by Jennifer Smith June 12, 2019 4 min read

Are you bored with the same old preppy and sophisticated outfits that you have been wearing since forever? Do you want to follow the likes of Gigi Hadid, Kristen Stewart, Rihanna, and Cara Delevingne and try out a bolder look? Is Kylie Jenner’s unique style something you get your fashion inspiration from? If so, perhaps it is time for you to try out the dangerously sexy rocker chic style that has been all the rage with celebrities for quite a while.

Whether you are experimenting with the bold fashion trend just now or an edgy, rocker style has been your aesthetic sense as long as you can remember, some key pieces should be a staple in every edgy dresser’s wardrobe. For you to identify which of these trendy fashion pieces you should invest in, we have prepared a list of a few of our most favorite items from Leather Skin Shop that fit the category. Read on to learn how you can flawlessly pull off a rocker chic style without it being “too much”.

Raid your boyfriend’s closet

If you are a girl, trying to dress fabulously edgy and have access to a male wardrobe, then you have the key to a priceless treasure. There is just something about men’s leather jackets that can add millions to your bad girl persona. Wearing oversized, plain leather jackets like the one offered by Leather Skin Shop with short shorts and a plain white shirt will instantly have you looking seriously funky. Similarly, you can also go with a cropped band tee and skinny black jeans if you want a modern rocker look.

Combine rocker chic style with modern fashion

The important thing about adapting the rocker chic style is remembering not to go overboard. There must always be a balance in the rocker and chic elements of rocker chic. Too much character in your fashion pieces can have you looking and feeling like a clown with tons of accessories thrown at you. Try to be subtle with your rebellious style by striking the perfect balance between the gothic and contemporary fashion. Leather bags by Leather Skin Shop incorporates both, an edgy aesthetic and the modern minimalistic fashion in perfect doses.

For a more feminine look, try completing your look with a sophisticated handbag

If you think that your outfit is going too much on the grunge side, liven it up with some feminine accessories. Pairing a sexy pair of pumps, a short, fancy dress, or the sophisticated bag above that you can get from Leather Skin Shop can help you harmonize between two extreme styles. We love to see ladies incorporating different styles to come up with an extremely authentic and original look. Of course, this comes with the added benefit of feeling and looking more confident because you are not pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone too much.

Have something for a chill, laid back vibe

You do not always have to go for the dark and mysterious. Sometimes, a relaxed and chilled outlook can make a better statement than a flashy, heavily studded outfit. For those casual evenings where you just want to relax in style, consider wearing this cool, genuine leather jacket over a basic tee and your regular, blue skinny jeans. Lounge in comfort with the wide range of fashionable and comfortable laid back pieces available at Leather Skin Shop.

A trendy hat stolen from your boyfriend has so much potential

2019 is the year that made hats fashionable again. From fedoras to wide-brimmed, to the modern, trendy baker boy hats – this little accessory can amp up your entire outfit. To get your look from a zero to a hundred real quick, swipe a stylish hat from your boyfriend’s closet. You can also be the smart, empowered women that you are and get your own from the large selection of trendy hats at Leather Skin Shop.

Nothing quite says rocker chic than a leather jacket design inspired by the best rock and roll music video of the 2000s

If you are going for a rocker chic style, then you better do it right. Like they say; “go big or go home”. For an ultimate edgy look, go right for the source of the trend and pick up band tees and rock band inspired clothing. This My Chemical Romance inspired leather jacket is what you need this season for all your rocker chic needs. Bring out your inner punk rock by wearing this superbly crafted rocker fashion item that resembles the costume of the Black Parade music video. With rock bands inspired clothing, there is no chance of you ever going wrong.

Be it faux or real; leather is the way to go

Let’s state the obvious: leather is the backbone of rocker chic and punk fashion. It is leather that often makes up the rocker part of rocker chic. From jackets and hats to pants and boots – a touch of leather can spice up your entire outfit in less than a minute. Whether it is genuine or fake, leather can make you stand out in a crowd full of people. Embrace your dark side and invest in this real leather jacket available at Leather Skin Shop. At this price, the trendy items at LSS are a definite steal! So what are you waiting for? Get your custom leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop today while not overstepping your limited budget!

Take your pick!

If the above exclusive fashion pieces were not up to your alley, visit Leather Skin Shop today to have a look at the rest of our wide collection. You can also create your design or have us modify one of ours to suit you more by the customizing option we offer! Just follow some simple steps to get your one of a kind, unique leather jacket delivered right to your doorstep!

May your way to our collection of leather apparels and accessories, get a customized 100% genuine leather jacket and roar out loud with your unbeatable confidence.

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