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by Jennifer Smith February 12, 2019 5 min read

When it comes to buying gifts for men, it is normal to get confused about what to get them that you know they will like and appreciate. The best gift is one that has a lot of thought behind it. It is an item that is just as special as it is usable. In the sea of options to choose from, if you are someone who is not skilled in the art of gifting, it is best to go the safe route.

The leather is undeniably everyone’s ultimate favorite. Chic, effortless, and classy, leather embodies the true gentleman aesthetic and persona. Whether it is a wallet, a jacket or a pair of shoes, leather is a timeless staple that is just as functional and durable as it is fashionable.

Following is our guide to choosing the best leather gifts for men that they will surely love.

Leather Hats

Leather hats are super fun and outgoing. Who doesn't love a classic Indiana Jones inspired look? Vintage yet mod, bold yet subtle, effortless yet striking; leather hats are the ultimate style statement. They are ideal for gifting as you would not expect one to spend on a leather hat otherwise. If you think someone will appreciate it, gift it to them.

Leather Belts

Belts are a crucial accessory. The staple black and brown belts might seem underwhelming, so it never hurts to experiment. A stylish belt perfect for gifting is a reversible belt or a denim belt. The former is ideal for any kind of outfit; formal, professional or casual. Depending on the color of your clothes, you can switch between the two colors accordingly. Denim belts are super mod and trendy. In addition to looking unique, they are much more durable and look great paired with denim and other casual outfits.

Leather Journal

For anyone who loves writing or just stationery in general, this is the perfect gift for them. Leather journals are the perfect rustic and vintage gift that feels as good as it looks. You can opt for a customized finish on your leather journal and even get it ingrained with a personal design or perhaps one’s name. Now that is truly special.

Leather Bag

Be it a leather crossbody bag, briefcase, laptop bag or messenger bag, leather bags are excellent for gifting. Not only are they sleek and compact, but they can also accommodate a variety of your belongings ranging from your laptop to your books to files and what not. Their slim outlook yet the spacious interior is what really makes them come in handy. Their meticulous planning for maximum optimization in terms of work is commendable. The strap on these bags is perfectly padded, so they do not weigh you down. Carry them like a briefcase or on your shoulder or wear them as a cross body bag, leather bags are a perfect leather gift item that every man will make good use of and appreciate.

Leather Wallet Phone Case

Phone wallet cases are a truly spectacular creation that serves the dual function of being a wallet as well as a phone cover. Not only is it super compact and sleek but it also carries all your essentials like cash and credit cards without the hassle of carrying an additional wallet. Get your leather wallet phone case customized for a unique and distinctive outlook.

Leather Wallet

Every man needs a leather wallet. They are a necessity. How else are you possibly going to carry your cash and cards? Wallets are super personal. Some like a classic and clean look with a plain outlook and no detailing. Others are a little more experimental and outgoing in their approach. With leather wallets, you have an endless array of options to choose from. Get your wallet customized according to your liking and ingrained for a unique customized feel and outlook.

Leather Passport Holder

If you are going to travel, might as well travel in style. Passport holders may seem excessive to some, but they are a unique gifting item that one would not necessarily spend money on themselves. Leather passport holders come in a variety of designs. Customize your plan according to your preference. Get it embossed or adorned with metal detailing or keep it simple and plain. Regardless, leather passport holders are chic, classy and keep your travel documents safe.

Leather Jacket

If you are looking to spoil your friend with a truly spectacular gift, this is the one for you. There are not nearly enough songs of praise that can be sung for leather jackets. Leather jackets are the ultimate accessory. They are timelessly classic. They are incredibly versatile. They exude a chic yet exuberant aura. The one standout feature that makes them the best gift ever is that they possess the ability to complete any outfit. Throw your jacket over anything from a pair of distressed jeans and a worn-out tee to a chic pair of chinos and a sophisticated button-down shirt; leather jackets look good on everything.

Opt for a clean and classic bomber for the one who loves to keep it simple and elegant. If you are looking for a flashy and sexy number, embellished biker jackets are the best. The best option would be to choose something wearable and classy, so you know that it comes in handy.

Leather Shoes

Good shoes take you to good places. When you have a chic and sexy pair of leather shoes in your clothing arsenal, there is no stopping you. Everyone has a favorite shoe style. Be it a classic and chic oxford shoe, a relaxed and casual loafer, a practical boot or something mod and effortless like chukka boots; leather shoes always look and feel like a million bucks.

If you are looking to treat someone to an excellent leather gift, a solid pair of boots is the perfect pick. From the extensive range of options to choose from, opt for whatever style, design and color you think would be best.

Leather Gloves

Gloves are the best gift. They keep you warm. What could be classier than a pair of leather gloves? Cashmere gloves are great too, but the rogue and sexy outlook of a good pair of leather gloves are unparalleled.

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