by Jennifer Smith November 07, 2018 4 min read

Are you planning on a trip to Germany this winter? Let me tell you, traveling in winter to Europe is no joke. The temperatures are often unpredictable, and there is a constant threat of rain and snow. There will be days when you wake up to bright sunshine, step out of your Wohnung (apartment) to find yourself amidst fog only to be returning home as it rains cats and dogs.
Unlike the USA, where you live in a centrally heated apartment and step out to sit in your well-heated car and arrive at a temperature control destination winters in Germany are difficult to escape from. To beat the icy cold winds on the train station and long walks on the cobbled street, you have to dress properly. Plus the need to keep up with the trendy German locals is an added pressure in itself.
But don’t fret.
Here, we are going to discuss the wardrobe essentials that will keep you warm while looking chic on your trip to Germany in winter.

Thermal underwear
Smart travelers pack multiple pairs or thermal underwear. It’s the secret behind traveling light even in winter. Thermal underwear is a special type of clothing which is worn underneath the clothes. It traps the body heat within to keep it warm, and you don't have to wear bulky clothing after slipping it underneath your regular clothes. Check out these thermal inner garments on Amazon and make sure you buy one before you fly off to Germany.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are pretty much a necessity in the colder month because they keep you warm and go well with your Leather boots. Another great thing about this sexy pair of jeans is that they create a streamlined silhouette which allows you to layer multiple items so that you can look stylish yet remain warm. Wear them with a t-shirt and leather jacket for a daytime plan or pair it with a silk drape top for a fun night out with friends. You can never go wrong with this go-to pair of jeans. Our fashion experts recommend wearing a bulkier boot or show and a lighter color top to balance out a pear shape figure.

Classic wool coat

If you’re looking to keep one coat that works well with all your outfits, then we recommend a classic wool coat. It’s extremely versatile and can literally work with all your casual daytime outfits and formal dresses too. Simply throw a camel reefer coat over a pair of jeans and t-shirt to look instantly put together or wear it over your night-time staple piece, the little black dress. You won’t regret keeping it handy.

Knitted jumper dress

The best way to look uber sexy while showing a little leg and stay cozy at the same time is to wear a nice knitted jumper dress. For days when it’s very cold, and you can't wear it on its own, simply accessorize it with a pair of black leggings and pop a winter coat on top. A form-fitting style enhances your figure, and you can show off those abs even when you’re fully dressed from head to toe!
 Turtleneck top
Turtlenecks are some of the hottest trending pieces this fall and winter. It isn't a surprise because so many other ‘90s clothing staples like crop tops, high waisted pants and culottes have made their way back on the runway. There are so many fun ways to style a turtleneck. Wear it under your favorite summer dress or wear it on its own as an oversized knit turtleneck sweater with skinny jeans. Read more about 20 stylish ways to wear a turtleneck and rock the look!


You can’t blend in with the stylish Germans unless you’re wearing a scarf. You’ll be surprised to see how many Germans wear them all the time, they’re practically surgically attached to a cozy scarf around their necks from fall through spring.
There’s nothing more stylish than a heavy-knit scarf over a basic t-shirt and skinny jeans. It saves you from all the endless wrapping and knitting plus they do an excellent job at keeping you warm.

Leather jacket

You can't survive the German winters without a trusted leather jacket. It's crucial for every winter wardrobe and adds an instant dose of jazz and coolness to any outfit. Simply wear it over your skinny jeans and t-shirt for daytime plans. Or wear it over a dress for a night out partying at a German pub. A genuine leather jacket has the power to transform any drab winter outfit into a fab one!


You can’t expect to roam around Germany without a hat and not be scolded by a passerby. The Germans are really fussy when it comes to covering the head and ears during the cooler months. So, choose a comfortable beanie or a Fedora and wander around those cobblestone pathways to your heart’s content.


Don't forget to keep a pair of Leather boots on your trip to Germany. Your regular pair of canvas sneakers won't work on the wet and slippery pathways. Boots, preferably in a water-proof material, are a winter wardrobe staple. Choose a style that’s not too bulky and are without a heel and offer a good grip while walking. You can trust a good old pair of Doc Martens with a thick sole to help you through most of the German winter months.
Don’t forget to invest in a pair of warm socks that provide the necessary cushion and warmth to stroll through the Weihnachtsmärkte or German Christmas Markets.

Hand Wear

Lastly, it is impossible to function with a cold pair of hands. So don't neglect hand wear and wear gloves to keep them nice and warm. Even a dollar store one will work as long as its waterproof and fits your coat pockets. Another tip is to carry a chemical hand warmer. You can see Germans carrying these gems, and they work like a charm when your blood is turning into ice slowly.


We hope this list was useful and you’ve managed to pack your bags for a cool winter trip to Germany. Check out this link to see where you can get a good bargain and shop in Germany.

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