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“A holiday is an opportunity to journey within. It is also a chance to chill, to relax. It is when I switch on my rest mode.”

Do you feel that you can relate to the quote written above? Are you also one of those people who hate dressing up and would do anything to snuggle in their blanket all day long? Well, as the holiday season is just around the corner, we doubt you will be able to do that as your friends and family will surely pull you out of bed. If you don’t want to leave holiday preparations until the last minute, you should start prepping your casual outfits.

Outfits are an important choice as they reflect who you are as a person and help you make yourself presentable. While it is important for you to dress nicely, make sure that you are wearing the proper attire which makes you feel comfortable in your skin.

Would you like some advice on causal work outfits, or do you want tips for dressing up when meeting with friends or family? As this blog is all about styling casual outfits in a unique manner, we are sure that you will love these ideas.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the outfits you should definitely style during the holidays.

Styling Casual Outfits

Are you looking for tips and tricks on how to dress up on different holiday occasions and events? Do you want to figure out what to wear to your workplace, a Christmas lunch, or a formal dinner? No worry, your wish is our command.

1. Black Suede Pants and a Party Jacket

Black leather jacket with spikes

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Are you planning to head out for a workplace event during the holidays? Do you not want to go overboard with your look but want to appear elegant simultaneously? How about styling black suede pants and a plain black inner shirt together? The black suede pants will look perfect for the winter weather and also help you appear professional.

For business casual outfits women, you can also add a black leather jacket to elevate the look. This black western leather jacket with spike studs in suede leather comes with fringes that will help you stand out and add in some style.
This way, you will also get the chance to own an elegant accessory that is full of glamour. The silver studs around the sleeves and collars will let your personality shine without doing much.

2. High-Waisted Boot Cut Jeans and Leather Outerwear

Blue leather jacket

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When it comes to clothing in different seasons, whether it is summers or winters, do you know that one piece of clothing is eternal? Yes, we are talking about jeans. Today jeans are easily available in all sizes and styles, making it easier for people to pull off casual outfits.

Do you want to keep things minimal during the day without attracting much attention? For lunch out with friends, you can style plain blue high-waisted boot-cut jeans along with a tuck-in white t-shirt from your summer wardrobe.

For winter outerwear, you can complete the look with this teal colored leather jacket. With quilted panels on the shoulders and sleeves, this jacket will add color to your outfit and keep you comfy during the winter afternoons.

3. Blue Denim Jeans and a Light Gray Sweatshirt

Yellow leather jacket with black lining

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Do you think that you will be spending your holidays outdoors? Do you want to stick to something that is comfortable, not heavy to wear, and should also be a subtle color?

How about styling a basic blue colored denim jeans pant with a gray sweatshirt? Instead of wearing a thin t-shirt, a sweatshirt will keep the cold away and also provide you with comfort.

Moreover, you can style this yellow and black leather jacket if you want to bring out that fashion icon in you. With a slight hint of mustard, this jacket with go along well with the sweatshirt and pants and also give you the perfect fitting around the arms and body. The black panels on the shoulders and sides of the sleeves won’t stop you from flaunting a sporty look.

4. Black Jeans and Plain White Tee

Navy blue leather coat with fur

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Looking for casual outfits men which you can add to your winter wardrobe this holiday season? Do you want something which is basic, minimalistic, and yet never gets old?

What if you style black jeans and a plain white tee, which can be worn anywhere you head out? The combination of black and white never gets old, which means the outfit will look good on you no matter the time or occasion.

Furthermore, to look fabulous even further, you can add this navy blue leather coat with fur around the collars. With an inner lining that is soft and warm, the leather jacket will complement your winter look and add charm to your appearance.

5. Pleated White Skirt and Ruffled White Top

Pink quilted leather jacket

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Do you feel like going all-white this season as pastel colors are your favorite and most adored pick? If you don’t want to opt for something too fitted and want to stay comfy and relaxed, we are sure you will like this outfit choice.

As white is an eternal and elegant color, pick out a pleated white skirt from your closet and then style a ruffled white top with it. To elevate the look, you can add silver earrings or hoops along with a pair of white heels or wedges.

If you want to add in color, put on this pink quilted leather for a pop of color. This jacket further accentuates the beauty of your outfit, and you will also be able to carry your belongings in your pockets.

6. Yoga Pants and Plain Top

Black hooded jacket

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Who says that men can’t wear yoga pants when heading out to the park for a run? If you plan on setting an exercise plan for yourself during this holiday season, yoga pants and a plain top can be the perfect combination for your early mornings.

If you feel cold during the early mornings, then instead of shivering and feeling uncomfortable, you can wear this black hooded jacket on top. This jacket also comes with a soft hood which means that you can even cover your head for increased warmth and comfort.

Furthermore, this leather jacket can also be zipped up as it comes with a sturdy and strong zip.

7. White Jeans and White Polo Shirt

Blue leather vest

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One of the most aesthetic colors around, white color helps you feel fresh and brings purity and beauty. During the daytime, white can be one of the most beautiful colors that you wear as it brings out light and radiance.

You can style white jeans with a white polo shirt, and for a striking effect, you can pull on this striking blue sleeveless vest. This blue sleeveless vest with silver metallic buttons and two pockets can easily be styled by you. It can be the perfect opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

8. Long Coat and Leather Pants

Long black leather coat

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Fashion in 2021 is all about re-introducing old winter wear from the ’90s, whether biker jackets or long coats. Perfect for streetwear, long coats and leather pants are trending among everyone, such as celebrities and influencers.

For a casual outfits option for the holidays, you can wear this long black leather coat and pair of leather pants with it. Moreover, besides being an outfit for casual streetwear, this long coat can also be easily worn as business casual outfits.

Styling Tip: want to pull off the entire look? Then you can add a pair of chic sunglasses with the long leather coat.

9. Khaki Pants and a Suede Leather Jacket

Suede leather jacket

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Many people consider khaki color to be dull and associated with boring people, while it is actually the opposite. When you style khaki pants and a matching suede leather jacket, it will help you stand out in front of people who wear the usual black and blues.

Furthermore, this tan suede leather jacketwill go well with your khaki pants and will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the holiday season. The collared neck and the metallic buttons are a must-have as they ensure further protection from the snow and cold winds.

10. A Button-Down Shirt and Snug Leather Jacket

Cream leather jacket

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Do you also think that button-down shirts are only for formal purposes and cannot be worn by people otherwise? If yes, you will be surprised to know that many men prefer styling button-down shirts with casual pants.

You can spice up your outfit with this cream-colored unisex leather jacket, as it will help bring out the right fit for you. Also, when styling the leather jacket, make sure to match it with light colored shoes as black or brown shoes will look out of place.

Parting Thoughts

Updating your winter wardrobe can be slightly challenging or intimidating if you haven’t shopped in a while. Were you trying to save some money during the pandemic and are now trying to cope up with the new fashion? If you are interested in updating your looks for the winter holiday season, the casual outfits mentioned will surely catch your eye. Select what outfits intrigue you the most, and then come up with something unique and creative by referring to the ideas we have shared above.

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