttoned top tucked in a checked pencil skirt. Round off this refined look with black heels and a silver necklace.

Orange Coat Outfit

Here is a suggestion for a peppy yet cozy outfit with a light orange puffer coat. Pair a red knitted top with faded blue slim fit jeans and layer your coat over it. complete the look with a pom pom beanie.

Orange Sleeveless Jacket Outfits 

Whenever you need to add something chic, comfy, and not too warm over a casual outfit, sleeveless jackets are the ultimate solution. For an orange sleeveless jacket, we suggest going with a baddie inspired look and wear it over white short leggings and a white crop top. You can also swap the leggings with a white pencil skirt.

Orange Denim Jacket Outfit 

Consider denim jackets in bright hues like orange to deviate a bit from classic and normcore looks with a blue, grey, or black one. You can wear it on top of a printed black and white midi dress, or a breton striped top and navy chinos for a street approved style. 

Orange Jacket Punk Outfits 

Slay a glam rock outfit with a spiked and studded leather jacket in orange. Simply wear it on top of a black jumpsuit and black leather platform boots. Silver earrings in an edgy design would perfectly complement this look. 

You can also create an edgy outfit that screams 'punk-inspired' by going for an oversized orange punk leather jacket over a sage green top, snakeskin print leggings, and Doc Martens. A black beanie and chunky silver neck chain would add finishing touches to the look.

Orange Utility Jacket Outfit 

Put your orange utility jacket to good use by wearing it stylishly over a white t-shirt, grey and black flannel, and blue straight leg jeans. Complete the layered outfit with a black chained shoulder bag and pointed toe heels.

Outfits with Orange Leather Jacket in Different Shades 

Want specific pairing suggestions for a jacket in a particular shade of orange? Our styling suggestions will solve many of your fashion troubles. 

Burnt Orange Outfits 

One of the most popular orange hues is burnt orange, the reason being that it is a subtle yet voguish color. Clothing in this color can be quite versatile. Here are a few burnt orange jacket ensemble suggestions:

  • Build a burnt orange military jacket outfit by wearing it over a collared white shirt and black slim jeans. As it takes a few minutes to put this outfit together, focus on accessorizing it with a statement necklace and orange heels. If you do not want to opt for a plain jacket, a patterned burnt orange and green military jacket outfit can also be a trendy choice.
  • One of the most fashionable navy blue and burnt orange jacket outfits can be with an orange dress and heels. Simple yet chic, this look ensures your fashion game is on point.
  • For a no fail burnt orange pea jacket outfit for women, wear it with a white t shirt, navy culottes, and navy pumps. Voguish touches with hooped earrings, a silver watch, and a navy clutch will elevate this refined look. You can swap the pea coat with an orange blazer for a casual look.

Outfits With Neon Orange Jacket

If you think a style move as bold as a neon orange jacket aligns with your persona, then surely go with it. Combine your neon orange jacket with black skinny jeans, a black graphic tee, and white sneakers. Add a silver chain necklace and a black leather backpack to complete the street style look.

Outfits With Bright Orange Jacket

Pick a vivid orange shade in a cropped biker jacket and portray an attention grabbing style. A combination of a black turtleneck sweater and striped black and white pants is perfect to pair it with. For footwear, go with black stilettos, and accessorize with a black leather tote bag.

Light Orange Jacket Ensemble

Pair an off white shirt with a floral print maxi skirt. Layer a light orange blazer over it and round off this ultra feminine look with beige t-strap heels and a beige handbag. 

Orange and Black Jacket Outfit 

Orange and black seamlessly go together, which means a jacket in this combo is surely going to grab admiring gazes if you style it right. We suggest going with a faux fur orange and black jacket to pair with a black slip dress and black ankle boots for a glamorous look. Carry a black structured tote bag to add finishing touches.

Custom Orange Leather Jacket 

If you want your preferred features in an orange jacket, it's almost impossible to get a perfect one off the rack. The most convenient way is to customize a jacket so that you can get the right color and features according to your desire. At Leather Skin Shop, we make custom leather jackets just the way a customer likes. You can get a personalized orange leather jacket that will always give a unique style statement whenever you wear it.


What To Wear With An Orange Jacket?

Layering your orange jacket over neutral outfits is always a safe and good idea. An orange leather jacket can be paired with a navy blue square neck top and white jeans, finished off with navy pumps. Or, you can wear an orange blazer over a beige jumpsuit for a stylish look.

What Colors Go With An Orange Jacket?

Orange lends itself to neutral hues like black, grey, beige, navy, and white. Subtle shades look nice with dull gold, champagne, olive, sage, and metallic pink. For a vibrant clash, you can experiment with wearing bright orange with pink, bright blues, and purple.

It’s a Wrap 

Many would say orange isn't a conventional color for outerwear, but the ideas mentioned above will change the opinion. The brightness of orange channels your fun loving, confident side to the onlookers. An orange blazer or jacket can be a valuable addition to a women's wardrobe as it can give a unique twist to outfits in several styles.

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