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Christmas is peeking from just around the corner! Looking forward to ticking some most craved gifts off your loved one's list, so here is a one-stop guide for this Christmas gift shopping.

The jingle of the bells, the floating flakes! Ahh, the dream we all have under the mistletoe (naughty much!). The wait and butterflies are fluttering within, hoping we got all that we wished for.  Did anyone say Christmas? Yes, you heard it right!

Buying joy and perfecting smiles

The elated feeling that you get when you are the one completing the wishes of your loved ones is beyond explanation. The expression of pure joy on their faces when they unwrap your present is priceless. Knowing you are the reason that happiness is worth all the effort and money you have put into the process.

With so many people on your list, it is easy to run out of ideas of what you should get them all — struggling with the same thing? Do not stress! We are here to solve all your Christmas problems! So, let’s look into some of the great Christmas gift ideas solving your hunt for a perfect gift.

Gifts for him

  1. Biker Jackets

Leather jackets are unquestionably cool and will remain so till the end of time. However, if you are looking to pick one that is the trendiest, worthy of being worn by the fashionista in your life, it must be the intense men's leather biker coat.

Gary Combo Biker Leather Jacket

Buy it here

Men's biker coats have this eye-catching component that makes them a powerful statement. Their smooth and fitted outline makes for an astounding expansion to your loved ones' closet.

Here is why you should be getting the biker jacket for the classy dude in your gifting list:

  • It is one of the most basic, traditional, and immortal outerwear.
  • Stylish and fun and goes with any outfit.
  • A classic biker jacket has added features and styles, which makes it sleeker
  • Larger than usual, edited, or vintage - a leather bike jacket adds a grunge embodiment to an outfit.
  1. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are not going anyplace - and to be completely forthright, for what reason would you need them to? If we say that it can probably make it to the Santa-approved gift list, we wouldn’t be boasting!

Flashy Sangria Leather Bomber Jacket

Buy it here

Usually, people are on the lookout to ensure that they are buying the most cherished gift. A sophisticated gift wrapped Bomber jacket is surely going to be one of the best seasons, and fashion endorsed Christmas gift ideas.

You can see why it is probably one of the coolest Christmas gifts you can give:

  • It is lightweight - which is great for layering in winters - they work for every occasion. It can be styled according to the required look.
  • Shearling collars or structured designs work as a cherry on top.
  • You can also find it in versatile colors, which gives the wearer a wide range of variety to pair it up with.

So what’s stopping you, get this for the special someone in your life and make his Christmas a cheery one!

  1. Winter leather jackets with a shearling collar

Scarcely any menswear fashion items come bundled with as much character, an impactful history, and legacy, or pure, raw, unfiltered manliness as a leather jacket.

Woah! A gift that any special gentleman in your life deserves, your father, brother, or husband/boyfriend.

Men Black Genuine Leather Jacket With White Fur Collar

Buy it here

 You can get this jacket as the perfect gift because:

  • It has that decent, homely feel that adds to the sophistication
  • It can be paired up as desired
  • It is always fashionable
  • Perfect for the weather!
  1. Shoes and Boots

boots and shoes collection

Buy them here

Apart from jackets, men are way too conscious about their footwear.  The footwear adds to the overall look, and hence you can conspire with Santa and be graciously artsy about the Christmas gift. You can choose from a wide array of collections available.

  • Oxford

If there is one style that has set the standard for every single other shoe to satisfy, it is oxford shoes. Oxford shoes are a definitive choice.

Men Black Red Oxford Brogue Wingtip Suede & Genuine Leather Shoes

Buy them here

Their agelessly exemplary plan and smooth viewpoint are unrivaled. If you are hoping to gift someone a pair of shoes, this is a great pair of shoes.

Ideal for easygoing, formal settings, these shoes can be gifted, because they are:

  • Made with premium quality calfskin with inconceivably low costs
  • Stylishly suave
  • Perfect for formal events
  • Look superbly lavish

At Leather Skin Shop, you will find an unending variety of oxford shoes to look over. - the perfect place to find an unmatchable pair of shoes for your loved one is just a click away.

  • Brogue

Men's brogue shoes arrive in a colossal assortment. On the range of formal to easygoing, brogue shoes can be discovered all over.

Men Black Gray Grey Brogue Lace Up Suede & Genuine Leather Boots

Buy them here

Formal brogue shoes include moderate examples and curbed itemizing. The easygoing ones are stronger and bolder, highlighting a more prominent example secured region.

Contingent upon the need, choose the style you believe is best for gifting. Maybe the most signature brogue shoe style known to the world is that of a great tan and dark pair of cowhide brogue shoes.

