by Jennifer Smith August 14, 2019 6 min read

How many times have you returned from a day-long shopping spree only to discover that none of the clothes that you bought actually fit you the way that you wanted them to?

Having to return or exchange clothes you fell in love with at first sight can be very frustrating.

Measure yourself in advance to be prepared for any fashion emergency

Having your newly bought clothes not fit you can be even more exasperating when the store refuses to let you return them or exchange them for a different size. Maybe they just ran out of the size that you need – the one you saw inside the store as you were buying the garment but thought it would be too big or too small. If only you had had the forethought to take your measurements in advance!

However, the simple task of taking your measurements to find the perfect fit for yourself can be very tricky. Especially for the people who do not feel very comfortable having their measurements taken by a stranger at the tailor’s shop, this can be a considerable challenge. Lucky for you, Leather Skin Shop has got all that you need when it comes to dressing as aesthetically as possible.

Some comfortable body measuring practices can totally change your fashion game

In this body measuring guide,we will talk about some tips and tricks that you are most likely not thinking about when taking your measurements. By following these simple steps, you too can look as fresh as the Prince of Bel-Air in your favorite outfits. Now you can shop without worrying about which size will look just right on your body.

Since measurements vary for men and women, here is your guide to each of these:


Chest Measurements

For the chest, you must measure in a full circumference. Keep both arms raised while your friend measures your chest in a circumference. To measure, start from where the nipples are, come a full circle to where you kept you started. When you have reached a full circle, place your finger between the body and the tape to add for some loosing which will grant extra comfort. Remember to keep a light posture while you get your measurement taken; otherwise, you will not find the perfect fit.

Sleeves Measurements

For the sleeves, again maintain a relaxed posture. To measure the sleeves, you must start from the shoulder blade and measure the entire length of the arm (should be straight) to just below the wrist. That simple!

Waist Measurements

Your natural waistline is located between your belly button and your rib cage. So, this is where you need to measure. Again, like in the chest measurement, you must measure in a full circumference. So, raise your arms up and let your friend measure while you maintain a relaxed posture.

Start from the middle with your tape measure and keep your finger on it to hold it in place. Then go a full circle and bring the tape measure back to where you started. Make sure you measure in a straight line and do not go crooked from the point where you started.

Shoulders Measurements

Measuring shoulders are perhaps the most challenging part. This is mostly because the person being measured subconsciously maintains a strict posture. So, when beginning measures, make sure you maintain a relaxed posture. This measurement, unlike all the other measurements, is taken from the back.

The measurement must go from one shoulder joint to the other. Therefore, you should make sure that you are not measuring too high up or too down below. It should also not be too tight so that it follows the natural curvature of your back and the final jacket then does not restrict your movement too much.

Length Measurements

Jacket length is not as difficult to measure. Just like the shoulder length, it is also measured from the back. Stand in a relaxed posture so that your back is not slouching. For the measurement, the tape should go from the base of your collar bone to wherever you feel comfortable.

People who prefer to wear shorter jackets tend to keep it till their waistlines. While those who want longer ones tend to keep it below their shirt length, choose whichever you like best.

Once you have your measurements according to this body measuring guide, send them to the Leather Skin Shop and get your fully customized jackets that fit like a dream.


Bust Measurements

For measuring the bust, raise your arms so that the full circumference, including your back and shoulder blades, can be measured. You must measure the fullest part of your chest and make sure you are not measuring too high up or also down below.

Go in a complete circle and measure right till where you started. However, before finalizing the measure, you must lower your arms so that the perfect fit can be obtained. Moreover, place a finger between the body and the tape for some loosing so that the ideal measure and comfort can be obtained.

Sleeves Measurements

For the sleeves, maintain a relaxed posture and stand straight to avoid any mis-measurements. The sleeves are to be measured from your shoulder bone to the right below your wrist. Make sure you correctly identify where the shoulder bone lies; otherwise, the sleeve cut will fall below your shoulder and give the jacket a very loose feel and look.

Waist Measurements

Again, your natural waistline is located between your belly button and your rib cage. So, this is where you need to measure. To start measuring, raise your arms but before finalizing the measurement, make sure you lower your arms back down.

Start from the center and hold the tape measure in place while you bring it in a full circle around the back. Record the measurement to the point where you initially started.

Hips Measurements

To start measuring your hips, you need to begin by measuring 20cm down from your natural waistline first. Take this as your reference point. Then, start to measure in a complete circle all around from this point of reference and come a full circle. It must be emphasized that you are not measuring the fullest part of your body because the jacket does not reach that down below. You measure from the point of reference 20cm below your natural waistline.

Shoulders Measurements

The shoulder width needs to be measured from the back instead of the front. For this, maintaining a relaxed posture for like you usually stand is of the utmost importance. Again, while measuring shoulder lengths, you must make sure that you are extra careful because the sleeve cuts will lie where your measurements end.

You must measure from one shoulder joint to the other. However, do not stretch the measuring tape too tight. Keep the tape loose so that it rests on the back. That way, you let it take the shape of the natural curvature of your back. This is pivotal. Otherwise, your jacket will be too tight to fit you on the shoulders.

Length Measurements

Your jacket length to is measured from the back. The length has a lot of subjectivity. You measure from the base of your collar to where you feel comfortable. However, remember that your posture must be relaxed. Any difference from your natural posture will mean that your final product will be too small or too large for when you move around naturally.

People who prefer to wear shorter jackets tend to keep it till their waistlines. While those who want longer ones tend to keep it below their shirt length, several women jacket designs often come up to only your natural waistline and so you can even measure for that smaller part of your body. Just remember to keep the measurements precise for a perfect fit, especially in unconventional types of jackets.

Once you have your measurements, send them in and get your fully customized jackets.

Check twice that you are not making any subconscious efforts that impede the measuring process

Another thing to consider when taking your body measurements is that you might be unknowingly doing some things that will introduce errors in your result. It is especially important to keep yourself in check and to avoid making these mistakes at all costs. This is just another thing that you will not find in the average body measuring guide online.

An example of these subconscious human errors is sliding the tape a little bit down than the broadest part of your thigh to get your upper thigh measurement. Sometimes, you might be tempted to suck in your stomach to appear slimmer to the person taking your measurements, or even to deceive yourself.

The final word

When you want to truly wow the other person with your fashion sense, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your clothes should be complimenting your body type. Make sure that it is you wearing the clothes, instead of your clothes wearing you. Even the most fashionable dress can look like a tramp’s outfit if it is the wrong size for you

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