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by Jennifer Smith September 24, 2019 4 min read

A leather jacket is ultimate outerwear for all seasons - whether you are looking to make a fashion statement or seeking protection from the harsh elements of the outdoors. There is nothing that you would not love about the leather jacket. From the look and the feel of the garment, to how it instantly transforms a monotonous, boring outfit to a snazzy one - donning a leather jacket on is guaranteed to make your day.

Leather jackets are never going out of style

To this date, there has not been a single year when leather jackets were considered over or out of fashion. They appear regularly in the latest outerwear collections of the most relevant fashion designers today and do not seem to be going away anytime soon. This longevity of the leather jacket - both in terms of style and physical durability - makes it an important piece to spend a reasonable sum of your money.

Bring out your A-game for a leather jacket look that leaves everybody dazzled

But while the leather jacket is a transformational piece of clothing, like all other garments you need to be careful about how you wear it. It is essential to know what to wear with a leather jacket without going overboard with statement pieces or being not enough. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the most happening looks of 2019 that involve wearing a leather jacket. Let’s begin!

Add a slightly daring color to add interest to a drab outfit



When you are looking to spice up an outfit, go for a leather jacket that is a unique color. The above jacket available at the online store of Leather Skin Shop has the potential to pick up any boring tee shirt and pants combo, and raise it from a 0 to a 100 instantly. Since this color is not something that you would usually find people wearing about, it adds a lot of interest - both, to your clothing and your personality.

Chill in a leather jacket that is as cool as you are

If you are someone who loves a good racer jacket, then you should also knowwhat to wear with a leather jacket. In this category of leather jackets, you undoubtedly have a plethora of options. However, which of these options look good on an individual varies for everybody. Here, we will discuss one biker leather jacket look that we have never seen anybody look bad in.

When you want just to lay back and chill in a casual leather jacket look, we recommend that you pair your racer leather jacket with a plain tee in a neutral color. The colors that work for most people in this look include the pure white, rebellious black, and a middle grey. Worn with some comfortable blue jeans and chunky white trainers, you have got yourself a look that nobody can resist.



This next leather jacket look is for the yummy mummies who want to still rock their favorite leather jackets, but think that it may make them look like they are trying too hard. If you are someone who has not touched her gorgeous leather jacket in years for fear of being made fun of, this here is your answer. All you need to not go overboard with your leather jacket look is to knowwhat to wear with a leather jacket that will suit your new style.

For all those who want a more muted look with their jacket, we recommend choosing a minimalistic style and a warm, neutral color like in the jacket above which is available at the online store of the Leather Skin Shop. With a plain tank top underneath and blue jeans that complement the brown of the jacket, you are all set to rock a look that is guaranteed to win over many appreciative glances, nods, and comments. Finish the look with some black or brown boots to grace your feet.

Indulge your inner rocker by pairing this stunning punk jacket with a likewise themed outfit

The next on our list is for our more adventurous audience - a cropped, black leather jacket with white diamond buttons on it that makes you instantly think of the wardrobe of Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. This stunning punk jacket is one of our favorite pieces at Leather Skin Shop, as well as a customer bestseller. We recommend our customers to wear this gorgeous beauty with pants and boots following a similar theme.

One of the many ways to wear this versatile leather jacket is with black leather pants or a pair of skinny jeans - depending on how adventurous you are feeling on the day. A trendy black top with the minimal design will help make the embellishments on the leather jacket stand out. Some charcoal high heeled boots complete the ensemble by adding a sexy appeal to the entire look.

Nothing says modern chic like a bubble-gum pink leather jacket with an asymmetrical zipper

Last but not least, let us discuss how you should style a more contemporary design of a leather jacket - such as the one in the picture above. This statement piece deserves to be paid full attention to, and so we recommend that you keep the rest of your outfit very minimalistic to let the jacket take the stage effortlessly. A pair of faded blue jeans, a basic white t-shirt, and some vans are the excellent pick to complement this futuristic leather jacket.

The final word

What are some of your favorite pairings with a leather jacket? Do you like to play around with different styles? Have you tried all of the styles that are listed in this article? Comment down below and tell us of your favorite leather jacket outfits of all time.

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