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Leather is the most demanding, stylish, and attractive costume, both for men and women, today. It has a royal and luxurious appearance. To differentiate between real and fake leather, one must have a good sense of identification. In choosing real leather, one should consider the following factors:

Leather is fashionable, long-lasting, and resistant to wear, pressure, and damage.

In addition to being wind-breaking and water-resistant, leather provides valuable protection for motorcyclists.

Leather is a durable and timeless material. We can expect it to last a long time.

After reading this article, you will be able to differentiate between real leather and fake leather. You will also be able to easily identify the quality of the leather jacket you are wearing. 

What is genuine or real leather?

Before going forward, we must understand what is genuine or real leather. A leather product will be stamped as genuine leather, top-grain leather, or full-grain leather when purchased. This indicates that the leather used in this product is derived from animal hides. It may not be the best leather, but genuine leather is derived from animal hides.

Types of Leather

Steerhides or Cowhides: Cattle raised for food consumption are steers, whereas cowhides are lighter in weight. Their bellies are more relaxed. Cowhides are the best for making leather jackets.  They are extremely durable and long-lasting.

Buckskin: This type of leather is lighter in weight but a very stiff material. When wet, it becomes very supple. It is also known as deerskin leather. This leather is soft and supple. It was popularized by Native Americans and American frontier cultures.

Sheepskin: It is incredibly expensive since it is made from the soft, smooth skin of the young sheep. The sheepskin offers warmth and protection from harsh winter winds.

Calfskin: Calfskin is highly prized for its softness, fine grain, and durability.

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Check Leather Quality Criteria

When shopping for leather, it is important to consider several factors. The quality of real leather must be carefully considered. You should remember the purpose for which you intend to purchase the jacket. You should consider whether you will buy it to ride on a motorcycle or for other purposes. It is important to decide whether you will purchase steerhide/cowhide, buckskin, calfskin, or sheepskin leather. All these factors need to be considered to buy the best quality.

Let us examine each step to determine whether a leather jacket is genuine or fake. You can also determine the quality of the leather by examining these steps. 

Leather type

The first step is to determine the type of leather you need. It is essential to understand the characteristics of each type of leather. These details are useful to select the best jacket. Some jackets are soft, thick, or hard and thin. We have already discussed several types of leather previously. 

Touch Test


You should always test the quality of leather before you buy it by touching it. When you touch the leather jacket, you will feel it is soft and flexible, with a grainy feel.

When you run your finger across the faux leather jacket, you will notice that the faux leather is not highly stretchable, compared to real leather. Genuine leather feels warm, while faux leather feels cool. Real leather has a smooth touch, which makes it easy to compare to fake leather.

Check the Label


The most obvious way to determine whether the leather is real or fake is to examine its quality. The word "synthetic or polyester" on a product indicates it is not made from real leather. 

Price Tag Speaks

In terms of price, you should check the price of the jacket you intend to purchase. A real leather jacket is more costly, while a fake leather jacket is not so expensive. It is impossible to find genuine leather at low prices if you are looking for real leather.

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Smell Test

Leather has a distinctive smell; it has a natural and organic smell, while faux leather has a chemical and plastic smell. Consumers are more likely to purchase real leather because of its attractive and addictive smell. The smell of real leather is unique and lasts a lifetime. The odor of real leather is meaty, as it is a natural product derived from an organic source. It is the distinctive odor of the animal hide that makes it easy to distinguish leather from other materials. The term faux leather refers to a synthetic material that is either odorless or has an artificial odor similar to plastic or chemicals.

Look for the Pores


Leather jackets are made from hides that contain special pores. Leather jackets and other leather products are made from these animals because they have pores on their skin. The jacket will be authentic if these pores can be seen on it.

Keenly check the Texture


Because the jacket is made up of natural materials, it has a texture full of grains. The jacket retains the full grain pattern of the steer hide. The pattern is plain, smooth, and unique with a single variation. Fake leather, on the other hand, is made of synthetic chemicals and plastic, so its pattern is asymmetrical. Be sure to examine the pattern carefully before purchasing the jacket. The texture of real leather will not be uniform and will contain imperfections. Synthetic leather's surface is regular and uniform.

Check the Borders

Whether a jacket is made from real leather or fake leather can be determined by its borders. Real leather has uneven and bristly edges, whereas fake leather does not. Contrary to real leather, faux leather has a definite and smooth finish. Genuine leather jackets have rough edges, as well as natural flaws and imperfections. Knowing this will help you buy a genuine leather jacket.

Ordeal by Fire


This method of checking leather jackets is highly risky and should not be used under normal circumstances. If you wish to take this test, you must possess a leather jacket. Plastic derived from petroleum is used to produce synthetic leather, which is flammable. Whenever you light a lighter close to the border of a faux jacket, it will catch fire easily. Real leather is highly resistant to fire since it is made from natural animal leather rather than from chemical substances. 

Check the Weight

Weighing is an indication of the quality of the leather. Genuine leather jackets are very heavy since they are made of natural skin, such as cowhide or sheepskin. Synthetic leather is artificial and therefore light in weight, since it is not a natural material. Keep the weight factor in mind when purchasing a real leather jacket.

Twister Test

When you are looking for real leather, twist the leather nicely. When twisted, the real leather jacket changes color and acquires wrinkles, which means it is the original. Alternatively, if after twisting it does not change color and there is no alteration, it is made up of chemicals. A blue jacket, for example, which does not alter its color when twisted, is faux leather. Real leather is more flexible and can easily be bent when twisted.

Water Test

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to distinguish real leather from imitation. Simply drop a water droplet on the leather surface and wait for it to dry. The leather is authentic if moisture is absorbed into it and a dark patch is produced. The leather will not be genuine if the water cannot be absorbed and remains on the surface. To conduct this test, it is essential to understand that leather is made up of countless small pores. The pores absorb moisture in the same manner as the pores in wood. Leather jackets absorb liquids, while synthetic jackets don't. Faux leather may absorb liquid to some extent but not fully.


Real leather's long lasting nature is due to its composition of organic skin of animals, as opposed to the chemical and synthetic materials of faux leather, which is manufactured. This is why it is not long lasting and deteriorates quickly. Faux leather is incompatible with the environment and cannot withstand cold temperatures. Genuine leather is highly resistant to the rigid environment, which is why it is the best choice for those who ride bicycles.

Easy Adaptability

Because it is made of natural and organic materials, original leather is easier to modify and repair. Unlike natural leather, synthetic leather cannot be embellished or repaired because it is a machine-made material.


Since real leather is naturally absorbent, it is more difficult to clean, since the pores are likely to incorporate moisture and dirt, making it more difficult to remove. Professional leather cleaners or DIY leather conditioners can be used to remove dirt and moisture. Learn more about how to clean and wash your leather jacket.

Faux leather is easier to maintain due to its smooth surface. To clean faux leather, various synthetic leather cleaners are available on the market that are gentle on the material and prevent it from cracking and peeling.


Real leather is the superior material in every way when it comes to leather. Only real leather can provide the durability and appearance of leather. When it comes to outerwear made from leather, real leather is the preferred material. On the other hand, faux leather is a cheaper yet less durable imitation of real leather. In the manufacture of sofas, vehicle seats, and other types of furniture, faux leather is commonly used. In contrast, outerwear is less important.

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