  • Jodhpur shoes

Intended for comfort with the sheer class for fulfilling the trend for premium quality cowhide boots, the Jodhpur boots are viewed as immaculate riding boots. Beautifully decorated with a clasped lower leg tie, the Jodhpur calfskin boots are short and reach up to lower leg.

Men Brown Jodhpurs Genuine Leather Boots

Buy them here

They are as cozy and agreeable as cowhide boots for men can be. Their agreeable slip-on configuration makes them a hit with individuals who are not exceptionally ace bands, yet never bargain on their style. Thus, one easy yet elegant gift for your loved ones!

  1. Accessories

The style games seem dull without the right accessories. Think beyond the mainstream clan and give your loved ones something that speaks for sheer elegance.

Your search for the right accessories ends here!

  • Leather Hats

Leather accessories characterize and feature your mark style.

Elegant Suede Leather Cowboy Safari Hat

Buy it here

An unmistakable cowhide cap combined with a long calfskin coat and a la mode boots adds certainty to the mien. Get a premium quality cowhide frill from the Leather Skin Shop to glamorize your beloved’s closet.

  • Leather Bag


Buy it here

Leather Skin Shop offers a wide assortment of men's wallet and tote, including a troubled calfskin easygoing wallet and certifiable cowhide coin and cardholder. Regardless of whether it is money or cards, convey your love by gifting these unique wallets with a characterizing style and elegance.

Gifts for her

  1. Biker Jackets

Biker coats add an urban edge to a generally calm and plain look - whether they are donned on by men or the ladies. All around recognized as a definitive method to amp up the look, these coats are an ageless piece that will consistently stay in style.

Women Black Brando Belted Leather Jacket With Shoulder Epaulettes

Buy it here

Ladies' calfskin biker coats are heavenly.

Here are a few reasons you should be getting the biker jackets for the lady of your life:

  • Chic yet rough, cleaned at this point easily, bashful yet sultry - cowhide biker coats are out and out slobber commendable.
  • Overflowing certainty and frame of mind, each lady needs an announcement biker coat in her dressing room winter wardrobe.
  • A record-breaking most loved item in this category at the Leather Skin Shop must be the great ladies' dark cowhide biker coat.

A thin, straight, and body-embracing outline, the cowhide biker coat compliments all body types, so what are you waiting for, this Christmas surprise your special someone with a biker jacket!

  1. Suede Jackets

Feeling a little adventurous? Wondering if instead of gifting classic biker jacket, you should switch to something more of a loud fashion statement? Suede jackets are the answer, a chic gift that is a worthy present for the one trendy female friend of yours.

Women Tan Western Fringes Suede Leather Jacket With Decorative Beads

Buy it here

This jacket is sure to wow the person you are gifting it to. A perfect gift option as:

  • It is super trendy
  • It has the casual yet that classical fashionista touch
  • Astounding quality and impressive form-fitting cut
  1. Accessories

Running short on Christmas gift ideas can be a bit of a bummer! But with such a huge variety available on LSS, you can get the right festive gift that you dreamed of.

  • Handbag

A leather handbag is a posh yet ideal gift you can get for your loved ones this Christmas. Leather Skin Shop offers a broad range of handbags for women.

A Perfect Tote Genuine Leather Shopping Bag With A Bucket Shaped Design

Buy it here

You can shop for the most recent patterns and styles to look chic.  From getting tote sacks, cross body packs, to the trendiest backpacks, you can select the one that you are sure your loved one will cherish.

Custom Leather Jacket

custom leather jacket

Get yours here

Adding a touch of uniqueness goes a long mile. When it comes to gifting, customization is the trump card. Believe us, a creatively customized gift is an embodiment of your love and the special place that a person holds for you!

At LeatherSkin Shop, you have an option to gift a customized jacket. You can combine your zesty touch with our chic, unmatched quality. The result is an astoundingly compelling and ornate piece of clothing that has a spellbinding effect.

The steps are simple:

  1. You will first upload an image of the jacket you want to customize
  2. You then customize the product by choosing the leather color, type, lining color, hardware color, studs, and embroidery
  3. Lastly, you select the size and add to your cart

And that is all! Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for that parcel to arrive right at your loved one's door!

The Final Word

Since leather is durable, it has an eternal touch. A promise, a hope that a piece of you is always there with your loved ones. Hence, we love the concept of leather gifts, and hopefully, you will agree with it being one of the greatest Christmas gift ideas.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the perfect gift this Christmas and have all your friends and family crying tears of joy and yourself an impish, elfish grin of elation!

Are you ready to buy your Christmas gifts for you or your loved ones? checkout our leather skin shop collection today!



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