by Jennifer Smith December 19, 2021 7 min read

What do Leonardo DiCaprio and Jason Momoa have in common, other than being world-renowned heartthrobs?  Their gloriously twisted man buns and, of course, how immaculately they carry their outfits, from gruff leather jackets to floral button-ups!

If you have a man bun or are planning to grow one, this blog post is for you. In this article, we will cover the outfit ideas you can choose with your bun and how to make your hair look its best while setting a style statement.

Why Is It Important To Style Your Outfit If You Have A Man Bun?

Man buns may finally be getting the recognition they deserve. However, this doesn’t reduce the anti-status quo statement they make. A man who wears his mane in a bun is usually seen as someone rebellious, brave, and mostly comfortable enough in his intrinsic masculinity to go for a look like this.

However, apart from A-listers on magazine covers, the bun is still associated chiefly with tech guys and hipsters when it comes to routine life. It’s entirely up to you to reject or embrace the particular indie-ish vibe. Other than wearing your bun in different styles, say, a loose, messy one if you feel carefree, or one with no free stands when you mean business, one obvious way to do it is through your outfit.

Your outfit can either match and add to the flair of your hair or annihilate it and vice versa—your hairstyle can beat the purpose of your dressing sense as well as truly show the world the real you. This is why it is better to pay more heed to your everyday clothes and to style your outfit correctly if you have a man bun.

What To Keep In Mind While Styling a Man Bun?

It's a good idea to groom your bun alongside your outfit. This helps to properly merge the components of your style choices for all occasions. There are a few commonalities in all man buns, however:


  • Make sure your hair reaches at least your shoulder
  • Choose quality hair products according to the texture of your mane
  • Go for regular trims
  • Pick the right accessories
  • Style your bun according to the occasion
  • Don't forget to experiment

Man Bun Outfit Ideas

Man buns look really good with certain outfits. We have handpicked some of the trendiest and  most popular ones for you to rock with your fabulous bun:

Vintage Jackets

There are few staples in fashion that are as irresistible as vintage jackets. Nothing beats their nostalgic look and comfortable fit. The best part about them is that they can be paired with any item of clothing and practically any fabric—denim, cotton, you name it—and still, look like the classiest garb in the room.


Get This Jacket For Just $269.00


A fine example would be our Distressed Maroon Red Vintage Genuine Leather Jacket with Front Zipper Closure. It rocks the most enticing of maroon colors, has a sturdy hundred percent polyester finish, and will stand out with anything, from thrift store sneakers to Gucci jeans.

Fringe Blazers

Fringed jackets are perhaps a necessity for any boho-themed closet. However, even if you don't want to go for a total hipster vibe, these leather jackets for men are some of the edgiest outfits to go with your man bun.

They may be a bit too experimental for the likes of some people, but we think they truly match the bold and daring aura of growing your locks as a dude.  


Get This Jacket For Just $265.00

 Donning our luxurious blazer that reeks of ethereal country perfection, you could be the muse Taylor Swift wrote "Cowboy Like Me" about.  It marries the individualism of fringy wear with the classic country Texan vibe—just the right concoction for your man bun to stand out even more from the top of your head.

 As you can see, the jacket is embellished with wonderful fringes all over its chest, hemline, and pockets, with bright red stripes beautifully contrasting its grayish hue. In fact, you can even pair it with our gorgeous twenty-dollar leather skin hat if you are having a lousy bun day!

Military Designs

There are many great items to choose from when it comes to clothes that draw inspo from our men in uniform—camouflage, combat, and so on. They are especially helpful when you want to give off a tough guy aura.


Get This Jacket For Just $285.00

Depending on the design, the air a military outfit gives off oscillates between sturdy gear to glossy leather garments.

Military outfits don't always haveto be khaki, however. Take our NWT Stylish Black Men Military Genuine Leather Jacket with green Sleeves as an example—it is modern, ultra-trendy, and straight out of an army Sci-fi movie!

Fur Collars

Fur collared clothing used to be very popular in the 1980s and has been reclaiming its throne epicenes over the past few years.  It proves that men's fashion need not be oozing with toughness to win over the general public’s approval. Wearing something with a fuzzy collar is going to give you a gently rebellious vibe, much in line with the general perception of man buns.


