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It is essential that you ‘dress the part’ that you want

If you have ever been associated with live theatre – or even simply have had a chance to attend rehearsals before a play – you will realize the power, the clothes we wear can have over us. All through the rehearsals, the actors like to incorporate a certain piece in their ensemble that helps them feel closer to their character. These additions can be as minute as wearing a particular kind of earrings, pairing your dress with military-style combat boots, or even tying an old scarf around your neck. However, these apparently insignificant modifications can have a huge effect on their performance.

Finally, when the time for the final full dress rehearsal rolls around, it is much easier to appreciate the ability of a costume to enhance the performance of the actors. Like the actors feel more at home in the costume that fits the nature of their character, what we wear through our days can shape up who we are. This is why they tell you to dress like the person you want to be, not who you are. If you want to become something, it is extremely important that you “dress the part”.

It’s not so much about the individual pieces as it is about the whole look

Perhaps, even more, important than wearing pieces that build up your personality is how to pair them together to acquire a final look that compliments you. Having some fashionably chic individual garments but throwing them on yourself haphazardly is a shameful waste of good – and probably expensive – fashion. A poor dressing sense and a limitless amount of money can have you looking like an absolute train wreck.

On the other hand, having some shabbily designed individual pieces can make heads turn when put together in a wow outfit. Like a beautiful painting, it all matters in how it comes together and compliments each other rather than the price tag and trend of a single piece. Having just a few key pieces that you can style with multiple outfits to achieve a glamorous look is all it takes to always dress fashionably. Here are a few versatile elements that you should add to your wardrobe for the season to keep you looking effortlessly chic.

The practical student’s backpack

Every university student needs a convenient yet stylish way she can carry her books to class. Although being a student may mean that you are a little low on funds, it is no excuse not to dress fashionably and look like you have just stepped away from shooting an advertisement for the top fashion brands. If you want to keep you looking trendy on campus, fret not.  Leather Skin Shop has got your back – and quite literally!

With this extremely roomy, minimalistic, and luxurious faux leather backpack, you never have to worry about looking like a bum at school. The practical design has made the bag spacious enough to carry a couple of books, a laptop, and your everyday necessities that you absolutely cannot leave home without. Our favorite thing about this modern fashion design is that it can be paired with any outfit to achieve a look of cool comfort. While staying on top of your studies, you can stay on top of your fashion game as well with the Leather Skin Shop’s student-friendly price tags.

The traveler’s companion crossbody

So you have finally decided to make that long-standing dream of traveling the world come true. While you are off exploring, it is important to keep your money and phone secure and close to you. You do not want to be one of those tourists who fall victim to a bag snatching, do you? To travel safely and in style, consider this artsy cross body bag to carry your personal belongings in.

The beautiful, detailed, and intricate artwork on the front is fit to be displayed in a museum. The unique design of this handbag will surely have you looking like a fashionista on a trip. The pleasing eye color, coupled with the exquisite design, is the truest definition of boho chic that you will ever find. Pair this charming beauty with a plain, basic white tee and blue jeans to add some spice to a classic outfit.

Bring back that 2006 edgy fashion

Ah, who can forget the era of the Black Parade? Even today, My Chemical Romance fans all around the world sing along to the best song ever released whenever that G note is hit. Though we love the band, one of our favorite things about that music video was the super edgy, super trendy costumes. So, to pay tribute to the best rock band of the 2000s, we came up with this Black Parade inspired genuine leather jacket for women.

Wear this timeless design over a dress to keep warm when you go partying, or over regular, old jeans and tee to subtly show off your loyalty to MCR. Pairing this gorgeous leather jacket with black leather pants and a basic shirt can add tons of mystery to your look. Available only at Leather Skin Shop, this 2006 design can be paired with countless outfits and give each one a new, distinct personality.

Country chic

If you want to add a ton of personality to your look with the least amount of effort, top off your outfit with a sexy, cowboy hat. Though it may be something out of your comfort zone, wearing a statement piece like this braided cowboy hat will definitely get you all the attention in the room. They key to wearing this unique piece with a lot of potentials is to pair it with the right outfit.

Accessorize a boring outfit with this hat to give it new glam. When you decide to spice up your look with this, going with the theme is the best way to go. Some classic blue jeans, a tucked in shirt, a practical leather belt, and some nice boots are the perfect ensemble to wear your favorite cowboy hat with – even if you’re not a cowboy. We would recommend staying away from sneakers if you are going for a nice, cowboy look.

Put your best foot forward

Who can ignore the importance of trendy and comfortable footwear when it comes to dressing fashionably? Paying no heed to what you are wearing on your feet when planning an elaborate outfit is a grave fashion mistake. According to research, when you meet someone new, the first thing they notice about you is your feet. In fact, this is even more true for men than for women – since men do not carry a lot of other accessories to take away some of that attention. Now, you would not want to mess up your first impression by wearing drab, old flip flops, would you?

When getting to know someone new, put your best foot forward and invest in some trendy, versatile shoes that you can wear with numerous outfits. The smartest way to go about when investing in new shoes is to pick ones that can go with a casual as well as a formal look. These brown suede leather boots available at Leather Skin Shop afford you just that. The versatile boots have a rich feel to them that make them the perfect companion to dress up casual jeans and a flannel shirt. At the same time, they can be used to dress down a more formal look, by pairing them with a smart suit.

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