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When motorcycling was born, there was nothing more than gravity, two wheels, and an engine. Motorcyclists wore whatever they fancied- long coats, a random pair of gloves and boots. But those days are long past us. Today, motorcycle gear and garments is a multi-million dollar industry.

Motorcycle safety gear can protect you from the elements, keeping you dry when it's raining, cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. What’s more, it can help you stay alive in a crash! Needless to say, all motorcyclists should invest in motorcycle safety gear, especially a full-body leather suit.

A leather riding suit can either be a one-piece or a two-piece variant. Choosing the kind of leather motorcycle suit depends on the nature of your bike rides. Are you a professional racer? Very few people buy motorcycle suits for street riding. Most suits are bought by riders who want to race professionally. A two-piece suit is easier to slip into and allows you to wear the top as a jacket for days when a full suit isn’t needed. While a one-piece suit is a norm in racing. Both work equally well on the track.

Even though a leather motorcycle suit is expensive, it is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself during a motorcycle crash. A well-built motorcycle leather suit will protect you from road rash, deep lacerations, and even fractures. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why you should buy a leather suit instead of a textile motorcycle suit:


    The human body is not designed to travel any faster than 25mph; and even at that speed, hitting a hard surface can hurt or kill you. This is why, if you’re going over the designated speed, you need to wear protective gear and a full body motorcycle leather suit because your bones and organs cannot handle the external forces on their own.


      Leather offers the best fit when it comes to buying a well-fitting motorcycle suit. Since leather is an organic material, it molds itself with the shape of your body, making each suit unique according to the rider’s body structure.

      If you’re hunting for a daredevil motorcycle suit, then start with trying out loads of different suits. You won't be able to choose the perfect one without this exercise as the fit of each racing suit differs according to brand and material.

      Keep in mind that you should always try a leather suit over compression gear, such as Lycra exercise tops and pants. Climbing into a new leather suit can be a difficult task as it is designed to be tight. Start with getting your legs in first and get the leg zippers up. Now put in your arms. Once you are in the suit, it’s time to judge the fit. It should be snug but not enough to restrict your movement. Sit in the riding position and lean forward to hold an imaginary pair of handlebars.

      Remember, a new suit will be tight and will take time to ‘break in’ just like a new pair of quality leather shoes.


        Let’s face it. The leather is a little expensive as compared to textile but the strength of both materials cannot be compared. A textile riding jacket will not last you a single crash, and you’ll notice that it rips and burns all the way through to the mesh lining. Leather, on the other hand, is a lot durable than textile and even with a few minor rips and burns, it can be worn again.


          The weather doesn't remain constant throughout the year. This is why it is only logical to invest in a riding suit that lasts you during the hot and cold weather. However, wearing leather during the hot summer months might not seem like a good idea, but many leather riding suits have a proper ventilation system such as ventilation zippers on the front and back side so that you can adjust the gear according to the temperature.

          Apart from the ventilation zippers, many leather suits are also designed with panels of perforated material that enhance airflow, keeping the rider’s body cool. A properly vented leather riding suit is easily wearable all day long.

          Suit Weight

            While many people may think that a leather riding suit can be heavy, the reality is just the opposite. Many types of thin leather are extremely light-weight yet fully protective. If you are a professional racer who is looking for a light-weight leather riding suit, then we recommend you to invest in a cowhide or kangaroo leather suit. Kangaroo leather is ultra light yet offers 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide.

            When considering the features of a motorcycle leather suit, you’ll realize that the higher the price tag, the more advanced features it offers. If you are unable to invest in a full-fledged leather riding suit at the moment, we recommend you to visit the collection of motorcycle leather jackets by the Leather Skin Shop. There’s something for everyone, and you’ll enjoy your ride without the fear of compromising your safety.

            External features

              The best part about owning a motorcycle leather suit is that you can add external features over it to enhance your safety. Most leather suits offer exterior protection elements like hard shell plastic or metal reinforcement in certain areas. It is an excellent way to protect the rider even more by lessening the impact through external safety elements.

              One-time investment

                As we mentioned earlier, investing in a long-lasting and durable riding suit depends on the nature of your motorcycle drives. If you are a regular street rider and want to save some money, then you can go with a textile suit, but even that will last you only one accident.

                If you are a professional racer and want to buy a riding suit that lasts you a couple of years, then there is no better choice than a sturdy leather riding suit. Well-constructed leather gear can take a few falls before it starts to wear out or becomes too thin. It won’t look like new after a crash, but you won't have to throw it away, unlike a textile riding suit.


                It is safe to say that many motorcycle riders don’t ride while wearing ideal riding gear. In fact, many riders don't own any other real protective gear other than a helmet.

                Nevertheless, we recommend investing in the best quality riding gear, including a motorcycle leather suit that fits your needs and protects you from unforeseen accidents.

                Are you a fan of motorcycle riding suits? Have you found your holy grail motorcycle leather suit yet? Let us know whether you prefer a one-piece or a two-piece leather suit while riding a motorcycle.

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