Get This Jacket For Just $295.00

Plus, let's be legit. Any sane person will have to compromise on style for cozy warmth. But don't worry, our fur collared jackets are as functional as they are funky. With them, you won't have to worry about looking like your Grandma dressed you for Christmas. 

Our favorite white fur-collared leather jacket will keep you warm in freezing winters while never once compromising on your cool look. It comes with shiny buttons, a belted soft collar, and the sleekest style you could have in cold weather. 

Bright Vests

Vests don't have to be boring. They can, in fact, become statement outfits with just a hint of color. Plus, they're suitable for all sorts of man buns, from semi formal to messy.


Get This Vest For Just $249.00

 Our groovy cowskin leather vests are reminiscent of the classic X-Men uniform. They are a fitting look for those men who aren't afraid to embrace that they stand out from the usual crowd.

In addition, it boasts padded shoulder support so that you can work hard all day long without being hindered by fatigue.

We do recommend that you balance out the bright colors of this jacket with more discrete bottoms and accessories.

Long Coats

Biker jackets are never going to go out of style. However, it is about time we implement the massive cultural impact of The Matrix franchise and Neo's signature long black coat look in the leather jack industry—what better place to start than biker coats?


Get This Jacket For Just $395.00

We can see long biker coats achieving soaring popularity in the future. They have a mysteriously bold aesthetic and go well with the man bus.

Our daring long black coat is great for men with man buns as it will be your sturdy day-to-day outfit while boosting the bold aura that your hairstyle has imparted to you. Imagine riding a bike in the middle of the night at 70 miles per hour! Sounds super fun, right?

Suede Jackets

Suede can instantly add an expensive feel to any outfit. The same goes for men's leather jackets—if you want to soften your look without compromising on your masculinity, a suede jacket is exactly what you need in your closet.


Get This Jacket For Just $265.00

Sadly, finding the right kind of suede at an affordable price can be challenging. You don't have to worry, though, because we have found the perfect product for you—our tan suede jacket reeks of the trademark exquisiteness of suede fabric. Its rich finish is accentuated by silver zippers that give it a groovier look. Nothing gets classier than a sleek bun paired with a suede jacket!

Spikes And Studs

In case you have a concert to go to or have just  been feeling particularly adventurous, you should go for heavily decorated leather jackets. These designs show your playful, cheeky side and make you come off as a confident individual.


Get This Jacket For Just $325.00

Our Marlon Brando jacket will etch your style in people's memory for sure. It's perfect for a night out and will work well with a semi-formal or carefree bun.

Other than casual outings, the jacket is also great for biking and other outdoor activities. Its zigzag front is proof that the wearer isn't afraid of taking risks. Just the right outfit for a free, fashionable soul!

Why Is Leather Such A Good Outfit Option For Man Buns?

Man buns are one brave fashion move, but then again, so is leather, in all its sturdy glory.  Both share a wide degree of versatility, as there are so many varieties to choose from among both of them.

Men's leather jackets, like man buns, are the epitome of practicality. From extreme weather conditions of severe cold and dust storms to long hours of work, you can always rely on a leather jacket. The same goes for man buns—if you have long hair and need to be out and about, they're your best option.

Both man buns and jackets can be easily accessorized with all sorts of things. You can tie your hair with bright colored rubber bands at concerts and hangouts, the same way you can wear something funky with your jacket. Or maybe just get a bright-colored coat yourself.

In addition, a lot of people forget that man buns aren't something new—East Asians have rocked them for centuries now. Therefore, they aren't a random Pinterest fad that's just going to disappear in a couple of years. It should be recognized as the all-rounder hairstyle it is, just like leather jackets for men are all rounding tops.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, fashion preferences  come down to a person's private tastes. Thankfully, we live in an age where all sorts of self-expression is slowly becoming accepted without much discrimination.

We hope our ideas will inspire you to revamp your wardrobe. Don't forget to check out the rest of our catalogue to come up with some unique combinations! Who knows, you could spark the next big fashion movement on Insta!

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