by Jennifer Smith February 18, 2019 5 min read

When it comes to men’s wallets, there are quite a few features one must look out for. Each feature serves its own unique purpose and is crucial. If you are investing in something as necessary as a wallet, you must make sure it is at least sturdy.

Following is a list of features that a man should take into consideration when buying a wallet.

RFID Blocking

Ever heard of electronic pick-pocketing? All of our credit cards, electronic keys, passcards, and entry cards operate via radio frequency identification; a feature that enables anyone with a remote reader to scan your cards and make a copy of it or use the number online to make purchases.

Identity theft is not a joke. Unlike other forms of pick-pocketing, electronic pick-pocketing does not require someone to take your wallet out of your pocket physically. With this feature, your money can get taken away from you by someone miles away by simply pressing a few buttons.

To avoid the danger of electronic pick-pocketing, get a wallet that features RIFD blocking. An RFID blocking credit card wallet is the foolproof way to keep yourself safe from electronic pick-pocketing. RFID protection is a metallic mesh that is inserted between the layers of wallets. It blocks one from tracing your personal or financial information.


Depending on your individual needs, opt for a wallet that caters to your capacity needs. Some wallets are more spacious yet bulky. Others are a little less accommodating but sleek and chic to look at. Keep your needs in mind and choose wisely. If you are someone who likes to carry a lot of cash, get yourself a multi clot wallet with coin pouches and extra pockets. You do not want to overfill a wallet with limited capacity and put your valuables at risk. For someone who is only carrying some bills and cards, a slim wallet is the best one for you.


As consumers, we search for durability in whatever item we purchase. Wallets are used every day; therefore, it is important to make sure that they are durable and long-lasting. Opt for a wallet that comes in good quality skin but is not too delicate that it gets damaged with everyday use. Find a wallet that looks good and performs even better. The more rough and tough your wallet is, the longer it shall last.


Budget is always important when you are going out to buy anything. Wallets can cost quite a bit, but they are an investment. It is vital that you spend a fair amount on this investment but refrain from emptying out your pockets on this one item.

Bill Dividers

For a wallet, it is essential to have two cash pockets because they will enable you to keep smaller bills on one side and the larger ones on the other. This way you will have individual compartments for money that you wish to set aside for particular use and the one you can spend freely. Bill dividers are incredibly handy; however, they do add extra material to the wallet which can make your wallet thicker compared to one with only one cash pocket. It all comes down to personal preference and prioritizing your needs.

Key and Coin Pouches

Coins are useful but can be annoying to carry around primarily because of their constant jangling. A coin pouch helps you keep the noise at bay and keeps your coins secure. These pouches are placed in the lining of the cash pocket with a flap over it or a zipper to keep it locked in place. Not only can these pockets be used for coins but you can also store tiny valuables in them such as SIM cards, memory cards, a spare key, etc. An additional compartment does add to the bulk, but it also keeps your belongings safe.

Exterior Pockets

Exterior pockets come in handy when storing quick access cards or some bills. They are easily accessible and convenient as you can get what you want without opening your wallet. If you are someone who feels like that might be a handy feature for you, exterior pockets are very useful.

ID Windows

Carrying your ID with you at all times is crucial. You never know when you might need to corroborate your identity. An ID window is necessary for all wallets. Exterior windows do seem like a good option too, but they are more prone to scratching, ripping and denting; all of which might ruin your cards. Interior windows are standard and offer much better protection than the rest.

Receipt Pockets

A separate receipt pocket is ideal for those amongst us who are super organized and wish to keep everything in their designated compartments. A receipt pocket helps you keep your receipts separate from your bills and cards. We all have had incidents where we have thrown own a couple of bills along with receipts when clearing out our wallets or bags. Receipt pockets keep you from making that mistake and also keep everything in place.

Wallet Inserts

Wallet inserts are catered to those who do not have an issue with carrying a bigger wallet. These allow you to store extra cards, keys, pictures and what not. The best bet for those who like to keep a lot of things in their wallets, wallet inserts must be replaced every few years because they do get worn out over time. This is not much of an issue since they are quite inexpensive.

Wallets are an essential everyday item. Some only carry one for practical purposes. Others keep it for styling purposes. Regardless of the purpose, it is a necessity. For someone who likes to keep things simple and minimal, a slim, sleek and compact wallet would be ideal for you. Skip the extra pockets because they add bulk to the wallet. However, if you are concerned about the security of your essentials, choose a wallet that comes with zippers and RFID protection. Depending on your daily use, choose your wallet accordingly.


Wallets are personal, and they are a reflection of your style. All of these features are something you should take note of to deduce whether it is a good investment or not. At Leather Skin Shop, you can choose from an array of designs, each with their own characteristic features. Made with premium quality leather, Leather Skin Shop promises unbeatable prices with no compromise on quality. Rest assured, every wallet purchased will last you a long time.

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