by Jennifer Smith November 21, 2019 5 min read

At last! The leaves are turning orange, the scorching Sun has decided to give us a brave, and pumpkin-spiced everything has flooded all the cafes in town. Fall is finally here, and we could not be more ready for it! The time has finally come that we light up scented candles and bury ourselves in a good book and a warm blanket on our couch.

Autumn-oh dear Autumn!

Autumn is our favorite season of the year, and it is not only because of all the beautiful leaves that crunch satisfyingly under our boots. As the temperature drops and the season changes, it is also time for us to change up the way we dress according to the latest trends in themen’s style guide.

Gone are the days of cargo shorts and flip flops at the beach. Sweater weather is all about cozy, oversized hoodies, gentlemanly cardigans, and tough-guy leather jackets that add mystery and drama to your look.

Ride the wave of changing trends like a pro!

But this change is often not easy for a big chunk of the male population out there. With the constantly changing trends, sometimes it gets a little bit challenging to figure out what one should wear to an important occasion. Are turtlenecks still a thing, or should you be wearing that pullover sweater you found at the sale last year instead? What should you be wearing on your feet? How are the biggest fashionistas accessorizing their outfits this season?

To answer all of these questions, we have put together this little men’s style guide. In the following paragraphs, you will find everything you need to know to keep your look relevant and stylish this year. Read on to know what items must be a part of your fall wardrobe, and how you should dress this winter - from top to toe!

Motorcycle leather jacket- stylish and classic!

Men Black Brando Motorcycle Leather Jacket
$199 - Buy Now!

The infamous leather jacket has been a part of our winter wardrobe since forever, and will most likely never retire from it. This is probably the only fashion item that has remained just as relevant as it was when it was first adopted into fashion in 1928. To date, no fall wardrobe is complete without a signature leather jacket.

Among the many styles of leather jacket that are being worn today, the classic, charcoal black motorcycle-style leather jacket still surpasses every other one. Casual chic and totally badass, this versatile piece can be worn with literally any outfit.

Pair the above men black Brando motorcycle-style genuine leather jacket with traditional blue denim pants and a plain white muscle t-shirt to get the best out of this vintage style fashion piece. This effortless yet super trendy outfit of the day is inspired by none other but our favorite heartthrob of the 50s James Dean.

Make the loudest fashion statement

Men Alligator Crocodile Genuine Leather Flap Closure Messenger Crossbody Bag

$89.99 - Buy Now

When you are particularly looking to stand out in the crowd, there is no better fashion item that you can incorporate into your winter look than this wild, alligator skin messenger crossbody bag. Made with genuine leather, this luxurious bag is spacious enough to carry all your personal belongings and important documents yet still compact enough to be chic. It comes with a long adjustable strap that can be lengthened or shortened to your preferred length, allowing you to carry it multiple ways.

Anybody who carries an alligator skin leather product is radiating big fashion energy. Use this one of a kind bag is a challenge to yourself to experiment with new styles and try out new things or carry it to express your unique sense of style. No matter where you go with this beauty slung across your body, one thing is for certain - you are going to be making a pretty loud statement.

Glam up your feet with just a hint of the rocker aesthetic

Men Black Military Genuine Leather Boots

$199.00 - Buy Now

What is fall without boots? And when these boots are trendy, military-style, you just know that you will be rocking your outfit of the day.

When you are looking to add a little spice and relish to a boring look, then grab the above men's black military genuine leather boots and glam up your feet with just a hint of rocker aesthetic. Comfortable and ultra-stylish, these boots available at theonline store of the Leather Skin Shop will soon become your favorite winter footwear.

Subdued and Sober- yet making statements!

Men Black Oxford Formal Genuine Leather Shoes

$199.00 - Buy Now

Fall marks the arrival of the Holidays and celebrations. And if the parties you will be attending this season are more formal, than you just cannot go without a pair of Oxford boots, can you?

Oxford boots are the other classic fashion item on this list that has well stood the test of time and stayed in style all the years since they first came into being. Being seen at every dignified, formal gathering, the Oxford boots are always a safe shoe to wear at a work party or wedding.

The Oxford boots are shown in the above picture afford the wearer a solemn yet super dressy vibe. When you have got these on your feet, you know that you are putting your best foot forward. Quite literally.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the online store at the Leather Skin Shop today and get your hands on these beauties before we run out of stock!

Top it all off with a retro hat!

Men Leather Dual Brown Military Baseball Golf Cap

Buy right away!

Any modern wintermen’s style guide is not complete if it does not talk about hats and scarves. These little things are the ones that build up the vibe of your outfit. Just putting on this one fashion item can completely change the spirit of what you are wearing.

The men’s leather dual brown military baseball golf cap, as shown in the picture above, is one such element that can add a ton of character to your look. Add this to your ensemble, and you can guarantee that all eyes will be on you all day long!

For all your money’s comfort

Brown Simple Genuine Leather Wallet

$29.99 - Buy Now

So, you are all dressed up to the nines, with shining Oxford boots on your feet, a power suit on your body, and an alligator skin messenger bag in your hand. You decide to stop on your way to work and grab a quick coffee. After you are done with the coffee, the waiter brings you your bill. You put your hand in your pocket to pull out your wallet, and what comes out is a shabby, worn-out billfold. That just doesn’t work now, does it?

In the above paragraph, we have already discussed how important the tiny details are as a part of your outfit. So, when it comes to your wallet, it only makes sense that you are just as choosy about it as you were about the rest of your ensemble. For an element of class and refinement, we suggest that you keep your money in the above men’s distressed simple and minimalistic brown leather wallet, available only at the Leather Skin Shop.

The final word

Are you all prepared for the sweater weather? How many of the above fashion items do you already have in your winter wardrobe? Which ones of these are you planning to add to your cart? Do you know what you are going to pair these items with? Comment down below and let us know about your preferred styles! 

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