by Jennifer Smith November 07, 2019 5 min read

Whether you have dressed up for an extravagant wedding or are headed towards a sophisticated work party, the little tidbits that you use with the basic outfit of the day play a huge role in accentuating your entire look.

Accessories- glamming you up the right way!

Accessories are often used to add character, personality, a pop of color, or to make a boring dress immediately more interesting.

Leather bags are primarily known for their power of turning a monotonous outfit into something fit for a runway.

Perhaps this is why Kate Middleton, Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, and countless other fashionistas love to incorporate leather handbags into their flawlessly fabulous looks.

But when you go out shopping for these chic leather bags that you see these style icons carrying wherever they go, you discover that they are not as easily accessible as you would wish them to be.

Pricey much for us normal humans- well think again!

The bags are either too costly to be bought by anyone who is not making ridiculously vast amounts of money every day, or they are just super ugly and terrible quality.

How can an average person with a regular, averagely paying job then incorporate these lovely leather pieces that are being carried by your favorite fashion girls and boys into your everyday looks?

Where exactly should you be looking for inexpensive leather bags that are not total trash when it comes to quality?

Well, with Leather Skin Shop on the job, this is no longer a problem! We are always trying to cut down the gap between premium quality leather products, and the average fashionista on a tight budget. This is why we manufacture and sell these insanely beautiful leather cross body bags, handbags, and even backpacks at such an affordable price!

By bringing down the price of these highly yearned for items while not compromising on the quality of both - the material and the stitching - Leather Skin Shop has made these trendy accessories accessible to the general public. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the hottest selling inexpensive leather bags manufactured with premium quality genuine leather that is available at our online store. Let’s begin!


We will first explore our most-loved leather bags for men.

The compact crossbody for the tech-savvy gentleman

Men Brown Genuine Leather Mini Bag

$59.99 - Buy Now (limited time offer)

The first item on our list of genuine,inexpensive leather bags today is the men’s brown leather mini crossbody bag made with 100% premium quality genuine leather. This tiny little casual beauty is the perfect pick for the tech-savvy gentleman looking for a secure place to stuff his phone, camera, power bank, and other little goodies he would not want to be damaged.

Priced only at $69.99, this compact yet spacious mini bag will be available to you at a further discount of $10 and free worldwide shipping if you place your order with the Leather Skin Shop right now!

The spacious messenger bag for the Wall Street wolves of tomorrow

Men Brown Genuine Cow Leather Bag Messenger Crossbody

$59.99 - Buy today!

Are you a student at a prestigious business school? If yes, then you need your dressing and style reflecting the professionalism and poise you want to show the world! Carry your books and notes around in this gorgeous men’s brown messenger crossbody bag and show everyone who is boss.

Manufactured from fresh, supreme quality cowhide, this stylish yet super affordable leather bag is guaranteed to last you all through business school and even beyond that. Find this gem only at the online store of Leather Skin Shop - priced formerly only at $79.99, but reduced to a special price of $59.99 for those who order it right away!

The business shoulder bag for men trying to make it big

Tote Genuine Leather Business Shoulder Bag

$129.99 - Buy Now

The third item that we have in the bag for men (pun intended) is our beautifully elegant black tote leather bag. Made from the most luxurious and supple leather, this premium quality shoulder bag is radiating opulence and a great sense of style.

The supreme sophistication of the design and the minimalistic appearance of the leather bag itself make it just the right thing that you would want to carry into work and business meetings where you are looking to impress someone. Score your piece from the online store at Leather Skin Shop for a mere $129.99 now!


Now that we have discussed a few fashionable leather bag options for men, it is time that we focus our attention on the ladies. The following women’s bags at the Leather Skin Shop are all the rage this season, and here, we will explore all the reasons behind it.

The adventurous deep green tote that brings out your fun side

Tote Genuine Leather Shopping Bag With A Bucket Shaped Design

$99.99 - Buy Today!

For the fashionista trying to make a bland outfit stand out in a crowd while on a tight budget, there is no better option than this fabulous deep green genuine leather tote bag at Leather Skin Shop. Make a loud fashion statement with this chic tote with bucket handle style straps, and strut through the streets and workplace alike.

Big enough to carry all your paraphernalia with ease, this super trendy tote bag allows you to keep your hands free for the more important stuff. So, what are you waiting for? Get your stylish pop of color at the online store of the Leather Skin Shop for a special discounted price of $99.99.

The essential black tote for the women who mean business

Women Tote Crossbody Messenger Genuine Leather Bag

$79.99 - Buy Now

Last but not the least, we have a special, super smart and modish leather handbag option for the women who like to keep it on the down-low -the incredibly classy, super spacious, and timelessly glamorous crossbody messenger genuine leather bag in black. This muted down version of our more adventurous crossbody messenger bags super works appropriate and makes you look like a true professional.

When you are on your way to work in the morning and have to grab a coffee on the way, reply to the emails about the restocking of your company’s products and have to juggle your paperwork as well, there will be no greater friend to you than this super accommodating bag. With multiple zippers to hold your relevant documents, your laptop, your phone, and other knicks and knacks secure, this versatile tote affords you the luxury to multitask without worrying about misplacing your belongings or forgetting them at home. Now, you too can be the owner of this premium quality leather handbag, which is available only at the online store of the Leather Skin Shop for a measly price of only $79.99!

The final word

Are you having trouble finding original leather bags that come in your budget?

Then head on over to the online store of the Leather Skin Shop now and explore for yourself the extensive collection of genuine, inexpensive leather bags we have to offer! Other than the items we have discussed in this style guide, there is a whole store full of premium quality original leather products at affordable prices waiting just for you!

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