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What will you say when Lady Gaga asks of you; “who do you wanna wear this season? Gaga knows what you wear will strongly influence your mood. Your attire can even go as far as to have a say in how you think and act! Astonishing, isn't it?

You know when you are wearing a flowy dress you will feel pretty and flirty; a leather jacket style can give you a rough yet glamorous look; a professional suit and tie can give you the air of a CEO; a wedding dress can make you feel like royalty so on and so forth! Even fancy lingerie that nobody can see you wearing underneath your clothes can make you feel more sexy and confident (the secretive smirk on your face is cute!). So now you know why it is super important that you choose a stellar outfit for each day when you want to win at life. 

But it is not all about looking attractive and feeling confident in your dress, is it what you wear on a certain occasion also showcases your personality. Your style statementis one of the most creative ways you can express who you are. Even before saying hello, the way you dress can itself be an introduction. After all, “a man is known by his dress and address.”

Leather Jackets

But how do you do that all the time? By making custom leather jackets, one piece of outerwear that can greatly accentuate your entire look, your best friend. Everyone looking to make a fashion statement and stand out in the crowd should have at least one leather jacket staple in their wardrobe.

Our favorite thing about this flawless piece of garment is how it looks amazing on both men and women! Not bound by gender, this is certainly one piece of clothing everyone should invest in.

Although technically any style of jacket can be made into a leather jacket by simply choosing leather as the material for it, some specific designs are popular with this type. There are a number of ways we have seen the leather jacketsbeing worn on the television and runways.

To assist you with what leather jacket style to wear and when here is a guide to wearing this timeless classic. We will not only help you to pick out the best style for a certain occasion but will also advise you on what to pair it with to get the most out of your leather jacket style!

 The Flight Jacket

Flight Jacket

This style is a gift given to us by the armed forces, being originally worn by air force pilots to keep warm at high altitudes. However, because of its sexy look, this leather jacket style soon worked its way onto runways and then our wardrobes. Make this beauty shine by pairing it with slim fit trousers and a simple t-shirt. With the chilled-out vibe, it offers you, you are sure to get all the female attention!

The Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

The Bomber jacket is the original flight jacket. For added protection against the cold at the great heights of an airplane, it often has a front flap to cover the central zipper and gives off a masculine appearance. Worn by the likes of Hugh Jackman in his iconic character as Wolverine, this is one leather jacket style we will never get bored of. We advise complementing this style with a soft white t-shirt and a rugged pair of jeans for a bad boy look.

The Field Jacket

Field Jacket

If you wish to give your outfit a little countryside twist, this style is a great option. Usually, this leather jacket style is slightly longer than the others. This is another style of outerwear that the military has left us. We love how it combines functionality and chicness with the multiple pockets on the front. When paired with a knitted sweater and soft, slim trousers, it makes for one of our favorite winter ensembles. Look 80% cooler instantly by choosing a slightly more adventurous color in this style and make all the ladies sigh when they see you.

The Racer Jacket

racer jacket

Who can leave out this bad boy when talking about leather jacket styles? The flattering racer jacket gives you that extra oomph your outfit needs without being too overwhelming. With the specific cut of a racer jacket, you can show off that sexy body you have been working for at the gym.

It will not only look great on you but will also protect you from the environment as you race your motorcycle on the streets. The racer jacket usually accommodates a center zipper and zipped up pockets that keep your belongings safe while racing. We think this particular style looks great on females when paired with a crop top and slim-fit jeans.

Shirt-style Leather Jacket

Shirt-style Leather Jacket

This piece is a slightly unusual take on the leather jacket but is super aesthetic still. A shirt style leather jacket is one of the more contemporary styles. It has not been as long when these first hit the runway and swept all of us off our feet by their chic look. If you are looking to make a real fashion statement, we would say that the shirt style leather jacket is the way to go.

This outerwear is extremely versatile and looks equally good with a number of outfits. Women can pair it with a tucked in shirt and some basic denim to achieve a purposeful, ready-to-go vibe.

The Biker Jacket

When you think of a leather jacket, this is probably the design that comes to mind. This has been made increasingly popular by the television and film industry. As the name suggests, this leather jacket was first worn by bikers. It has an asymmetrical cut that allowed motorcycle riders to lean forward when riding without the zip cutting into their body.

The close cut shows off the wearer’s body. This style works best when worn with other pieces following the same theme. For a sexy, rebel look, women can incorporate this style in their attire by pairing it with denim that is ripped at the knees, and a soft, formfitting, white t-shirt. Accessorize with lace-up black, combat boots.

But fashion is a fickle thing, and leather jackets can be expensive. Is it really a good idea to spend your precious bucks on one piece of outerwear, then?

A fad either changes overnight, or one particular trend seems to last forever. What might be trendy today, may be out of fashion tomorrow. Some styles that were popular a decade ago may end up making a comeback.

On the other hand, certain looks appear as if they will always be high fashion, no matter what happens. One of these constants of the fashion world is the leather jacket. You can find a huge variety of leather jacket styles on Leather Skin Shop. All in all, Taylor Swift has assured all of us; these “are never going out of style”!

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