October 17, 2018 4 min read

We’ve all been in situations when there’s a sudden party after work, and it isn’t possible to go home and change into a new outfit. So, you’re usually stuck with whatever you are wearing during the daytime. Luckily, there are many exciting ways to change your look from casual to formal within no time.


Today we are going to explore a few ways to transition from day-to-evening looks that can help you save the embarrassment of feeling overly dressed during the day and underdressed at the party after hours. All you need are a few bling accessories and clothing essentials to learn the basics of transitioning from day-to-evening outfits. You’ll be surprised at how you can create totally chic looks using the same pieces but styling them differently.

So keep reading to learn how to transform your preppy casual look to sexy party babe with these hacks:

1- Add some accessories:

You don't have to change your outfit at all. Adding a few accessories to your casual wear can make you look instantly put-together and more formal. The best part is that you can find stylish accessories within any budget. Our style experts recommend to save on clothes and instead spend on unique accessories.

Replace your black leather tote handbag with a blingy clutch and if you’re wearing a tailored blazer during the day switch it with a silk scarf to add more oomph and sophistication to your overall look. You can also add a pair of shiny earrings as they are the perfect way to draw some attention towards your face and add a dose of sparkle to an otherwise boring dress. Whether you prefer large gold hoops, chunky diamond studs or 80’s door knockers- a pair of blingy earrings can add instant drama to your look.

shinny earing

If you’re not a fan of flashy earrings, then you can add a pair of long necklaces. They’re very in nowadays and add an illusion of a lean and tall silhouette. You can experiment with long beaded necklaces or chain ones. But go for a delicate look as too many layers can risk looking like you just got back from a vacation in Mardi Gras, which is not the look we are aiming for!

Basically, anything that sparkles and bling will dress up your outfit.

2- Don a pair of heels

A pair of shoe is technically considered an accessory, but we thought to make a separate category for shoes because they can make or break your entire look. Shoes play a vital role in dressing an outfit up or down. You can wear a pair of flats or boots during the day, but for a party, you need to switch to a dressy heel or a bold colored block heel. You’ll notice that your ensemble will look instantly dressier when you wear a heel that matches your other accessories.


3- Experiment with different materials

We love how versatile and sexy leather can look. You can easily sport a leather skirt or a sexy leather jacket to work, and with a few minor adjustments, it can look uber chic for evening wear too. 

The key is to explore the material of your clothes. Another great idea is to wear a silk or sparkly top under your blazer instead of a boring old button up shirt.


4- Invest in a little black dress

No wardrobe is complete without investing in the perfect little black dress. It is so versatile, and you can dress it up or down with a few accessories. Simply wear it with a blazer and flats to make it seem totally appropriate for work. At night, you can transition the dress from corporate to cocktail party-ready within a few minutes.

black dress

5- Touch up your makeup

Another way to look more party-ready is to amp up your makeup. You can go with the classic look with winged eyeliner and red lips or go with a glamorous smokey eye and nude lips. Watch this makeup tutorial by celebrity makeup artist Patrick Starr where he shares some tips to transform your makeup from day to night with a few products.


6- Change your hairstyle

It can be impossible to maintain a blow dry for the whole day and expect them to be tamed during an evening event too! Let’s be honest, it is not going to look the way you want it to be. An insider’s tip is to tie up your hair in a top knot or a chic bun during the day and let them loose at the end of the evening. Not only will it have great waves but it will also look voluminous- just the look you want to make heads turn!



7- Choice of perfume

We often underestimate the power of a sensual  "going out" scent. You don't have to carry around a whole bottle. Simply slip in a rollerball of your favorite night out scent in your purse and spritz it before heading out to party.

See? It doesn't take much to transform your daytime look into a more party-appropriate one. You don't have to lug around clothes change. With these easy hacks and a few accessories, you can look like a fashion diva at the party.




Do you have any more ideas to transform a casual outfit into a more formal one? Share tried and tested suggestions with us in the comments below:

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