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Each year as the summer starts to pave the way for fall, we secretly get all excited to revamp our wardrobe. While we love dressing up in breezy dresses and neon bikinis during the warm weather, the cool and crisp autumn air gives us room for so many styling options. However, as fall starts to turn into winters, multiple layers become mandatory. Wearing a big coat everywhere leaves you with limited options for cute cold weather outfits.

But the good news is that even if it’s freezing outside, you don’t have to run out of fashion options. All you need is a little bit of creativity, and we promise that you can look like a fashion model just off the ramp, even during the darkest winter days.

Here are some of our best winter outfits and styling tricks that will keep you looking stylish yet warm:

Learn how to layer

Each fashionista’s wardrobe should have some layer-friendly fashion essentials that can be used to upgrade any outfit. Glamour shares 10 must have layering pieces that will help you survive the coldest of cold-weather seasons.

Layering doesn't mean that you have to look bulky and forego your sense of style. What we mean by layering is to go for practical layers (maximum four) that are arranged to reveal a hint of each other without letting your silhouette get too bulky. You can make layering look stylish, whether it is wearing a dress over a sweater or two coats that are worn on top of each other in perfect harmony.

layer in clothes

Invest in sexy boots

    We secretly wish for cool weather all year long because who doesn't love wearing boots! After all, there are booties, over the knee, leather boots, suede, and so many more styles to choose from. But, to achieve great winter style you should know how to wear a great pair of boots.

    Pair your sexy over-the-knee boots with a short dress. Ankle boots go well with a cuffed pair of jeans or a dress. In short, let your boots steal the show.

    sexy boots

     Cinch your waist

    If there is one must-have fashion accessory for winter, then it is a belt! It’s a perfect addition to wear with your dresses, skirts, jeans as well as with jackets and coats. What’s more, they can be used to dress up any drab outfit. In other words, there are endless possibilities to style your outfit with a belt.

    Don't be conscious of your body type. Our style experts guarantee that a belt can suit almost any body type. Cinching your waist makes it look like you have an hourglass figure! Putting on a belt can also help you brighten up a boring old winter coat, especially after you’re tired of wearing it the same way every day!

     Cinch your waist

    Embrace faux fur

      Winters are the only times of the year when you can wear fur (faux fur, of course). Nothing looks more cozy and trendy than a soft and cuddly faux fur coat. Whether you are aiming for a sophisticated one that looks almost like the real deal, or want to play around with bold prints and colors, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re still a little skeptical about wearing a fur topper, then look for accent pieces like jackets with fur collars or even fur mittens to spice up your winter outfits.

      Embrace faux fur

      Be a beanie babe

        While you might be tempted to splurge on a coat or a pair of boots this winter, you should not act on that instinct. But our style experts recommend investing in a winter beanie! After all, it is the first thing that people will notice about you, so it should be picked after a lot of consideration. There are hundreds of ways to style a beanie. Take some inspiration from this article by Harper’s Bazaar where it shows you various ways to wear a beanie with streamlined ease.


        Be a beanie babe

        Experiment with scarves

          One of the most versatile piece in your wardrobe this winter is the quintessential scarf. It has the power to do so much more than anything else in your wardrobe. Most women don't realize the amount of styling potential a scarf has and stick with the boring old ways to tie a scarf.

          This humble item acts as a neck warmer and can even be converted into a makeshift beanie and stylish black jacket if the weather gets unpredictable. Read more about the many different ways in which you can wear a scarf.


          We love the way how a scarf can be tied around the head to add an instant dose of cool to your overall look. An all-black scarf works well for this purpose, and a silk scarf with bright colors will give a great bohemian vide to your outfit. The reason why this style is so appealing is that it works equally well on all hair lengths- whether long or short.

          Don a leather jacket

            This winter, step away from your traditional peacoat and choose a custom leather jacket instead. Not only does this sleek outerwear offer an instant dash of style to your outfit but can also help you achieve many versatile looks.

            Wear it with any outfit, from blouses to chambray shirts and even over knit sweaters. The key is to look for a well-fitting leather jacket (preferably in monochromatic tones), so you can style it up in fun and unexpected ways.

            celebrity in leather jacket


            Winter is all about learning how to stay warm and comfortable yet look stylish at the same time. There will be days with sub-zero temperatures when you’ll want to step out in sweatshirts and blankets, but that’s exactly when you must take inspiration from style gurus all over the world and come up with a cute winter outfit idea that keeps you looking fashionable yet cozy at the same time.

            Share some of your best outfits for the winter season? Do you invest in a whole new wardrobe every year or do you layer and recycle your spring clothes to transition between the weather changes?


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