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by Jennifer Smith February 27, 2019 5 min read

Leather jackets are a  style statement. Owing to their effortlessly chic design and striking outlook, a leather jacket never fails to turn heads wherever it goes. What makes them so incredibly great is their ability to complete every look. You could be wearing a basic outfit and feel like something is missing. Throw a stunning leather jacket on top and watch your look transform from basic to banger in a heartbeat.

Every girl needs a good leather jacket. In fact, if we could help it, every girl should own at least these six essential and fashionable styles. Leather jackets so not come cheap but they do last you a lifetime provided you take care of them. Needless to say, leather jackets are an investment piece. There are many different types of leather jackets available in the market. These six types of leather jackets are the ones we think every girl should own.

The Bomber Jacket


This super chic design was originally designed for pilots and plane crew members; however, now leather bomber jackets are a universally flattering style statement. Normally extending down to the waist lined with soft fabric, a typical bomber jacket cinches at the sleeves and the waist. Their elasticized and stretchy openings allow the jacket to hug your body and keep you warm. Featuring a clean and sleek zipper and a loose-fitting cut, bomber jackets are a must-have for everyone.

Their effortless silhouette and design look great paired with anything. Be it over a standard pair of jeans and a t-shirt, over a dress, or over pants and a tank top, bomber jackets carry with them an unbothered edginess that is fierce yet casual at the same time. The epitome of casual fashion, bomber jackets have set the bar really high for everything else to match.

The Biker Jacket

Biker jackets are just sexy. They are the bolder and edgier older brother of the classic bomber jacket. With their flared pointed snap collar, clean angled front zipper and additional embellishments, biker jackets exude an enviously sultry badass aura. A classic leather jacket style that found fame after Harley Davidson, biker jackets have always been the rage and for a good reason. 

Raw and sexy, biker jackets have played the role of a uniform for rock stars globally. Adding extra accessories such as additional zippers, buckles, pins, spikes, studs, etcetera, add more character to the jacket’s overall outlook. Biker jackets are ideal for casual wear as they pair brilliantly with anything ranging from a simple dress and pair of tights to a distressed pair of jeans and a tee. Complete the look with a pair of your favorite ankle boots and let the jacket speak for itself.

The Motorcycle Racer Jacket

A simple and minimalistic design, the classic motorcycle racer jacket features a simple outlook. The saying less is more seems fitting for the chic motorcycle jacket as this jacket. In all its minimalistic grandeur, always manages to stand out in every crowd. The center symmetric front zipper paired with the snap-tab collar and standard zipper pockets gives the jacket its characteristic look and feel. Classy, elegant and simple with a unique semi-formal hint is how one should describe a classic racer jacket.

What makes the racer jacket for great is in minimalistic outlook making it perfect for pairing and layering. Wear your jacket over a dress or an everyday outfit or wear it over something a little fancy like a cute outfit for a night out. Draping a motorcycle jacket gives any ensemble an instant upgrade. Complete the look with ankle boots, sneakers, brogues or classic oxfords; the motorcycle racer jacket is a solid piece of clothing that does not disappoint anyone.

The Leather Blazer

Leather blazers are very different from jackets. They have a sophistication to them that a jacket cannot compare with. Blazers are more polished and elegant. With their suited collar and patch pockets, blazers are perfect for a casual or formal setting or anything in between. Wear your blazer with a pair of jeans and a classic button-down shirt, over a body-hugging dress and ankle boots, with a pencil skirt and blouse or over a pair of formal pants and a blouse.

The Shearling Leather Jacket

These jackets include a layer of wool hence are much warmer. The shearling jacket has been a popular pick for ages now. Their chic and lux outlook has caught the attention of many prominent personalities and for all the right reasons. With their signature fur collar and cuffs and cozy shearling interior, the shearling leather jacket is a walking talking style statement. Super mod and on trend yet extremely warm and comfortable, the shearling jacket is perfect for the colder months. Wear it casually or dress it up for semi-formal events, regardless of the social setting, shearling jackets always look on point.

The Fringed Leather Jacket

Fringed jackets are not for those who like to keep it simple. Bold, outgoing, and unapologetically extra, fringed jackets are where the party is at. A design that initially made to shed rain and dry faster, the fringed jacket was hugely popular amongst Native Americans and cowboys. A signature pointed collar and fringes are the standout features of a leather fringed jacket. Its unique and rich lustrous finish exudes a lux yet fun aura that makes them the perfect contemporary fashion style choice. Fringes come in a huge variety and thus make for a distinct fashion statement. Not only does it look super fun and extra, but it will also keep you protected from the rain.

Leather jackets are an essential item that everyone just needs. They come in an array of exciting designs, cuts, and colors. Everyone has a certain fashion aesthetic, and there is a leather jacket that caters to every single one of it. Be it a formal event, something more relaxed or a casual day out with friends and family, a leather jacket always comes in to save the day if you are struggling to find a good outfit.

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