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With a huge variety of leather jackets available online and in-stores, there is no shortage of options when it comes to buying a leather jacket. But the truth is not all of us can buy high-end brands like Dunhill or All Saint leather jackets that might cost a kidney.

So why not go with an affordable custom leather jacket that provides matchable quality without breaking the bank? I know, you must be thinking, but custom leather jackets are pretty expensive, and there’s no way I can order them at an affordable price.

But that’s where you are wrong!

Because we at Leatherskinshop offer quality and affordability at the same time while creating custom leather jackets that fit your body and your wishes perfectly.

But how do we do it? What’s the process, and how can you order an exclusive custom leather jacket for yourself or your loved ones?

Keep reading as in this guide, I will show you how a custom leather jacket outperforms an off-the-rack jacket in every aspect.

We will also talk about getting your own customized leather jacket in easy steps at leatherskinshop.

Customize your Own Leather Jacket With Leatherskinshop

Having a perfectly fitted and great-looking leather jacket is a worthy investment you can make for your wardrobe. Now the thing is that humans come in all shapes and sizes. Add in the unique personality types, and there is no one-size-fits-all leather jacket in the market. A leather jacket that may complement a teenage boy may not work best for a middle-aged man.

And that’s the reason why we, at leatherskinshop, started our own custom leather jacket line to facilitate our customers of every age, gender, and profession according to their unique personalities and requirements. Whether it be biker leather jackets or quilted leather jackets, we have it all for women and men.

Outshine Everyone with Our Customer Leather Jacket- Step to Step Guide

Fed up with those ill-fitted off-the-rack leather jackets that don’t fit you at all? Or maybe you want a specific design or color leather jacket that isn’t available anywhere? Well, not to worry, as we are here to make your day with our custom leather jacket services.

Here at leatherskinshop, our primary focus is to make your inspirations and dream designs come true. Thanks to our expert designers and crafters, each and every one of our custom leather jackets meets off-the-rack the highest quality standards that we strive to follow.

Ready to order your first custom leather jacket and stand out wherever you go?

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to ordering the jacket that will turn heads.

1. Share the Image With Us

Share image


Don’t hesitate to share the picture of the leather jacket you love if you want us to make the same design for you. It will help us get an idea of what design and material you want, and we can work from there. You can also let us know about any tweaks you wish to make in the design you uploaded, and we will take care of it. Attach the photo in this section, and let us make your dream jacket come to life.

2. Customize Your Leather Jacket Yourself

It’s just like playing that dress-up game we used to love in childhood, but this time, it’s for real. Isn’t that so cool? Here, you can design a jacket you have always wanted. There is no limitation of color, leather material, designing, etc., so unleash your creativity, and let’s work together to create the bespoke masterpiece that truly represents your unique personality.

Customize your leather jacket by following these simple steps:

  • Choose the Color

Choose the color


The most obvious choices for leather jackets are either black or brown. But with a custom leather jacket, you have the power to choose any color leather jacket from red and yellow to blue and green- there is no restriction. The color choice depends on what look you are trying to achieve and where you will wear your custom leather jacket. We have a detailed guide about which leather jacket to choose according to your personality that can help you get started. Go for vibrant colors like red, yellow, or maroon custom leather jackets for a trendier and out-of-the-box look. If you want to play it safe, black and brown leather jackets are your best bet.

  • Choose the Leather Type

Choose leather type


You can not underestimate the type of leather you choose for your custom leather jacket. Each leather type has its unique characteristics with a particular texture and grain. At leatherskinshop, we always provide you with top-quality genuine leather that is durable, soft, and lightweight.

Let’s explore some options:

  • Suitable Leather

If you choose this option, we will select the best available leather for your custom leather jacket according to the requirements. Some leather types are suitable for a particular leather style and our expert designers will take care of all of it if you choose this option.

  • Sheep Leather

Sheepskin leather


Choose lambskin or sheep leather if you want a custom leather jacket that is softest, lightweight, and feels like a kiss of wind. However, you must keep in mind that this type of leather is thin compared to cowhide or deerskin leather. Lambskin leather is famous for its texture and softness as it is made from the leather of young sheep.

  • Cowhide Leather

Cowhide leather


We recommend Cowhide leather jacket protection and durability are your main priorities. Cowhide leather comes from cows and is the product of the cattle-meat industry. It is widely known for its waterproof qualities and thick, robust, and dirt-resistant qualities, making it a popular choice for leather jackets of all types.

