by Jennifer Smith August 05, 2019 4 min read

Let’s be honest – at some point in our life, we all had the leather jacket spell.

Be it our first date with the new guy at school, or the concert of our favorite rock band – the leather jacket was our go-to outfit for every event we wanted to look good for. Such is the power of this classic piece that it can be worn at any occasion and still fit in perfectly.

The leather jacket is an all-season outerwear


Whatever your age, personal style, body type, or the weather outside is – a leather jacket is the one clothing article that you can never go wrong with. This timeless classic is a piece that has been favored by some of our classiest, most stylish fashion girls and boys.

Even though a century has passed since its conception, a traditional leather jacket is just as much a part of high fashion, if not more, as it was when it first walked the runway.

One piece of clothing – countless ways to style it

One of the reasons why this outerwear has been so fashionable throughout the ages is because of its versatility. In a mere instant, a leather jacket can glam up a look or dress it down – depending on what you pair it with. But even with this ease of styling it with different outfits, at times even the feistiest fashionista can be in a slump about wearing a leather jacket in ways that make the most out of it.

Read on to garner some fashion inspiration and learn of the latest ways to wear a leather jacket.You will come across some of the most popular yet most fashionable ways to wear your leather jacket below and be showered in compliments every time you step out. Let’s begin.

Raid your boyfriend’s closet for a sexy, powerful look

There is an aura of utter fascination around a woman who confidently wears men’s clothing. She surely can take your breath away.

Ladies have been borrowing pieces from the wardrobes of the men in their life throughout history. Be it a cute and groovy baker’s boy hat or a warm coat around a lady’s petite shoulders after dinner date – frequently, women pull off men’s clothing better than men themselves can!

The same rule can often apply when it comes to leather jackets. It is almost as if a ribbed, quilted, or otherwise textured men’s biker leather jacket is a piece of outerwear that all females have an inherent ability to pull off perfectly. So the next time you are in a fashion pinch, ladies, make a quick swoop through your boyfriend’s closet (or buy your own, from the Leather Skin Shop) and find a black biker jacket that screams authority.

If you are feeling exceptionally bold, then bring out the Bad Girl Sandy from Grease. Pair this assertive outerwear with some sexy black skinny jeans and a low cut, black cropped top. Finish the look with the iconic high heeled red pumps and get ready to live your life in style!

Dramatically embellished leather jackets are all about that rocker aesthetic

How can we forget rock and roll when talking about leather jackets? Our favorite piece of versatile outerwear has a rich history – and much of it is associated with the rock and roll sensations of the late 20th century.

Rockstars such as Blondie, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, and Joan Jett played essential roles in propagating the leather jacket trend. In fact, Blondie and Joan Jett were one of the first females to claim the previously male-dominated outfit and add studs and pins of their own to give it a more feminine touch.

For a chic rocker statement, drape this heavily embellished women’s leather jacket around your shoulders before stepping out into the evening. Wear a loose, basic white t-shirt underneath and pair it with raw denim for a casual, every day look.

Play around with the brown

When you want to make a personal fashion statement, sometimes it is worth it to play around. A leather jacket does not always have to be black. You can add just as much pizzaz and swagger with a tan or brown leather jacket that you can with a black one.

Most people believe that any leather jacket other than the classic black is a chore to style in a casual look. But you know, with the Leather Skin Shop here to guide you, nothing is ever hard.

A casual, brown leather jacket manages to give you the personality and the character that the bad-ass black often fails. A brown leather jacket sends out the message that you are a confident individual, who is not trying to make up for anything by being edgy. You are unapologetically yourself and a genuine person.

The best way to style this wholesome leather jacket is to wear it with some relaxed jeans, a loose-fitting t-shirt on top, and some classic ankle boots on your feet. Conversely, you can wear a leather jacket with a basic, light-colored t-shirt, some bold chinos, and sneakers for a look that takes the streets by storm. Add in a warm beanie if you are feeling adventurous.

Channel the rebel biker inside of you

What could be better than wearing the timeless classic the OG way? Though there have been a plethora of different versions of the traditional leather jacket designed since the style gained popularly, we doubt anything will ever surpass the magnificence of the original biker jacket. Out of all the ways to wear a leather jacket, this one remains our personal favorite to this day.

To pay tribute to the iconic character of Marlon Brando in The Wild One, you will want to pair this impeccable design with a white t-shirt and some faded jeans. Add some chunky trainers to give an entire look a modern touch, and you are good to go!

The final word

Sometimes, no matter what outfit you choose, it just will not make sense. With a closet full of the trendiest clothes, you will have nothing to wear. But with the Leather Skin Shop backing you up, you never again have to worry about being stuck in such a rut. With our expert fashion advice and a variety of leather jacket options available at our online store, you will be strutting in style throughout every occasion.

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