by Jennifer Smith February 05, 2019 4 min read

Immaculate appearances can be a great ice-breaker at networking or professional events. The outlook of a person represents one’s taste and dedication towards their work. It is important to ensure that everything is to the point and goes with the theme. A single misjudged move is enough to bring your sartorial efforts crumbling down.

It may be news to some but carrying a bag isn’t emasculating anymore. With things to move around, it’s better to have a compact luggage to keep it all safe. What’s important to consider here is not everyone can pull off a backpack without looking like a schoolboy. And briefcases are often too stiff to carry.

The best bag for men has to be comfortable, should match their style and also must work for their needs. Sometimes, men may spend thousands on a leather bag. But six months later the leather starts to crack, or the stitching comes undone.

It is a nightmare if you spend so much and all goes down the drain. A top quality leather bag looks sleek and professional. The stuff used is attractive, durable, and flexible and it has a distinct smell associated with its rugged masculinity. These are the basics we will discuss in this article.

Let’s go over these tips to help you pick the best male leather bags this season:


A bag needs to be practical for your daily routine. Consider your use before you finally decide the model you are going to buy. Are you looking for a professional bag that you can take to your office? Or are you looking for something to fill up your camping stuff? Depending upon the need, there is a wide variety of styles, colors, shape, and sizes available. A distressed brown leather bag would be perfect to take to your camping trip this season.


On the other hand, a genuine leather versatile briefcase would fit in well at work. This would cater to your space requirements to carry all your office essentials with ease.

Leather quality

The best material choice for a bag is leather as it lasts longer and looks great. You must research the best quality leather in the market. Quality leather improves with age. It looks fantastic even after decades of use and develops a patina which is a sheeny, weathered look that comes through aging. This appearance is lacking in heavily treated and low-grade leather.

Bonded leather bags are also a waste of money. These bags use scrap pieces of leather that are reworked with plastic and chemicals to produce a second-class version of leather. Bags made of such stuff lack the authentic smell and do not age well. Instead, go for something like a flap messenger crossbody bag made up of genuine leather and sexy color contrast.

Material used

The material details used on a bag highly affect its durability and appearance. The handle, locks, zippers, buckles, and metal rings are likely to wear out quickly as they are used on a daily basis. Check that the material is of supreme quality such as this shoulder cross-body bag with buckle design.

Right color choice

Most common colors on leather bags for men are black, brown and tan. Black and brown are best suited for a professional setting as these portray a sense of sophistication. Whereas, tan and colors with lighter tones are better suited for a casual environment where the atmosphere is relaxed and informal.

Bags with dual-colored details and contrast of stitching are considered flamboyant so you can use them at informal gatherings. A single colored bag is also a good choice. Check out this messenger cross-body leather bag that is trendy, hip and specially designed for professional use.

The dark brown leather is a perfect choice. This color will stay classy and elegant even after a decade, so there is no doubt of it running out of fashion.

Proper weight and size

Purchase criteria for a bag depend on features like the look, straps, and compartments in it. Jobs do not always require the employee to lug around a heavy briefcase. Plus your frame also matters when it comes to the selection of a bag. It looks awful when a person with a short frame is seen carrying a bag too big. Choose a briefcase or a messenger bag with dimensions ideal for your frame.

At a minimum, look for small pockets to keep essentials within quick reach. If it’s a work bag, a shoulder, tote business bag can be a smart choice.


Price is not always an indicator of high quality. There are brands in the market that are charging more for items that are of compromised quality. At the same time, it is a rule that you should be prepared to invest more if you are looking for good features. One needs to have an insight into the qualities available in the market and knowledge of all key indicators before pulling out their wallets. Relying on the brand’s name is simply not enough.

Try out this premium and rich distressed brown, leather tote that caters to the style preference of millennials. It is a great blend of genuine leather and unique embellishments meant to deliver a mature and unique look.

Although all these tips will help you pick an impeccable bag but make sure you take good care of it once you start using it. Avoid exposure to scorching heat, de-junk on a regular basis and clean the outer surface. These all are essential precautions to take for leather bags. It extends their durability and retains flawless appearance for a long time.

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