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A leather jacket is an ultimate go-to item for the situations when you have a closet full of trendy clothes but “nothing to wear.” Whether it is a first date with the boy you met in the music store, an evening out with your closest girlfriends or even a semi-formal event such as meeting your boyfriend’s parents or a party at the workplace - a leather jacket will be your savior.

Leather Jackets- Your lifesaver!

This incredibly versatile piece of clothing can be worn with any outfit to achieve a distinct look. Available in a multitude of different colors, the leather outerwear can be cleverly incorporated into your ensemble, no matter what the occasion is.

But these different color leather jackets are usually costly. This is why they are often called an investment piece. Some high-end leather jacket stores are even selling luxurious styles of this ever-popular garment for upwards of a thousand dollars!

Making the right decisions when buying a leather jacket!

When you are spending so much of your hard-earned money on a single piece of clothing, you better make sure what you are buying is worth it. In the above paragraphs, we have already discussed how leather jackets are so versatile and can be worn with anything and everything. Combine that with the fact that these beauties can last you for decades to come with the correct storage and maintenance, and you already know that the leather jacket is a garment worth investing in.

But what color should you go for when buying a leather jacket? With so many different color leather jackets available in the market, it is easy to get confused as to which one will suit you the most.

To make this shopping experience simpler and to allow you to make a well informed and educated choice, we have compiled a list of three of the hottest different color leather jackets you will find in most stores that sell leather products. For each beautiful color, we have discussed why it would be best for some people and who should opt for that choice. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in and see what we have in store! However, if you don't find the color that attracts you the most in this guide, you can always choose your own color and hue by getting custom leather jacket by us.

The classic black leather jacket is always a safe option

Black Brando Quilted Genuine Sheep Skin Leather Jacket

      Whenever we talk or think about a leather jacket, a black, Marlin Brando style bad boy leather jacket is the first one to pop into our minds. Indeed, charcoal black is one of the most popular colors considered when shopping for leather jackets, and smartly so. There are countless reasons why black should be one of the first contestants that should make the list of the most flattering and wearable colors of leather jackets.

      When you are a leather jacket virgin, and it is your first time shopping for them, black is always a safe color. This classic color will suit any personality and any outfit and is super easy to be carried comfortably. It is a basic color that you can wear to any event without overthinking it.

      For your first-ever leather jacket, try on the above-quilted sheepskin leather jacket in black. This Brando style leather jacket makes you ready for the cold season in the trendiest of ways.

      On casual Wednesdays, pick a fabulous Barbie pink

        Pink Brando Genuine Leather Jacket

          Sometimes, you may want to bring out your inner feminine fashionista. For these occasions - and especially if it is a Wednesday - go ahead and pay a fabulous tribute to the most excellent chick flick ever. The above leather jacket in a beautiful Barbie pink is definitely something Regina George would approve of!

          A touch of pink in your outfit can accentuate your entire look in an instant. Get this futuristic Mean Girl look by copping the hip pink Brando genuine leather jacket, available only at the Leather Skin Shop!

          Match your favorite winter wear with your shoes

          Purple Star Silver Studs Quilted Genuine Leather Jacket

          If you already own a sexy black leather jacket, then it is time to play around with more risqué colors. For example, the above royally aubergine leather jacket with silver starry studs is just the right pick if you want to step out of your comfort zone just a little but still do not want to go all out. One thing that we at Leather Skin Shop have noticed to work all the time is matching these fun colored leather jackets with the color of the shoes you will be wearing.

          Doing so makes you look a lot more put together and goes well in a professional setting. So, if what you are looking for is winter outerwear for a work meeting, then a purple coat with purple shoes is what you should go for! This star-studded leather jacket is the perfect outerwear for the real star of the show!

          Now, get into those beautiful Byzantium pumps you had stowed away for a particular day, throw this beautiful, star-studded leather jacket around your shoulders, and let the world know that Barney is not the only one who can pull off this magical, royal hue so strikingly!

          Is there anything more fashionable than a contemporary style ivory leather jacket?

          White Combo Leather Jacket For Women

          If you have been keeping your eyes on the fashion scene lately, you already know how much of a pure hit white is. From chunky sneakers and cool vans, to compact clutches - and even watches and hair accessories - minimalistic white is what is ruling the fashion clan these days. If there is one thing that you cannot go wrong with today, it is a fashion item in striking white.

