by Jennifer Smith June 03, 2020 5 min read

So, you wake up on a bright sunny day, hear the birds chirping with exuberance. You do a little morning stretching and wonder,

“Oomph! This June, heat is killing me, ugh!”

But, it leads you to cast eyes on calendar, and there you see a marked date: 21 June, circled with a bold black sharpie.

It’s like a light bulb goes in your head, a mild shock passing through your body. Of course, the father’s day is approaching.

Oh, and of course, you’ve been so busy thinking of the perfect gift that you can’t make up your mind already!!

“Oh, what do I do? I need to think and act fast!!”

“‘Mission: find the ‘it’ gift for my old man’ undergoing!”

Rest assured, we are here to help you find your perfect father's day gift. Trust us; our suggestions are sure to reflect your immense love and admiration for the (not so old) forever hero of your life!

1. A snazzy bag for a classy dad!

Black and leather scream perfection. These two attributes are also the epitome of grace and elegance. What’s a better way to spoil your father a bit than gifting a goodly rich leather bag as a father’s day gift?

Manufactured to ooze immense comfort and finesse, the leather branded business shoulder bag is one of the best things you can gift to your father. Make him look like a true businessman as he flaunts exceptional designing.

Natural Leather Branded Versatile Business Briefcase Shoulder Bag For Men

Get this Briefcase for just $79.99

The fine cross-body is also a must-have for traveling, with enough space to carry laptops and notes as well.

It’s up to your father; they can make the immaculate gift a stylish cross-body or a simple traditional briefcase. A mixture of fashionable comfort, the cross-body will wow your father and make him feel most cherished by your thoughtful gift!

Want to gift more accessories to go along with this black beauty? Here’s how your father can rock this bag:

  • Black Button-down shirt
  • Formal Grey Pants
  • Exclusive Black Leather Wallet
  • Classic Black Oxfords

2. Leather Jacket as no one’s ever too old for fashion

You think leather jackets are only for the rebellious and mischievous youngsters?

Nah Nah Nah, you thought wrong.

After all, age is but a number. Fashion and class aren’t defined by age, right?

This takes us to our next topic: make your father a style icon. And what’s a better way to do this? Gift your father a versatile clay leather jacket!

Flamboyant Clay Leather Jacket With Mandarin Collar

Get this Jacket for just $199

Trust us when we say, this isn’t your typical leather jacket. Oh, no, no. This one isn’t for people who keep it ordinary. Well, that’s why we say, an extraordinary gift for an extraordinary father.

The appearance is a fresh, urban finesse, designing that shall never go out of fashion

And, warmth and comfort that makes your father feel at home, sipping on hot chocolate in the middle of snowy winters.

The zipped pockets and mandarin collar will make your father fall in love with this piece, believe us!

This is what we define as the best father’s day gift you can ever think of.

(We can already imagine your gleeful smile as you jot down this option on your list of possible gifts to buy!)

Let us also suggest how your father can pair this spectacular apparel:

  • Dark washed denim jeans
  • White Button Down
  • Burgundy Jodhpurs
  • Upscale Brown Leather Wallet

3. Feel the Western vibes in the air through a Hat

Y’all know what’s buzzing? Sure’nuff, it’s the Western vibes.

We say you get your father- as true Texas people say- “ready and rarin’ to go.”

Gift him a handmade outback leather cowboy hat and have him feelin’ like the happiest man alive!

The chic hat will let your father become the limelight of the gathering and the talk of the town real quick. From the fine shade of brown to the exquisitely velvety leather, your father’s comfort and fashion shall never be compromised. 

Men Handmade Dark Brown Hat Aussie Bush Cowboy Western Outback Leather Hat

Get this hat for just $139.99

Not only shall the hat boost their overall appearance, but let their inner charisma shine through even more.

Fashion knows no bounds.

So, y’ know what will make it even more of a blockbuster? Here are some summer tips you can maybe convey to your admirable father!

  • Plain Cotton Check Shirt
  • Dark Denim
  • Hooded Black Leather Vest
  • Leather Wallet with Coin and Card Pockets
  • Brown Double Monk Strap Leather Boots

4. A wallet for Sophistication at its peak

So, a lot of people don’t realize how important good wallets are. They define you, honestly. And, we believe, wallets are one of the best gifts you could give to anyone really.

Who wouldn’t want their fathers to carry their cards and money into something premium and iconic, right?!

Men Classical Style Genuine Leather Wallet With Threading Handiwork

Get this Wallet for just $49.99

Simplistically graceful with an abundance of urbane polish, the classical leather wallet with threading handiwork is a wonder!

Only the best for your best man, right?

From the unique appearance to the rich texture, the wallet is in for long useful life. Have your father ooze immense retro looks and rest assured, this design is timeless, never going out of fashion.

Your father is sure to leave charismatic impressions the minute he takes out the leather wallet to pay off bills, believe us!

Want to know how he can notch up his iconic image even more? Here’s how:

  • Grey Jeans
  • Plain Button Down
  • Brown Coat
  • Tan Suede Chukkas

5. It’s Always Shoe o’clock!

Good shoes take you great places. Plus, it’s no news flash, the power good shoes hold. Class. Elegance. Comfort. Durability. All great things, isn’t it?

Plus, we really believe that there isn’t anything like too many shoes. Want to win someone’s heart? Gift them shoes.

Also, growing up, it's our fathers, buying the best for us, while never taking enough care of themselves and their needs. Now that it’s time to pay tribute to their efforts, their limitless love and devotion to us, a pair of stylish and snug footwear is ideal, honestly.

That’s where we enter the Grey Chelsea Leather Boots to steal the limelight.

Men Gray Chelsea Suede Leather Boots

Get this Boots for just $199

Pleasing to the eye, light on the foot, these Chelsea boots are made to be long-lasting. The boots can be worn on numerous occasions too. From casual settings along with casual denim to formal occasions alongside a crisp three piece suit, take your pick!

Here’s how your father can adorn these classics and stride with happiness and pride (for having you as their child, duh!):

  • Plain Button Down
  • Grey Plaid Suit
  • Brown Leather Versatile Business Briefcase

SO gear up for the best gift to your dad from Leather Skin Shop. Use the Discount Code FATHERSDAY 2020 to avail a discount of $20 per sale starting from 13th June. Hurry up! This limited time offer will end on 22nd June.

Final Word

We sincerely hope that you’re not panicking so much and have prepared a decent list of narrowed down options.

We totally understand that selecting the ideal father's day gift can be daunting. It’s because the best man, our idol since childhood, deserves nothing but the best of everything, right?

Have no fear, though, for our suggestions have honestly been some of the most adored gifts, and we hope now when you set out for gift preparations, you know where to start from!

Happy father’s Day in advance, from us to all the wonderful fathers around the world!

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