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When it comes to the winter wardrobe, the line does not get drawn at simple coats and sweaters. Winter accessories are just as important as other essentials. Unfortunately, they are considered an afterthought often. Staying warm is not the only thing one should take into consideration because our accessories leave a remarkable impact on our overall style and look. Getting your accessories right guarantees more than just a killer outfit. Accessories add personality, depth and an exciting element to your ensemble that attracts the other person's attention. If you go wrong with your accessories, they can ruin your whole look.

Following is a list of 10 winter accessories that will not only keep you warm but will also amp up your look like nobody’s business.

Knit Beanie

Beanies are a winter staple item. Warm, protective and a cute style statement, beanies are the epitome of casual comfort. Wear them with your favorite sweater, over a jacket or even with a dress; there are no rules. A knit beanie will ensure that your ears are protected from the harsh chilly winds of winter. Not only are they cute, but they are extremely on trend especially with the mod hippie look getting more and more popular by the day.

Cashmere Gloves


Cashmere is as classy and sophisticated as it gets. Cashmere sweaters were trendy last season. This year, treat yourself to a pair of delicious cashmere gloves or mittens. Lux, mod and deliciously soft, once you try them on, you will not want to take them off. Cashmere gloves are a fantastic accessory that can be worn with anything. Invest in a neutral colored pair to make it even more versatile and wearable with your everyday outfits.


This is where you get the liberty to choose whatever scarf you like. For the winter season, it is best to go for something that is made with a warmer fabric such as wool, cashmere, or if you are feeling super trendy, try a puffer scarf. A scarf will complete your winter look and keep you warm if it gets too cold. Woolen and cashmere scarves are a tried and tested staple. A puffer scarf is a new addition to the family, but it is one that is warm, hip and cool; the best of everything.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are a savior when it gets colder. As unexpected as it sounds, they make for a killer style statement. The trendy look nowadays has been all about puffer leg warmers. From puffer jackets to puffer scarves, now is the time for the puffer leg warmer to shine; quite literally because you can get yourself metallic leg warmers too.

Fur Earmuffs

If you want to embrace the winter feel and look, this is your best bet. Hats, although warm and protective, often mess with your hair and flatten them. On days when you want your hair to look good, steer clear of hats and try your luck with earmuffs to keep your ears warm in winters. The fur adds an interesting lux, stylish and effortless outlook to your ensemble. The soft cushiony muffs are fluffy and gentle against the skin making it hard not to love them. Rev up your festive winter look with cute earmuffs that are just as practical too. 


Every gal needs a good pair of tights. They are a staple item that is durable, practical, effortless and incredibly warm. Their versatility deems them such that they can be worn with anything ranging from a skirt to a dress and under your pants for that extra added warmth on extremely cold days. Simple, subdued yet incredibly useful, there is no girl in the world who doesn’t need a good pair of tights; especially during the winter.

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are truly luxurious and are just as warm as they are sexy. A soft yet chic number that adds an element of crude sultriness to an outfit, leather gloves can be found in all leather options and other additions like suede, velvet, etc. Knit gloves are great too, but for the ultimate style statement this winter season, you need a pair of good leather gloves in your arsenal. Wear them with rugged jeans and a bomber jacket or with a power suit; leather gloves are edgy and badass. 


leather boots

Boots are a must-have item for everyone. Shoes make a man! They play a crucial role in making an outfit look complete. The winter season calls for some fantastic boots that are comfortable yet stylish so that they can complement a wide variety of outfits. After all, quality leather boots do not come cheap. If you are going to invest, might as well make a decent one that promises to last for a reasonably long period. 

Messenger Bag


Bags are a vital part of a look. What makes the messenger bag different from others is its sleek and effortless design as well as its unique feature to be worn as a cross body bag. Crossbody bags are great for winters merely because they make life so much easier. Wear your messenger leather bag as a cross body bag and go hands-free. Not only will your bag keep all your belongings secure but it will also allow you to keep your hands tucked into your pockets to stay warm.

Knee High Socks

Socks are just the best because they keep your feet warm and snuggly. Woolen socks are a winter essential because the last thing you want to get cold is your feet. Knee high socks are the perfect addition to any outfit like a mid-length skirt, a midi dress, or under the knee-high boots; the possibilities are endless.

Accessories are more than just elements that add to your style and also serve a purpose. Winter accessories are meant to keep you warm. During the chilly season, a knitted hat, a pair of gloves and a woolen scarf not only prevent you from freezing but in fact, allow you to enjoy the weather in all its glory. Winter accessories are comparable to armor that protects you from harsh weather conditions. Rev up your winter style game with these 10 accessories to not only stay warm but also to look beautiful.

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