by Jennifer Smith June 19, 2019 5 min read

Have you ever felt anxious or jumpy when giving that presentation to your boss? Thinking about going to the new job interview made you feel agitated? These everyday situations can easily intimidate a businessperson – especially if you are a beginner. However, fortunately, there are some simple practices you could make a part of your routine before every big meeting or job interview that will present you as the savvy and capable individual that you are.

We have all heard of the tactic where you go to the bathroom five minutes before an important interview and tell yourself you can do the thing. Yes, egging yourself on can work, but you leave that behind you when you leave the bathroom. Should you not have something that keeps giving you confidence and an air of assertiveness and boldness for the entire duration that you are in that stressful corporate situation?

According to the Enclothed theory, you can have exactly that – provided that you are wearing the right attire. Clothes do not only make up your image in front of the one, in front of you but can also make you feel more self-assured and give you a certain poise. Like someone wise once said “dress for the job you want, not the job that you have”. Considering this, we must always put extra attention to our outfit – especially for a work-related event.

But if you have considered giving this guide a quick read, you already understand the importance of dressing right for the part. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for an interview, or if it is your first day at work or if you're just adding more things to your wardrobe, having the right business attire is a good reflection of the fact that you care about your work. The clothes you wear speak volumes about the degree of self-respect you have for yourself.

This post is all about how you should upgrade your professional wardrobe for 2019 and will help accentuate your style and look when you're at the office. But more importantly, the right combination of clothes will also help you increase your chances for that next promotion you are eyeing for, propelling your career.

The Professional Business Look - What is it Really?

The business style is simple to breakdown. Unlike semi-casual and smart casual, the business attire for men has a defined set of pointers and rules.  What you wear at the office must exude a powerful message to your team or other co-workers, it has to automatically reflect that you are smart, eager to boost your career, you are efficient and that you are willing to accentuate your potential.

The secret to the right business attire for men is hidden in the details. The type of suits you wear, their quality, fitting, cut and fabric; these are important components that say a lot about your style. Moreover, how custom tailored your shirts are, their finishing, your Oxfords and your ability to make everything work compellingly and stylishly will say a lot about your personality and professionalism.

The Definition of 'Dress Code' and What Business Professional Really Means

Your professional business clothes start with a tie, a nice pair of shoes, a well-fitted suit and a tailored shirt. No rocket science here. Once these core fundamentals of a business wardrobe are fulfilled, you can accentuate your style by adding different types of accessories such as cufflinks, a nice leather belt, a nice watch, and a pocket square. These components make the professional look whole.

Be Mindful Of The Types Of Shoes You Buy


Perhaps, the most important part of your business professional look is a pair of classic Oxfords or Balmorals (as known in the US). These are the most common types of office shoes that people wear for work. A large number of people claim that the first thing they notice about the other person is their feet. Now, you would not want to give off the wrong impression by wearing shabby or dirty shoes, would you? Put your best foot forward by wearing these professional shoes available at the Leather Skin Shop.

Accentuate Your Business Attire With Adequate Accessories


Snubbing the right accessories is a grave mistake when planning your outfit. These little things are what will add your style to your otherwise conventional outfit. Everybody at work would be wearing the same kinds of shirts, suits, and trousers. Here is where you can show off your own individuality and spice it all up.

Can you remember the last time you upgraded your wallet? Well, it is safe to say it may have been a couple of years! Your wallet serves the purpose of keeping your money & cards organized. The best way to declutter everything and just keep the essentials is to go with an all-purpose anti-theft leather with RFID, like the one above. Add a swanky wallet to your collection that is available at Leather Skin Shop.

Carry Your Business Belongings In Style

If you talk about today's corporate culture, there are two things that are absolutely essential, practicality and convenience, especially when it comes to on-the-fly professionals. Your laptop should never be far away from your reach - and the same goes for all the accessories you need to start and end your busy workday. That is why it essential to invest in a trendy, yet corporate leather bagsthat screams exclusivity and exudes style and elegance.

A Well-Fitted Suit That Screams Style and Business

A nice, two-piece suit incorporates a pair of trousers and one jacket. A three-piece suit includes a waistcoat, which is worn under the jacket. When you talk about a modern corporate environment, two-piece suits are more predominant; a three-piece suit is a mostly worn at specific occasions or functions such as weddings, corporate seminars, C-level business meetings, etc.

Rather than buying a ton of suits off the rack, invest in a couple of custom made ones. Suits are something that can be worn again and again for years to come – on multiple occasions. This is why it is better to get a style that will not go out of fashion in a couple of months. Try classic colors and patterns like black, navy blue, or grey when upgrading your wardrobe.

A Nice Set of Collared Shirts (buttoned-up) 

The next step to forming business attire for men is to buy a couple of professional shirts. This is easy, just go with the classics - for example, corporate white shirts. When sifting through products, ensure they are form fitting. Try each shirt on and see how well they fit when buttoned up. The collars have to form a good structure and must not look like they are out of shape, loose or too tight. This is important considering you are also going to be wearing a tie.

Be Subtle With The Ties     


The best way to convey your emotions and exude your personality in a corporate environment is to wear the right tie. There are a lot of different tie colors that help express different types of viewpoints and perspectives. At your workplace, keeping a set or combination of different ties and tie colors can quickly change your whole look, wearing the same suit. For example, wearing a black tie with a white shirt and dark blue suit will infinitely look different than wearing the same combination with a silver or orange tie. 

As a rule of thumb, remember that your tie knot should hide the collar button, so comfortably tighten it all the way up.

Final Word

So there you have it  - a short but in-depth guide to the best business attire for men. Redefine your style to match your professional milestones, career development, and climb the ladder of success augmenting the power of modern trends and styles.

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