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It’s a no-brainer why a black leather jacket is a must have for men’s wardrobes, thanks to its versatility. But if we talk about creating attention grabbing looks, a leather jacket in green would be a potential choice for most fashion savvy men. Even better, you don’t need to scratch your head on what to wear with green leather jackets. Here in this blog, you will get all the green leather jacket outfit ideas to rock a jacket in any shade of green. 

Green clothing can make you stand out, but that doesn’t imply that it's not a versatile shade. It goes well with several colors and patterns, giving a coherent and stylish look. Read on to get ideas about styling a men’s green leather jacket with various menswear staples.

Styling a Green Leather Jacket for Men


There are several shades of green, and you can get your hands on a leather jacket in any of them to show your strong fashion sense. For men, suitable hues are olive green, army green, dark green, sage, and forest green. Your pants and trousers in neutral shades are the easiest to pair with subdued green jackets. But for lighter shades, do not shy away from picking vibrant colored staples to create some adventurous looks. 

Green leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for Men

A green colored jacket for men will look good no matter whether you dress it up or down.

An all black outfit with jeans and shirts are the easiest to pair with the green jacket. But if you are confused about what other colors and clothing styles will complement the green jacket look, here is an easy guide. 

Shirt Combinations with Green Leather Jackets

A variety of shirts present in your current wardrobe can pair with a green leather jacket. A white button down is a no fail pick, making a nice combination with straight blue jeans. You can choose a greyish blue round collar shirt, a brown plaid shirt, or a chambray shirt in a neutral color to bring up the style quotient. Black and brown, and light blue collared shirts worn under the green jacket also look eye pleasing. 

T-shirts with Green Leather Jacket

When it comes to t-shirts, a black one is an obvious choice to create a classic look with a jacket in green color. Navy blue, charcoal, or brown are also complementing options. You can go with a white tee, or one in cream or beige shades. You can go for a black and white horizontal striped t-shirt under your green leather jacket. 

Green Jacket Outfits with Hoodies and Sweaters

The perfect knitwear options under a jacket in any shade of green are sweaters, hoodies, or turtlenecks in black or greyish shades. Apart from these classic colors, you can wear your darker colored jackets over beige or white sweaters for a stylish look. A black and off-white striped sweater is definitely an appealing choice with a light green jacket. 

Green Leather Jacket with Jeans

Denim and leather jackets go hand in hand, and there are several combos that you can try to dress up in casual and streetwear style. Besides black jeans, you can opt for jeans in shades of grey, brown, and blue. Light wash jeans work well too, but dark wash jeans give a slightly elevated look with a green jacket. For edgy looks, go for ripped jeans in light wash.

Green Leather Jacket with Chinos 

Chinos and khaki pants are the go-to pick for casual street style looks with a green jacket made of leather. Grab a shirt that complements the color of your chinos and jacket, and get dressed in an effortlessly cool green leather jacket outfit in seconds. To give you outfit inspiration, a white shirt, and dark green chinos work well with a light green jacket. 

Shoes to Wear With a Men's Green Leather Jacket

If you choose a leather jacket in a greenish hue, the choice of footwear also depends on the pants worn with it. Walking shoes and black ankle boots look great with jeans, while you can go for loafers, white canvas low shoes, or brogues with chinos for a laid back look. Opt for chunky soled sneakers if you wear sporty clothing under your jacket.

Outfits with a Green Bomber Jacket

A green leather jacket for men in bomber style will prove to be a powerful style weapon in your men’s wardrobe. Here are some outfits that you can try with it.

Dress in a street style outfit and show off your chiseled physique with a slim fit black hooded sweatshirt. Wear it over fitted black leggings style joggers or black trousers. Layer a modish leather bomber jacket in olive green color over the combo. Round off this outfit with black chunky soled sneakers. 

You will be surprised how well-turned-out a white Henley and blue slim fit jeans look is when you layer it with a sage bomber jacket. Elevate the outfit by wearing beige tassel loafers.

Another way to nail the green leather jacket for men's style is to pick a varsity bomber jacket and pair it with a white t-shirt and beige cargo pants. You can opt for white and black converse sneakers with this cool outfit.

For a rainy day outfit, pick a black t-shirt and PU leather pants in black and pair it with a green hooded bomber jacket made with water resistant leather.

Outfits with a Green Biker Jacket 

A leather biker jacket always gives a fashionable look, and a green one would bring up the style quotient without fail. You can opt for the minimalist racer jacket or the urbane Brando style jacket to dress like a fashion blogger. Style your green biker jacket in the following ways to look dashing.

A charcoal mock neck sweater and navy skinny jeans can be a stylish pairing, uplifted further with an army green leather moto jacket. Opt for white sneakers with this casual look.

You can build an impressive casual outfit by wearing a light green t shirt with straight leg khakis. Pair it with a sage biker jacket over it. Go for white canvas low shoes to complete the look.

Don a classic light blue chambray shirt over grey jeans, and layer it with your biker jacket. Finish off with black combat boots. 

Green Oversized Leather Jacket Outfit For Men

If you have an oversized jacket in a greenish hue, a brilliant way to style it is with a casual black collared shirt and grey dress pants. Leather loafers will perfectly complement this casual look.

You can also wear this baggy jacket with a navy blue crewneck t-shirt and white jeans. Round off this charming look with a pair of navy blue suede boots. 

Custom Green Leather Jacket in for a Matchless Style

Ensuring a perfect look with a leather jacket depends on the suitable design, style, and fit. Balancing all of these is possible if you opt for a custom green leather jacket for men. 

If you are eyeing a splendid green leather jacket, get it customized according to your preferences and size from Leather Skin Shop. You can send us the design of any jacket you like, and we will craft it in the shade you want. 


Can Men Wear a Green Leather Jacket?

Green is definitely a no fail choice for men. Green leather jackets are currently dominating men's outerwear fashion due to their attention grabbing look. So opting for one in your favorite shade will surely help you dress stylishly.

How to Style a Green Leather Jacket for Men?

If you have a green leather jacket for men, you can pair it with a black shirt and black jeans for a dapper style. You can also wear it over white, grey, or blue shirts, sweaters, or hoodies paired with dark wash jeans and sneakers. Another idea to dress like a confident man is by layering a plaid shirt and khaki pants under an army green suede jacket.

Which Shade of a Green Leather Jacket is Suitable for Men?

For men, the most trending shades of green include sage, army green, olive, and emerald. Dark and forest green are also suitable for menswear. It’s better to avoid bright colors like spring green, chartreuse, or lawn green. 


Many consider it unconventional for men to wear a garment in greenish color. An uber stylish green leather jacket banishes this myth, as it can be a great choice that can help you dress like a dandy. Opt for a jacket in the right shade and try the voguish looks that we have suggested above to prove your winning fashion sense.

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