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As soon as winters hit and the temperature gets colder, it becomes challenging to grab the warmest coat and look stylish at the same time. Style is important for all, men and women. There are different coat styles that are warm enough and also provide a luxury look.  These coats are bound to make the chilly season the chicest season.

You are at the right place to choose the coats from. Leather Skin Shop has got your back with amazing leather coats that are definitely something you would want in your wardrobe.

Beauty in Black- Trench coat for women

Trench coat is an essential kind of coat that all women MUST have in their wardrobe. They have been one of the classic coats used over the decades but are still stylish. And if you look thoroughly, you would realize that all actors and models own them.

Women Dark Brown Quilted Leather Coat
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If you talk about styling this black leather trench coat, then you can go for the following combinations:

  • You can either wear them on skin fitted Jeans with shoes
  • You can keep the buttons open and style this coat with a white or red sweater underneath
  • Heading over to a party? Wear this black trench coat on your dress paired with high heels and a nice clutch purse. You are all set to pull this look and be the centre of attention.

You can add colors to make the look pop and bright. Boom! You look elegant and cool for your occasion.                                                   

Fur coat for women- wear luxury

Fur coats have been used since historic times. They were specifically used to keep people warm in the icy weather. Nowadays, they are a symbol of fashion, luxury, and wealth. Fur coats are made from animal furs. There are different types of fur coats. These include mink fur, fox fur, chinchilla fur, rabbit fur, cocoon fur, etc.

According to your luxury preference, you can buy the one that best suits you. There are many fur coat styles which may include a hood or not. Some fur coats can be long, while others are short. Talking about luxury and a fashionable coat, this fur coat shall be your ultimate choice.

Stylish Women's Fur Leather Jacket

To style this coat, you can have a complete look with:

  • Leather boots with fur on the top
  • Skinny Jeans
  • You can add a muffler too, of the fur color

You can even wear this leather coat on a dress, short or long. This will give a classy and fashionable look for any evening party with a pop of color. (Wow!) Your look is unmatchable.

This makes up a perfect, luxurious style. You can go in an elite class function and have a look that distinguishes you from others.

Red leather- Wrap and belted coat for women

Want to go to an evening party in winter? We have got your back. If you are willing to wear a gown out of the house in chilly winters, this red leather wrap and belted coat is a great choice to go with. It has extra material in the front that allows to cover and tie a belt. The belt is made from a thick material that gives shape to the body and a perfect feminine look.

If you are looking for something that is unique and has a different style; red leather wrap and belted coat is the choice you should make. It is a perfect example of a cozy, comfortable, yet one of the most stylish looks to be carried.

Moreover, this coat has black sleeves, which gives a nice combination and helps you in pulling a chic, trendy look.

Leather Skin Women Red With Black Sleeves Genuine Leather Coat

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To have a perfectly stylish and luxurious look, you can style it with:

  • Long boots or heels
  • A black tee-shirt, or a high neck in very cold weather
  • A decent necklace piece

You are ready to flaunt this sexy attire with a body fitting. You are definitely the head Turner wherever you go. Red and black never go wrong.

What are you waiting for? Go and invest in this amazing coat that is a perfect fit for every season.

Brown classic Leather coat for men

Leather is a material that always gives a sense of luxury and immense fashion. Men often prefer going for more style and fashion. There are several different coat styles; however, this plain coat never goes out of fashion. It has a design of its own that speaks for itself. If we talk about sophistication with simplicity, the brown classic leather coat is all about it.

 Men Brown Genuine Leather Coat With Plain Lining

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It has a buttoned down design with pockets on the side that gives it a class of its own. If you want to have a complete look with this, you can pair it with:

  • Black Jeans
  • Chinos or khaki colored loafers
  • Boots can be worn too on a chilly day
  • While full sleeves t-shirt

You are all set to be the centre of attraction in any place. Just grab the coat and put it on. It is a simple design but still looks good than many of the fancy coats.

Do not wait, and pick your classic coat.

Tada. You are ready to rule the world.

Men's Army Green Leather coat

Men’s Army Green Leather Coat

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Some Men are looking for something that gives them a masculine look. This Green Army leather coat is the perfect choice for them.

The aesthetic look that it has is what makes it worth spending in. The khaki green color is appealing yet unique. It is one of the most sexy coats that can lift up your style game.

Button up this dapper coat and look regal. This will make you look classy without any special efforts.

You can pair it up with leather boots, and you are all set to hit a semi-formal event. This piece of Leather will give you a luxurious and wealthy look.


Concluding, above is the list of different coat styles that one can choose from. Coats and jackets are special kinds of outfits or uppers that are necessary for all. These all are a perfect depiction of luxury and style. Every individual must have a coat in their wardrobe, especially those who constantly battle with wind, rain, and snow.

Now you don't have to wander to find the best place for coats. Leather skin shop is the correct place to find luxurious leather coats that are perfect for all events.  You can opt for the one that best suits your wants and need.

 Style in the most perfect manner. From going out in the rain casually to a trendy puffer, if you want a luxury look, go for fur coats. While if you want a fashionable, chic look, trench coats, wrap and belted coats, etc., are good to go.  You have a wide range of choices at Leather Skin Shop that can give you the trendiest look to go out with. What are you waiting for? Invest in a good coat, and you are all set to rule the winter season.

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