          The same stands true for leather jackets, as well. Fashionistas all around the world are buying genuine and faux leather products in white even more so than they are purchasing the classic black these days! It honestly seems that the striking brilliance of this futuristic and minimalistic color could be the new black.

          Thus, it comes as no surprise that the above rhapsodic and contemporary white leather jacket with black trim is one of the fastest-selling products at the online store of the Leather Skin Shop. So, hurry up and grab your very own modishly chic ivory winter outerwear before we run out of stock yet again!

          For a fierce look, opt for a striking red jacket with snake print to boost

          Bold Red Snake Pattern Faux Leather Jacket

          If you want to experiment with your outerwear this fall and want to make a statement that everyone will be talking about for days and weeks to come, then this fiercely chic red leather jacket is the one for you!

          Bring out your inner boss bitch and throw this badass snake print leather jacket over a crop top and a pair of black denim pants, and you will be all set to win the best streetwear award!

          A bold red leather jacket allows you to stand out in the crowd and make sure that your outfit will be all that everyone is thinking and talking about even when the party is over. It allows you to harness your belief in self and also boosts your confidence to result in higher productivity! So, when you need to deliver the performance of a lifetime, make sure that you have a trendy, crimson leather jacket around your shoulders.

          If you are likely to get stains on your clothes, go for a darker color

          Red Maroon Rib Quilted Down Jacket

          Okay, okay, I will admit it. I am not as fabulously graceful as I would like to think. Instead, I might even be one of the clumsiest people ever born on this planet. Whether I am having tacos for lunch or indulging into a huge, juicy burger - you can pretty much guarantee that a good part of it is going to end up on whatever I am wearing for the day.

          If you, too, are a messy eater like me, then you should always choose a darker shade when deciding on outerwear. But this does not at all mean that you are only limited to black. There are a lot of other deep colors that are especially suited for hiding stains.

          Consider the above vibrant maroon leather jacket, for example. Available only at the online store of the Leather Skin Shop, this versatile piece keeps you looking fashionable while also covering up for the occasional mishaps you may occur during the day.

          Express your inner creativity by bringing two colors together in a single jacket

          Men Denim Gray Grey Jacket With Black Leather Sleeves

          What is better than one fabulous color for a leather jacket? Two fabulous colors in a leather jacket, of course! If opting for a single color seems too dull - or if you cannot decide between two of your favorite hues - you can always spark it up by using both of them!

          Two-toned leather jackets are certainly something that will keep your look as fresh and hip as the most fabulous fashionistas out there, but when you mix up the grey and black of this particular jacket available at the online store of the Leather Skin Shop, you know you are going to be the most rad one in the house. The above leather jacket does not only play around with two different colors, but it also brings together two very different but equally possible materials - denim and leather! What more could you ask for?

          In addition to all the glory of a two-toned jacket, the fact that the body of this one is so superbly grey is a fact that we love. The neutrality of the grey color makes a jacket as versatile as versatile can be. So wear it over a graphic t-shirt and black denim pants, or pair it with a flannel shirt perfect for fall - you are guaranteed to making heads turn in amazement and awe all day long!

          Make a loud and proud fashion statement with an electric blue leather jacket

          Blue Combo Biker Leather Jacket

          Last but not least, we have on our palate today the eclectic, electric blue. Though a vibrant blue is quite common in a woman’s wardrobe, very few of the gentlemen choose to make it a part of theirs. And it is only the most popular ones that own a leather jacket in this color!

          Hence, wearing this electric blue leather jacket, you are bound to have a look that is above any competition whatsoever. For a style that is as you as can be, there is nothing that can surpass this fabulous pick. The charcoal black trim on this super trendy jacket is what makes this piece even more flattering, making sure that you do not look too over the top.

          We recommend that you pair this beauty with a plain and neutral t-shirt, preferably - white or black - and complement it with some blue, roughened up denim pants for a youthful look.

          The final word

          Whenever you go shopping for a leather jacket, you will be bombarded with the many different color leather jackets that are available. With so many options in front of you, picking the right one becomes a true challenge. But with Leather Skin Shop, you will no longer have to spend hours trying to decide on a single color.

          The only thing that is better than one perfect color for your leather jacket is seven different color leather jackets that are as trendy as they come! Thanks to the super affordable prices at the Leather Skin Shop and the frequent sales, you too can have a  variety of leather jacketsto wear from every day of the week! So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Leather Skin Shop online store today and fill up your cart with exceptional leather jackets in your most favorite hues!

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