by Jennifer Smith June 09, 2021 5 min read

Leather jackets are evergreen fashion pieces. You don’t have to be of a particular age or a gender to sport a leather jacket. Leather jackets are so versatile that they can be fit for any occasion, any time of the year. Like most outerwears, you do not have to wait all the year for autumn and winter to come to put on your favourite leather jacket.

Although leather jackets have been a trending fashion for so long but still with changing fashion trends, you can get confused about how to wear a leather jacket. What outfit will go with which style of leather jacket, the best colour to choose, etc. All of this can get overwhelming when you are standing at your wardrobe and staring at it and have no clue what to put on for the night out.

You do not have to stress yourself out and go crazy deciding what to wear. We have got you covered. Here are some of the best ways you can style a leather jacket easily without worrying about your pocket. You are sure to rock each of these simple yet elegant looks.

1. Night out with a black belted leather jacket

Katherine Black Belted Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets have become an ongoing fashion essential because the fashion gurus are continuously showing their love for them, and this trend is going on and on. A casual night out with friends can be easily covered by styling this leather jacket with your outfit.

This black leather jacket is the best thing you will ever own. It is stylish, bold and yet toned down and not too over the top, making it an ideal choice for everyday and casual wear. The design has a very feminine touch to it as well, and the bold features together make you look like one strong headed women.

This jacket can easily be paired with any denim and a simple tee. You can also wear it closed up if the weather calls for this or let it drape open. Open up your hair or tie them up, both will look classic. For the shoes, you can wear sneakers for a casual look or leather boots for a bolder look.

2.   Go stylish with a burgundy leather jacket with a grey hood

Burgundy Leather Jacket With Gray Hood

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Your wardrobe is incomplete if you do not own a leather jacket. Leather jackets can be carried throughout the year. And this chic jacket here is one such piece that will add poise and charisma to your personality all year round. Don’t get fooled by the grey hood, thinking of it as winter wear only! The best thing about this piece is that the grey hood is detachable, making it a choice to be worn or not.

This jacket is the perfect wear for your date nights or a semi-formal gathering. The jacket has been designed with great details and will make you stand out in the crowd wherever you go. Moreover, it will add glamour to any of your outfit and make you look like a celeb.

The two tones in the jacket make it compatible to be worn with a number of colours. A basic white tee and black denim will go perfect with this. However, you can play with the colours as per your choice.  Heeled maroon boots will make the look complete and perfect.

3. Rock the elegance with this dark brown quilted leather coat

Women Dark Brown Quilted Leather Coat

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This dark brown coloured leather long coat is the epitome of magnificence, elegance and class. This long leather coat has been designed to perfection to be worn on multiple occasions, both casual as well as formal.

Give a boost to your personality by styling this stunning dark brown leather coat. Considering its length, you might ask yourself questions like how to wear leather jacket that is long? So here is the complete guide to wear this elegant piece of leather.

This leather coat can be worn buttoned down with your everyday jeans and walking shoes for your everyday look. If you want to get a professional and formal look, then you can pair it over a dress or a skirt with heels or boots, and you are good to go.

This coat is best for crisp and chilled days when you want to stay warm but look stylish and graceful at the same time. Get this coat and stop worrying about what to wear on any occasion. Simply grab the coat on your way out, and you will be looking your best for any occasion with this coat on.

4. Create an impression with a decent black leather jacket

Decent Black Leather Jacket

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The life of your wardrobe is your leather jacket that can go along with almost all of your outfits. If you cannot have multiple jackets, then you should own one versatile leather jacket that can go with all. For such a case, this decent leather jacket is the perfect solution.

This minimalist, simple yet elegant and classy leather jacket is the solution to all your leather jacket questions. It is impressive, stylish, cool and comfortable and can go spot on with anything you wear. You can wear this jacket for a casual look or an informal gathering, and you will surely be in the limelight of the event.

Moccasins, sneakers or joggers can be worn underneath to complete the look, depending on the occasion you are heading for. On a cold day, you can wear it buttoned up, while on other days, you can wear it open. Pump up your fashion level and grace using this jacket to style up your looks.

5. How to wear leather jacket that is brown in colour and is quilted?

Justin Dark Brown Quilted Leather Jacket

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A brown leather jacket…hmm… an interesting colour, isn’t it? Brown colour like black is a versatile colour and can go with most of the outfits. This quilted brown leather jacket is the pinnacle of finesse and class.

This jacket is the perfect wear for a formal as well as an informal dinner or gathering. You can also style it for a casual look by pairing it with some casual ribbed denim and sneakers.

6. Add grace to your look with this army green leather coat

Men’s Army Green Leather Coat

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Who does not admire the poise, class, and elegance of army personnel? You can also get the same grace and jaw-dropping look by styling this green army leather coat. If you want to turn the attention of everyone at your next informal dinner, then this is the perfect jacket to style.

To get a more regal look, you can pair this jacket with some fine denim jeans and leather boots. This look is sure to draw a lot of attention. The masculinity added with poise, finesse and grace is the perfect combo you can get from a leather jacket.


Leather jackets are an essential piece of your wardrobe. If you want your wardrobe to be celeb worthy, you must have a nice collection of leather jackets in your wardrobe. Styling a leather jacket can sometimes be a bit tricky, and if not paired with the right outfit, it can make you look like a disaster. So here is the perfect guide for you to style leather jackets and add grace to your personality.

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