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Have you noticed that women are essentially giving up on those painful high heels and opting for footwear that is comfortable? Even men are opting for shoes that are made for comfort.

Comfort and quality are indeed the new trends in footwear, and the trends are taking over both men and women fashion by storm. All the brands are coming up with more practical designs that align with the active lifestyle. Now, you can stay with the trends without compromising your comfort.

And if that sounds like your idea of perfect shoes, here are eight stylish and elegant shoes on trend you need to stay stylish and comfortable.

Super Cotu Sneakers

These super casual comfy sneakers made headlines when they were adorned by Kate Middleton. The royal favorite made it across the Atlantic and became a common sight across LA. We are loving how the ladies are pairing it with everything from jumpsuits to little black dress. They have an air of neutrality that makes them look great with any outfit.

The lightweight cotton makes them super light despite the rubber sole. They come in six different colors, but white is the trendiest of all.

Colorful Oxfords

Oxfords have a reputation for being walk friendly shoes. LSS has upgraded their oxfords to match the lifestyle of a modern man. This purple pair of oxfords with laces is a new age version of oxfords shoes that focus not just on comfort but also on practicality. They are not just your walking shoes, they can be the perfect work shoes no matter how tough your job is.

The wingtip brogue gives this pair a classic charm. It is suitable for any person who wants to stay trendy while keeping things classy in a unique way. This extraordinary combo and eye-catching color can complement any formal work attire.

Grey Double Monk

It has been traditionally said that any man should have a pair of white shoes. In all honesty, white might look classy and stylish, but that doesn’t last for long. It takes one stain to make the entire look fade away. You need to be very careful with it. That is counterproductive for those who have a busy lifestyle. So, for all of you who have been avoiding white for this reason, grey is the new white.

Take a look at this beauty! This grey double monk suede leather pair is every man’s wardrobe essential now. It is made for comfort and versatility. It is both casual and formal at the same time, depending on what you pair it with. It can look just as great with a pair of jeans as it will with a formal suit.

Black and Red Oxford

Men are no longer shying away from the reds. A pair of red shoes isn’t just trendy, it speaks volume about your confidence. However, at Leather Skin Shop, we understand that not every man is comfortable with all red footwear – and we are all about comfort. So, we have the perfect pair that can allow you to embrace the reds without letting it steal the show.

Here is the most beautiful pair of red brogue oxfords you can imagine. It is modern, it is bold, and it can complement the most boring outfit in your wardrobe. It is handmade from the finest leather so that you can stay comfortable all day. If you love this one, you can also find it in grey and black variety. The brogue wingtip just adds to the timeless charm.

Silver Grey Derby Shoes

So, you don’t want to wear white because it is high maintenance and grey is a bit boring for your taste, we have the perfect pair to match your bright and charming personality. These silver grey derby shoes are the perfect party essentials for every modern man. The metallic silver isn’t tacky but rather classy. You can choose to wear it with a similar metallic grey suit or break the monotony of boring black attire. It is all up to you.

No matter what you pair these shoes with, they are going to make you stand out as a man who knows how to make a style statement. And if you are worried about comfort, they are handmade from the highest quality genuine leather. Perfect for a disco-themed dance party!

Reebok Soyay Unisex

Reebok Soyay is often considered men’s shoe. Just take a good look at the pair and tell us one good reason why women shouldn’t be rocking this one. The good news is that Soyay is actually a unisex style that comes in two varieties, i.e. medium and wide. Reebok’s iconic black suede leather upper adds to the appeal of this product. You can pair it with an endless variety of attire. It isn’t flashy and colorful like most active and athletic shoes. For many people, that is the charm.

The best thing about Reebok is that it isn’t engineered for comfort and safety. It meets the most stringent standards in the industry.

Army Green Chelsea

Army green has been quite popular on the ramps this year. Both men and women were seen flaunting this beautiful color, in clothes and footwear. And at Leather skin shop, we don’t take long to catch up with the trends. One of our favorites in our own collection is this elegant pair of Chelsea. We can’t think of any attire it cannot complement. Jeans or dress pants, suit or khakis, this one will work with everything.

Due to their high level of comfort and unique color, we highly recommend this for people with an adventurous lifestyle. It can be your perfect travel buddy and outdoor companion. Despite a rough and tough exterior, they are crafted for a luxurious fitting and lasting comfort.

So, that was our list of eight incredible pair of shoes that are just as stylish as comfortable. Don’t you want them all

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