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by Jennifer Smith November 13, 2019 5 min read

Dressing fashionably is not enough - You must also be dressed according to the occasion

No matter what their personal style or fashion sense, fashion enthusiasts around the world have a sacred rule that they go by - ALWAYS dress according to the occasion.

Of course, this means investing in a variety of different styles of clothing - some of which you are not likely to wear ever again. It sounds like a humungous waste of good money and good clothes.

If you were buying multiple outfits that you might never wear again, you would be bankrupted in less than a month, not to mention the waste of precious time and effort that went into the manufacture of these incredible fashion pieces. This is where accessorizing comes in.

Accessorizing allows you to adopt multiple looks with the same fashion items

It is a fashionist's ultimate desire always to look like they have just walked off the pages of a fashion magazine. However, some days are harder than others.

When you are a fashionist with things to do, there are often days packed with activities and no time to change your look in between them. Plus, if you are already wearing an outfit that you look and feel good in, what a waste it would be to change into a whole new one to make your look in line with the occasion?

It is essential to master the art of incorporating fashionable accessories to the same outfit and get a new look each time. And what is a better prop for switching up your look than what you have on your feet?!

Footwear is the most commonly worn accessory and makes the most significant difference in the overall appearance

By simply removing your tie and blazer, and swapping your office Oxfords for a pair of funky trainers can take you from being ready for a boardroom meeting to rocking the street style. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of themost versatile shoes that every gentleman must have in his wardrobe. Let us dive right in!

When in doubt, pull on those brown lace-up suede Chukka boots

Men Brown Lace Up Suede Chukka Leather Boots

$199 - Buy Now

If there is one particular pair of shoes that you can wear to any event whatsoever, it is these men’s brown suede lace-up leather boots.

The neutrality and sophistication of the brown color make this pair of shoes appropriate for a busy day at work, while the lace-up style and the luxurious suede material adds a little bit of a fun element to them. This is the reason these shoes top our list of themost versatile shoe to wear.

A pair of basic Oxford boots must be a part of your wardrobe

Men Black Oxford Formal Genuine Leather Shoes

$199 - Buy Now

When you are a man who is appropriately invested in looking at your best self, the Oxford boots are a style of footwear that you already have in your wardrobe! 

Unless you have just worn yours out and are about to buy new ones. So, in case these are not a part of your current wardrobe, then visit the online store at the Leather Skin Shop and place an order for this flattering footwear right away!

Being super comfortable and super stylish, these are the shoes of choice when you want to look dressy but have a long day ahead, which maybe includes a substantial amount of walking too.

The black sheen of this Oxford boot gives it a certain charisma, making sure that you leave an excellent impression of the interviewer during that job interview that you have been thinking about all the time this past week.

Hit the streets with chunky ankle boots on your feet

Men Black Lace Up Ankle Genuine Handmade Leather Boots With Brown Outsole

$199 - Buy Today!

If you are looking for something a bit more casual than the classic pair of black Oxfords above, you might want to consider these chunky leather ankle boots by the Leather Skin Shop.

Every fashionista worth his name already knows how versatile the material leather is. It is the one material for fashion items that makes you stand tall amid all - from the runway to the highway. Hence, wearing these sexy leather boots for men makes perfect sense when you want to make quite the fashion statement.

The supreme attention to detail that the Leather Skin Shop has put into manufacturing this unique black and brown piece makes it the most comfortable thing that you will be wearing on your body.

Handmade with premium quality genuine leather, these boots are guaranteed to withstand extreme conditions as well as the test of time and still look flawless whenever you decide to wear them.

Add an extra layer of mystery with a pair of monk strap shoes in suede

Men Gray Grey Double Monk Suede Leather Shoes

$199 - Buy Now!

When you are on the search for themost versatile shoe that combines fashion with function seamlessly, there is no better option that you could go for than a shoe that sports a monk strap style.

The above gray monk strap style shoes are manufactured with suede leather, and remain one of the bestselling products at our online store in the history of Leather Skin Shop.

These luxurious shoes keep your feet stylish and happy, enclosed in a beautiful fashion item made with the greatest care and the best quality materials.

Set your class apart with these Derby shoes

Men Brown Derby Brogue Wingtip Laces Genuine Leather Shoes

Buy Now for just $199

Derby shoes can never make you go wrong! They work well with formals and informal wear, adding just the right charm. These genuine pair of leather brown Derby can go well with all colors and seasons. Hence, a pair of Derby will never let you be short in your fashion experimentation.

The leather Derby is everlasting, and with proper care, they never lose the charm, and hence, you probably can throw caution to the wind as you will be fashionably classy and intimidating at the same time with this pair of Derby.

Gray is a color that is all the rage these days. Be it jackets, hats, shoes, or bags - this color is one of the most common picks for fashion items in 2019. But it is when you combine this beautiful and classically neutral shade with the boldness and elegance of suede leather that it truly stands out in all its glory.

Wear this pair of shoes to your first date, a party, or even a fashion show - and you will be making heads turn, getting people to WOW, guaranteed!

Ride out or make your mark with the right statement with these suede Brown leather boots!

Men Brown Zipper Biker Motorcycle Suede Leather Boots

Buy Now

These leather boots add multiple options for you! You can wear it with your simple everyday clothes or wear them with your jeans and jacket for the perfect biker look. These boots have been a part of the evergreen fashion, and therefore they never lose their value.

We assure that you get the highest quality coupled with fashion. Thus your purchases keep you fashionably correct always! The brown leather and the strapped buckle give the boots an extraordinary simplicity and class, thus making it a fashion staple for you.


Are you ready to buy your next pair of leather shoes that suit your personality? checkout our leather show collection today!

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