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Trends change by the minute. While some are good; others are not so great. There are some trends; however, that stick around and set their mark in stone. Such are the trends everyone must follow if they wish to give their style a much-needed upgrade. Men’s fashion trends fluctuate and while some are memorable and exciting, others fail to hit the right mark. If you are looking to beat the fashion battle, you need to make sure to bring you’re A-game. Here are some men’s style trends that will always be relatable. Let’s get started.

Print on Print

Prints are attractive. They grab one's attention. Be it a simple striped pattern or something more graphic and colorful, print always works. The earlier trends seemed to shy away from experimenting which is why print was always paired with something plain. Well, gone are the days of playing it safe. Prints can now be fearlessly paired with prints because it just looks chic. It may sound odd, but it does work. Pair a fun floral printed shirt with striped pants or geometric-printed socks, or anything else. Refreshingly unique and very mod, the print on the print concept can either go really well or really badly. Choose your side wisely. Learn more about the art of coordinating different prints to nail the art with effortless ease.

Striking Outerwear

Outerwear is perhaps the essential part of a man's outfit. It is the first thing anyone lays their eyes on so if you are looking to up your style game, do not overlook the importance of good outerwear. Be it a timeless trench coat, a classic long overcoat, a casual cardigan, or an edgy leather jacket; your outerwear should make a statement wherever you go.

Trench coats are as versatile, chic, and universally flattering. Their clean and crisp cuts make them wonderfully adaptable. Perfect for all year round, a good trench coat is an investment, to say the least. Overcoats look best when layered over a suit. Simple and minimal, it is the basicity of the overcoat that makes it so incredibly versatile and easy to style. The epitome of casual comfort in every man’s wardrobe is a cardigan. Dress them up or down, regardless, cardigans are always a safe bet.

Our favorites, however, custom leather jackets that are always on trend. Leather jackets are the ultimate definition of effortless style. A unique and edgy staple item in every man’s arsenal, leather jackets possess an innate ability to amp up any look from basic to a banger in a heartbeat. Whether it is a casual white tee paired with a plain pair of blue jeans, a sexy all-black ensemble, or a chic pair of trousers paired with a button-down shirt; leather jackets look amazing with everything. Scroll through Leather Skin Shop's fantastic assortment of designs and find the one you vibe best with. 

Relaxed Denim

Call it one of the most favorites when it comes to men’s style trends! No one in the world does not own denim. It is just one of those absolute classic fabrics that everyone owns and loves. Relaxed fit denim is the way to go. They are more comfortable, breezy, and versatile making them perfect for all year round. Be sure to keep it minimal as it will allow your denim to be paired with more options. You can always dress denim up or down or experiment with different styles for a refreshing new outlook. 

Similar to jeans, denim jackets are universally flattering. Their versatility allows them to pair up with different textures and fabrics to create something unique and refreshing that can easily be sported in different social settings. An example of such extraordinary innovation is the chic denim-leather hybrid jacket that is just as edgy and striking, and it is relaxed and casual.

Statement Hats


Hats are a style statement. Love them or hate them; they always turn heads wherever they go. There is something about hats that makes them undeniably appealing. Trends change by the minute, but hats are one piece in your wardrobe that is always relatable.

When it comes to hats, it is crucial to stay true to your style. For the perfect casual accessory to your everyday ensemble, a cool beanie should be your go-to. For a more chic outlook, a baseball hat never fails to impress. While these styles are great for casual ensembles, there has to be something that caters to those who want a little something extra. Enter leather fedoras. Unconventional yet familiar, trendy yet traditional, and edgy yet effortlessly chic; fedora hats deserve more recognition. Depending on your taste, opt for a style that allows you to look and feel like a boss. Find your favorite from a unique collection from Leather Skin Shop.

Shoe it Right

Good shoes take you to good places so needless to say, they are quite integral to your wardrobe. There is an endless array of shoe styles to choose from. We all have favorites after all. Some love the classic oxfords, others a relaxed loafer, and many simple and timeless boots; everyone’s taste in shoes is different. Aside from the basics, everyone needs a fun pair of shoes. The current trends are all about color.

A fun pop of color can add a whole new dimension to your outlook and what better way to wear color than with shoes? Spice up a basic look with color. Be it loafers, chukka boots, ankle boots, sneakers, or brogues; everything looks good with a splash of color. So if you are looking to up your style game, invest in good shoes and do not shy away from color. You can search for some amazing designs at Leather Skin Shop.

Bag Fashion

Fanny packs are officially back, but there is no denying the fact that they are not everyone's favorite. A style that is more promising and acceptable to the masses, however, is the messenger bag. Sleek, compact, yet accommodating, messenger bags are practical, chic, and perfect for everyday wear. you can have the best  leather bags ideas for men this season

Everyone has a particular preference when it comes to fashion. Some prefer the classic styles over the contemporary ones. Some like a unique blend of the two. Others like to go all out. Depending on your preference, you can opt for whatever style you wish for. When it comes to leather goods, the stakes are much higher because leather does not come cheap. Get the premium online shopping experience at Leather Skin Shop; your one-stop solution where you can get your hands on an exquisite collection of leather jackets available in an array of styles and colors.

Leather goods, when properly taken care of, is bound to last you for years to come. So if you are thinking of splurging wallet, a sexy jacket, or a stunning pair of leather boots, rest assured, the investment is worth every penny.


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