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by Jennifer Smith November 27, 2019 5 min read

Different kinds of men’s jackets such as the classic biker, bomber, café racer, and utility leather jackets have really come a long way since the past five to seven decades. It is amazing to see just how this symbol of rock and roll rebellion has now transformed into an important piece of outerwear for men. Yes, the leather jacket plays an instrumental role in helping men exude their innermost fashionista.

Moreover, nobody can deny the versatility of a leather jacket. You could easily complement it with casual, semi-formal, and formal wear, albeit you need to pick and choose the right styles. Going back to the '50s, the leather jacket was instantly made famous by the legendary Godfather and Apocalypse now actor Marlon Brando.

James Dean also heavily contributed to promoting the leather jacket-wearing and motorbike-riding bad boy image. Fortunately, today, you don't need to be an icon to pull off a badass look. However, you would surely be mistaken if you think that the rebellious and badass attitude a leather jacket exudes has dissipated.

Highly fashionable jackets today boast the same amount of attitude and versatility, especially if you just wear them over a nice pair of denim and Chelsea boots. The leather jacket will always remain a critical and iconic part of the men's wardrobe until the end of time.

Top leather jackets all men should have

The most important thing you should consider is the fact that not every leather jacket designed is equal in style, form, and functionality. There are different kinds of men's leather jackets that, depending on your wardrobe, can suit you better or not at all. In light of this, mentioned below are some common yet essential leather jackets that you are going to come across. If you don’t like any jacket from this list, you can always get a custom leather jacket designed to fit your needs perfectly.

The biker jacket

Men Black Brando Motorcycle Leather Jacket With Shoulder Epaulets And Padded Sleeves

Men Black Brando Motorcycle Leather Jacket With Shoulder Epaulets And Padded Sleeves

    $199.00 - Buy Now

    If you type "leather jacket" on Google, it is likely you are going to see this type of style and item. As the name of the product suggests, this style and type of biker jacket were immortalized by the great Marlon Brando himself in one of his classic hits, the "The Wild One". The jacket features:

    • Brando style lapels
    • YKK Zippers
    • Padded shoulder straps
    • Form-fitting stitching

    It is just the perfect staple for wearing over your favorite denim and a nice pair of leather boots, and nothing can beat this style, especially if you are a motorbike-riding enthusiast.

    Stylish Coal Black One-Buttoned And Multi-Color Décor Leather Racer Jacket

    This is another great example of a timeless, minimalistic, and equally stylish racer jacket. Designed with genuine leather, and the classic grey color, the product makes for a nice, neutral color that you can complement with basically every type of casual outfit. The jacket has a meticulous stitching on its sleeves and the main features include:

    • Grey, clouded shoulder patches
    • Two light grey patches on the upper sleeves with red highlights
    • Front zip closure
    • Belt straps on both side of the waist
    • Quilted sleeves

    The bomber jacket

    Leather Skin Men Black Rib Quilted Genuine Bomber Jacket

    Leather Skin Men Black Rib Quilted Genuine Bomber Jacket

      $199.00 - Buy Now

      When you talk about different kinds of men's jackets and pairing a leather jacket with any outfit, the most versatile type of jacket you can get your hands on is a bomber leather jacket.

      These jackets are made for casual outerwear and are an excellent product for somebody who doesn’t own or hasn’t worn a leather jacket before. There are people who are a bit self-conscious when it comes to wearing leather jackets, but a bomber jacket is an ideal item that can help you venture out into the world of leather apparel.

      You can easily complement this jacket with a nice pair of blue or black denim and a pair of white sneakers. Overall, the product’s main features include:

      • Has a nice, glossy finish
      • Incorporates a quilted look
      • It is form-fitting
      • Has a high collar
      • Added texture on the front and the sleeves

      Flashy Sangria Leather Bomber Jacket

      Flashy Sangria Leather Bomber Jacket

        $199.00 - Buy Now

        This is another example of a classic, minimalistic, and high fashionable bomber jacket that you can complement with just about any pair of jeans, a shirt, or a t-shirt. It is the epitome of style and meticulous tailoring. Sangrias are absolutely the next best thing when it comes to wearing leather jackets casually. The main features of the jacket include:

        • A stylish round, zippered collar for added style and looks
        • Has ribbed cuffs and waist
        • Beautiful wine color
        • Quilted shoulder pads

        Flight jackets

        Men Black Genuine Leather Jacket With White Fur Collar

        Men Black Genuine Leather Jacket With White Fur Collar

          $199.00 - Buy Now

          Flight jackets or winter leather jackets look a bit similar to bomber jackets; the one added styling bonus you get with a flight jacket is its shearling collar, as you can see in the image. The whole concept behind the shearling collar was to provide WW2 fighter pilots with an extra layer of warmth, hence the name flight jackets.

          However, you do have to realize that the shearling collar on flight jackets make the product a winter jacket, it is not a casual jacket like the other products mentioned earlier. It is perfect for people who already know how to carry the style and look of a leather jacket. That is also because these jackets are a bit bulkier than usual, so if you are looking for a lighter, more versatile jacket, then opt for a bomber jacket.

          The main features of this product include:

          • It has a belted collar
          • The pockets on the chest are tilted
          • Beautiful fur collar
          • Button enclosures at the waist

          Black Fur Leather Jacket For Men

          This is another good example of a simple yet classic flight jacket with a shearling collar. If you don't mind the weight and fur design, you can easily couple it with a nice pair of khakis or jeans along with a white tee and a pair of Chelsea boots. The prime features of this jacket include:

          • White fur collar
          • The fur on the sleeves and waist
          • Warm bomber pockets on each side
          • Inner pockets to keep your smartphone and wallet

          Bottom line

          To sum it all up, you have to admit that there is just something sublime and really appealing about different kinds of men's jackets that simply exude confidence, style, and above all, dominance. So go for them and enjoy the grace and comfort they add to your outings.

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