by Jennifer Smith May 26, 2019 4 min read

A piece of clothing that lasts you for years is the real treasure you should be looking for

“You’re over my head I’m out of my mind

Thinking I was born in the wrong time
One of a kind, living in a world gone plastic
Baby, you’re so classic.”

We all hunger for ageless, timeless fashion pieces of apparels to add to our wardrobe that makes us want to blast the MKTO hit song at the loudest volume in appreciation. Every fashionista knows how difficult it can get to come across a shining piece of fashion that will be our savior not only for a month or two but for years to come! A single garment that can keep you looking fresh throughout the ages is nothing short of a miracle – and anyone that is even remotely interested in fashion and style knows its value only to well. This is why, whether consciously or subconsciously, we are all on a constant lookout for something that does not stop being fashionable a month into making the purchase. Like our icon Taylor Swift, we also do not ever want to “go out of style”.

Here are some of the most flattering pieces that have been in our wardrobes for quite a while, and are here to stay. If you do not have them already, we suggest it is about time that you make them your wardrobe staple as well.

The Oxford Boot

Oxford is one shoe that every gentleman should own. First made popular by the students of Oxford University in 1825, these largely replaced the traditional knee-high boots that men would wear in the 17th century. From then on, this footwear has been creatively played with and is now available in many variants – some bolder than the others. All in all, it is predominantly considered a more formal men’s shoe and works well when paired with formal outfits. At any formal occasion, you are bound to find multiple fashionable and stylish men carrying the look flawlessly – be it a wedding, a work party, or even a job interview.

The Classic Cowboy Hat

If you want to play around with your outfit and add some character and personality to your look, then reach no farther than this piece of timeless fashion. Wearing a statement piece like this leather cowboy hat you can find at Leather Skin Shop can instantly make you appear more interesting and confident. We have never come across a man in a cowboy hat that was not extremely sure of himself and did not carry a specific charm – and we bet neither have you. We are sure; you know what we are talking about! The instant sex appeal this simple yet classic accessory adds to a man’s personality is undeniable.

The Sophisticated Women’s Tote Bag

Do not ever think for a second that we have thrown your choices into the zone abyss ladies! At Leather Skin Shop, we have elements that can add glamour and sass to your whole look with just a few bucks. (You are in dire need to avail the craziest deals and the biggest sales of the season.) For example, take a look at this classy and sophisticated vintage women’s tote bag. Now you do not need to fret over the lack of practical pockets in your dresses – the collection of tote bags available at our shop can be paired with any outfit, be it casual or formal. Make this timeless fashion item a statement piece in your ootd (outfit of the day) by pairing it with a simple and stylish little black dress – another classic item that has stayed with us throughout history.

The Sexy, Black Leather Jacket

When talking about classic fashion, how can one not discuss the rebellious, sexy, black leather jacket? There is no soul on this planet whose look will not be accentuated by wearing a leather jacket. A leather jacket is a staple for every wardrobe, has been here since the 1900s, and certainly not going anywhere for, this century at least. There are so many ways you can style a custom leather jacket and none of them is ever wrong. Channel your inner biker with these cool, foxy jackets to protect yourself against chilly evenings while being the epitome of fashion.

Besides looking as snazzy as Miss Swift, what else can a garment that never grows old give you?

Let’s be honest. In this era, one of the most basic things we consider when we go shopping for clothes is not its practicality and functionality, but its ability to keep us looking up to date with the latest fashion trends. We are a generation that strongly cares about what we wear and how we look – and rightly so. After all, these factors can directly control and affect how we feel about ourselves and others, and even dictate our degree of productivity. In fact, there even exists a scientific explanation for this effect, called the Enclothed theory. But what if you could get both, the pragmatism of a well-designed piece of clothing and the high fashion of the runways in one place?

These immortal, chic items afford you the very same! Undoubtedly, there is certainly a good reason why these beauties have not perished with time. Instead, they only seem to be getting more and more popular with each passing year. More often than not, this is due to the wonderful combination of style and sense that they offer.

But this is not it; a timeless fashion item can save you big bucks in the long run – even if the one-time price is a little steeper than you would like. Consider it this way; you are making an investment buying one of these that will give you high returns for many many years.

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