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What is the one fashion craze that is never going to die out? A style that you can wear anywhere - no matter what the occasion is - and still be the best-dressed person in the crowd? One fashion trend that took the world by storm when it was first introduced more than a century ago and still leaves us wanting more? Clothes made of 100% genuine leather of course!

Leather has the unique potential to be accommodated in every look that you are trying to pull off while also accelerating it. But sometimes, adding a leather product into your outfit of the day can actually dampen your look instead of lifting it up. This happens when your favorite leather clothing has become crumpled up and does not look its best.

Keeping your leather fashion pieces wrinkle-free is impossible

As leather clothing ages, it is almost impossible to keep it free from dust, dirt, and getting wrinkled. When you go out wearing your leather jacket or leather coat, getting it dirty and creased is inevitable the same as the case with any other material. However, getting rid of these problems in leather clothing products is not as easy as getting your favorite cotton sundress clean and shiny again.

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed how to get your leather products cleaned. For this article, we will discuss in detail some smart tips and tricks on how to prevent your favorite leather products from crumpled up and to remove wrinkles from leather clothing products right at home in the most natural ways possible. Let’s begin.

Store your leather clothing products with love and care

shoes and hat

They say prevention is better than cure. This is not only true for your health but is also relatable when you consider your favorite leather clothing products.

When we talk about leather products, we must recognize that there are many types of wrinkles. While some of those might be comparatively easier to remove, some of the more heavyset ones are more stubborn and will not come out however hard you try to get rid of them. Often times, these stubborn creases originate from storing your beloved leather ensemble the wrong ways.

It is especially difficult toremove wrinkles from leather boots or hats without damaging them. This is because they have a specific shape and cannot be easily placed on an iron board and pressed until the creases are gone (more on this technique later). So, for these hard to deal with products, your best bet is to store them in a way that discourages the formation of wrinkles when they are not in use.

So, when you have to put your warm leather boots from Leather Skin Shop away for the summer, and transition to more weather-friendly sandals and flip flops, make sure you are doing it the right way. Do not just roll them into a ball and stuff them on the topmost shelf of your wardrobe.

Instead, fill them up with old newspapers of some tissue paper to prevent them from folding upon themselves and creasing. Then pop them into a shoe bag that does not let the dust enter and place the bag into the shoebox they arrived in. This step allows you to keep your beloved boots free from moisture for the long term, keeping them safe from any dreaded water damage. Store the shoebox in a cool, dry place until you are ready to wear these beauties again.

Use the same method for storing leather hats that you will not be wearing for a while.

Iron out your leather jacket to get rid of those light wrinkles you got from wearing it out

black leather jacket

Even when you take special care of your leather garments and always store them the right way when not in use, you can still not totally escape getting a wrinkle here or there. However, luckily, these wrinkles that form out of use are not as profoundly set as wrinkles from improper storage, and hence, are not that hard to get rid of.

When you wear your leather jacket and sit in the car, ride your bike, or even just simply be - you are bound to get a crease or two where your jacket folds the most. Over time, this can make your leather jacket look less than perfect, dialing down on your overall look. So how do youremove wrinkles from leather products that originated from daily use?

Easy. All you need for this is a large sheet of butcher paper, a big old brown grocery bag or an old shirt that is made of 100% cotton, an iron, and a flat surface - preferably an iron board.

First, lay down your wrinkles leather jacket on the flat surface of your choice and smoothen out any creases you can with your hand. When you have done the best that you can, cover the jacket with the butcher paper, brown paper bag, or the cotton garment. Then turn your iron-on, and keeping it on low setting, simply start ironing out the jacket.

Take care not to follow the iron in one spot for too long, or letting the iron get too hot because this can lead to burning your dear leather jacket.

Ironing out your jacket like this will remove any wrinkles that are not too heavy set and occurred due to usage. When you are done, simply put your jacket back on and step out to dazzle the world with your smooth and sleek outerwear.

Getting rid of wrinkles from leather products when you do not have a lot of time or energy

Now, let’s say you do not have an iron or a roommate who could lend it to you. Or maybe you are in a hurry and have to step outside right after the shower. Sometimes, you are just having one of those down days and cannot summon the energy it takes to iron out a leather jacket. What are you to do then?

Fortunately, at Leather Skin Shop, we have a solution for everything. If you are short on time or energy, it does not mean that you have to go outside looking like you were stuffed into a box for the entire night. There is a more natural way to go about removing creases from your leather products than ironing them out.

What you need to do in these circumstances is first, smoothen out the wrinkles by hand. Then, simply hang your jacket up in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. It is essential to mention that you need to take special care that no water actually splashes on your leather garment, or that can lead to water damage - something you definitely do not want to risk.

By the time you are done with your hot shower, the steam from the shower will hopefully have gotten rid of the wrinkles on the jacket. Dress up in your outfit of the day, and you are ready to make a statement with a wrinkle-free leather jacket. How easy!

 ‘Ironing’ out wrinkles from leather purses or shoes

Women Blue Tote Messenger Cross-Body Faux-Leather Handbag With Patchwork

Sometimes, you do end up with wrinkles on your leather handbags, leather shoes, or leather hats. Whether you had been storing them the right way or not is another debate. But when you have wrinkles on these hard to iron leather products, how are you to get them to go back to their actual splendor?

An ingenious hack to getting rid of the wrinkles on the leather products you cannot quickly iron out is using a blow dryer. Yes, you read that right. A blow dryer is a tool you need to get your leather accessories to looking jazzy again!

The first step for this process is the same as with any other method - smoothening out the wrinkles that you can with your hand. Now go in with a blow dryer set on the lowest setting and aim it on the parts that have creases in them. Take care that the air blowing out of the dryer does not get too hot, or you are not holding the dryer too close to the leather product. Keep moving the blow dryer over the product, or you might end up burning a patch in your favorite leather bag. Once done, your leather handbag will be back to its original glory.

The final word

Did you like the ways we listed on removing the wrinkles from your favorite leather products? Do you know of any other mind-blowing hacks of caring for leather and want them to be included in the list? Comment down below and let us know what tips and tricks your grandma taught you!

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