by Jennifer Smith April 29, 2019 4 min read

Living in the age of Instagram, it has started to feel like one needs to spend tonnes of money on the high end, high street brands to look stylish every single day. But if there is anything to learn from Pinterest, we know it takes as less as one stylish item to make your outfit work appropriate yet trendy enough to turn heads.

First thing you need to know about office wardrobe is that you don’t need every other item you see on the internet. Your choices are limited, but that shouldn’t take away your created freedom. You can enjoy more creativity and versatility with the right number of the right items. So, keep it limited to essentials.

However, limiting it to essential doesn’t mean you have to wear the same boring and dull look every single day. We have created a list of essentials that can help you tweak your everyday office look to appear more stylish and trendy.

A stylish Leather jacket

Layers can really amplify your look, but a very few people realize the difference a change of color can make. Black, blue, and greys are great colors for work but why limit your palette. If you are already wearing neutral or monotonous colors, amp it up with a Brando Leather Jacket or a blazer.

 It can be a lively blue, purple, or beautiful coral. The choices are endless. Even a red blazer on a black and white outfit can look absolutely ravishing. You will be surprised by how one color can accentuate the entire look and make you stand out.

A Scarf or a Hat

If you are not a fan of wearing jewelry at work, you can still accessorize with a piece of clothing. A cute colorful and printed scarf can do the trick. You can choose any fabric you are most comfortable with. A woolen one will also keep you warm during winter.

Usually, silk scarves are the best as they look super chic and you can wear it on any outfit. Whether you are wearing a plain button-down top with pants or a chiffon blouse with a skirt, you can’t go wrong with a scarf. Also, there are more than one ways to wear a scarf, so it gets brownie points for versatility as well.

For men, it can be a leather hat or a cap that can do the trick. If you live in an area that gets more than the desired share of sunshine, try a military cap from LSS genuine leather collection

A Timeless Pair for Men

We are so used to turning towards our mobile devices for telling the time that watches are slowly losing their significance. If you are still wearing a classic piece on your wrist, that says a lot about you as a person and as a professional. Besides, watches are wonderful accessories that can pull your entire look together and make it more impressive.

Instead of chunky and funky watches that look cheap, go for an elegant and timeless design with leather straps, and pair it with a matching genuine leather wallet. These are the accessories won’t regret spending a few extra bucks on. An expensive watch and a genuine leather wallet can speak volume about you and your classy taste.

A Matching Pair for Women

When it comes to a working wardrobe, people talk about the importance of shoes. We agree you need at least four pair of beautiful and elegant shoes. One on a neutral brown or beige shade, one in black, one in a solid color that can accentuate most outfits, and one in a classic print or pattern. However, just a pair of pumps won’t complete the look.

Add a matching handbag to the mix, and you will be surprised by how uplifted your entire outfit will look. Pick a bag that is practical and stylish. The size should be big enough to accommodate your work essentials. Make sure you pick the right sized heel for your pump. Anything higher than three inches will be a bit too comfortable for work, even if your job doesn’t involve a lot of running around. High heels can be tough on legs even when you are sitting all day.

A Good Pair of Shoes 

If oxford shoes don’t sound work appropriate to you, you need to understand why they are traditionally worn by some of the hardest working men

The best part is that they come in a never-ending variety of styles to choose from, but we recommend quality oxford shoes the perfect office wear. It can look chic and trendy without compromising your comfort throughout the day.


So these are the five wardrobe essentials that can instantly uplift your everyday office look. You can find most of these work wardrobe essentials at LSS. They have the best of brands and their most popular work appropriate products under one roof. Loafers, boots, uppers, or shirts, they have it all for men and women from different industries.

Remember, you don’t need to stuff your wardrobe with all the trendy pieces you see on Instagram. You need to keep your outfit trendy and stylish yet practical and professional at the same time. More importantly, you need to make sure the outfit is comfortable enough for an active day around the workplace. So, go for minimal changes that can have maximum impact, and you are ready to seize the day, every day.

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