  • Choose Lining Color

Choose lining color


Choosing a suitable linen material is as important as the outer leather material. The lining should be able to give you a comfortable feel and warmth so you can truly relish the feeling of your custom leather jacket. Spending lavishly on lather material while neglecting the inner lining is not a wise decision because a cheap quality inner lining will destroy the amazing experience of wearing your high-quality custom leather jacket. You can also choose different lining colors in this step and create a beautiful combination with your outer leather material.

  • Choose Hardware Color

Choose hardware color


Let's admit that the color and material of leather are all too important, but we cannot deny the importance of Jacket Hardware, AKA the detailing to make or break the look. The right kind of detailing can give your custom leather jacket a cool vibe and make it look all the trendier. You can choose the center zipper, pocket zippers according to the style and design of your leather jacket. At Leatherskinshop, we have top-quality zippers available in different colors, so choose the one that goes best with your jacket style.

  • Choose Studs

Choose studs for leather jacket


This is an optional step to customize your leather jacket. If you are into pop culture and want to spice up your look, adding studs on your custom leather jacket is the best way to go. Choose from our trendy and high-quality studs available in different colors. After choosing your desired studs, leave a note in the description box to let us know where to place the studs. You can select 3 types of studs to be customized on your leather jacket.

  • Choose Embroidery

Choose embroidery for leather jacket


After you are done choosing a color, studs, hardware, and leather material, it's time to decide whether or not you want embroidery on your custom leather jacket. Our expert artisans design intricate embroideries by bringing your design to life. You can include a logo, your name, or any type of design to be embroidered on your jacket to personalize it further. The choice is yours. If you don't want any type of embroidery, just click the ‘’no embroidery’’ button and move on.

3. Select Size for Custom Leather Jacket

Select size of your jacket


A great custom leather jacket is the one that fits your body perfectly. Many people opt for custom leather jackets because of the size and stitching issues.

At leatherskinshop, we have tailors that are masters of their art and provide high-quality stitching and fitting for your customized leather jackets. But to have a rightly-fitted jacket, you must provide the right measurements to achieve that sleek and smart look. Check out our size chart that includes both US and UK size measurements. We also have a helpful video to help you take the right measurements at home.

Leatherskinshop- Your One-stop-shop for Custom Leather Jacket

The leather jacket market is pretty saturated, and no doubt there are many manufacturers offering custom leather jacket services. LeatherSkinshop has been serving customers across the globe with the finest quality jackets, whether they are made-to-measure or off-the-rack jackets. We have the largest collection of leather jackets, but if you want your own design, we are here to make the process easier for you.

Here’s why you should choose leatherskinshop as your one-stop shop for custom leather jackets.

Perfect Fit

Most ready-to-wear leather jackets are mass-produced, and manufacturers try to follow the standard measurements targeted towards a wide demographic. But we know that not all bodies are made equally, and so there’s no way a uniform size will fit everyone perfectly. At leatherskinshop, we offer customization service to cater to your unique needs as humans because we understand that what may work for one person might not be a perfect fit for another one. From stitching to sizing to detailing, we involve your every step of the way and create a masterpiece worth wearing for years to come.

Top-notch Construction

When something is produced on a large scale, it is understood that quality won't be up to par. And that is why people who prefer quality over everything else choose to go with a custom leather jacket. The construction of a leather jacket tends to tell the tale whether it's exclusively made or mass-produced. Made-to-measure leather jackets at the leatherskinshop scream quality construction by using the best available material from lather type to inner lining to zippers and studs; these bespoke jackets are the best investment.

Unlimited Variety

Has it ever happened to you that you like the jacket’s design, but your preferred color is not available? That's the problem many of us face with ready-to-wear jackets. But with our tailored leather jacket, we have solved this problem for you as you can easily add personalized details or desired color or material to the designs you fancy. Now you can have complete control over the process and recreate your favorite leather jacket design any way you want. You can even gift it to your friends or loved ones by adding personalized notes or ordering the jacket in their favorite colors.

Unmatchable Quality

It’s no secret that something created over a long period of time and with proper attention to detail will surpass in quality compared to anything mass-produced. That’s another main advantage of buying a custom leather jacket from a leather skin shop. We give proper attention and time to every jacket and take care of even minor details. This allows us to create a top-of-the-line leather jacket that will be a true asset for your wardrobe.

The Last Words

It’s not necessary that a fancy-looking leather jacket must be the most comfortable one. So why not invest in style and comfort by ordering a custom leather jacket at leatherskinshop. That way, you don't have to compromise on elegance, perfect fit, or comfort. Instead, you can have all of it in one custom leather jacket exclusively made for you. And all of this while staying within the budget. Isn’t that so cool? Grab your own custom leather at leatherskinshop before we raise the prices soon.

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