by Jennifer Smith January 15, 2019 4 min read

You take a step towards your wardrobe with hopelessness already starting to drown you. You blankly stare at the pile of clothes you own, as the words escape your mouth, “I don’t have anything to wear”! Such an incident might be a nightmare for most people, but it is something that most of us go through.

Not finding something to wear is the most frustrating part of going out. Whether it be school, work or social life, you always need to go through this process. Won’t it be great if you could ensure that you always have something to wear? Some might interpret this as buying a lot of clothes. However, you can have as many clothes in your wardrobe and still end up with having nothing to wear.

At the end of the day, the volume doesn’t matter. The type of items you have in your wardrobe do. Here are seven of the best fashion items that you need to equip your wardrobe with. Once you do so, you won’t ever to hopelessly stare at your closet again!

A white t-shirt

white shirt

When it comes to owning something that can be worn in every occasion, nothing comes close to a plain white t-shirt. This is one of the best fashion items out there. This is because nor do they go out of fashion neither are they ever inappropriate for a setting.

Let’s say you are going to meet your friends and want something which is causal. You can pair up your white t-shirt with some denim jeans, and you are good to go! In case of parties, you can combine it with a slip dress or a fancy skirt, and voila your outfit is complete. There is nothing a white t-shirt doesn’t look good with. Hence, this is a fashion item that should be a staple in your wardrobe.

Diamond Studs

Nothing completes a party-look like diamond studs. Clothes are not the only thing that confuses people when getting ready. You also need the perfect accessories to go with the look. The good thing about diamond studs (you can opt for faux ones as well) is that they look good regardless of what kind of outfit you are wearing or what color your dress is.

Also, such studs are known to be timeless. They look good on everyone, regardless of how old or young you are. The sophisticated and chic image this accessory brings is exactly what you need to complete a party look.


Jackets are another fashion item that you need to have in your wardrobe. Get one each for the different type of occasions. For formal wear, you can opt for velvet jackets. Regardless of whether you choose a modern or classic look, a velvet jacket complements it all. For a more casual look, always keep sexy leather jacket in your wardrobe. These jackets tend to go well with both shirts and dresses alike.

If you live in cold areas, just make sure that your jacket isn’t too fitted. Leave some room for sweaters as well. After all, you wouldn’t want to cover your coat with another layer, would you? Usually, it is the other way around.  And, fashion experts would agree that this is how it should be.



A lot of people have a misconception regarding leggings. They think that only those who are super into sports or those who work out aggressively own leggings. This is not true. Instead, leggings are the perfect item of clothing for everyday wear. Whether you have to go out to get some groceries or sit in your couch and read books, leggings are the ideal wear for it all. Why? This is because they are very comfortable and dependable. Not to mention that you always pair them up with skirts for a party or formal look! So, they have multiple uses as well.

Ballet flats


There is one thing common in Audrey Hepburn and Alexa Chung. Both of them love ballet flats! This is not the only reason why you must have this fashion item in your closet.

You need them in your wardrobe because they are both comfortable and chic. They go well with almost anything in your closet. Be it jeans, a button-down shirt or a dress; you can always get away with wearing ballet flats on them all! You won’t just look sophisticated in them, but your feet will thank you for not putting them through the painful ordeal of wearing heels.

Silk blouses

We all have days when we feel a little too bloated for our liking. Finding the perfect outfit in such days is very hard. You might think that nothing looks good on you since everything may seem too tight. This is when silk blouses come to your rescue. This material doesn’t stick to your body and hence makes you feel comfortable even when you don’t feel good about yourself.

Another great thing about this fashion item is that it looks very put-together and formal if you combine with the right accessories. The best way to go about it is by owning a silk blouse in all your staple colors, ranging from black to white. Or you can even mix things up and get a retro print! Depending on the colors and design you choose, you can decide whether the blouse is suitable for a given occasion or not.

Smart trousers

While traditionally suits and skirts were worn in offices, now people are moving towards smart trousers. Hence, this is a fashion item you must own if you are a working lady. Pair it up with a matching jacket, and you have the perfect office look.

You can also wear your trousers in casual settings by pairing it up with sweaters and shirts. This item of clothing is both stylish and convenient.


Make sure you have these seven items in your wardrobe. Once you do, you would never have to worry about what to wear.


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