by Jennifer Smith October 10, 2019 4 min read

Let’s get one thing straight – looking good does not only help you make an impression on other people, but it can also directly affect your mood.

When you feel confident about the way you look, you are more likely to succeed at whatever it is that you are doing, according to Enclothed theory.

Whether you are a nervous student, who is constantly being told to speak up or an unsure office worker who has a big presentation, an extra dose of confidence could change the outcome drastically. Fortunately, dressing to the nines from top to toe will always pay off in providing you the poise and aplomb you so desperately need.

Bad body odor can bring your self-belief and aplomb down to dangerously low-levels

However, when you have your shoes of the day stinking up the entire place, all that assertiveness and courage leave your body like sweat on a scorching day. Not only is it super embarrassing to have a part of your body smell this bad in public, but it also leaves you unable to focus on anything else - whether it is putting your ideas across in class or the board room. As a result, you can kiss that work promotion goodbye and settle for a D in political science.

There are multiple ways you can treat a funky, gunky shoe.

But at Leather Skin Shop, we do not let trivial matters such as an embarrassing case of smelly shoes get in our way of success. Instead, we always strive to find out easy and practical solutions for every challenge we are met with. So read on, because, in the next few paragraphs, we will discuss every trick in the book for getting rid of bad odor from our favorite pairs of footwear.

 Nipping the problem in the bud is the best plan for taking care of your shoes

The most sensible solution for driving away odor from a pair of smelly shoes is to treat the cause. Before going in with the big guns and spending your hard-earned money to making your shoes smell amazing again, you need to figure out what made them smell so bad in the first place. Identifying the root cause of the problem will allow you to nip it in the bud and prevent it from recurring a couple of days again, down the road.

Examine your shoes and your feet carefully before you decide on a treatment. Locate the factor that is causing the bad smell. If it is to do with your feet, then call in a dermatologist as soon as possible. However, if the problem lies in the shoe itself, you can subject it to the following remedies to get rid of the offending smell.

When you do not want to spend more, try out a natural bacteria killer

Men Black Military Genuine Leather Boot

So you have identified the problem to be located in the shoe, congratulations! Perhaps it is the long hours you wear your closed-toe shoes that cause moisture, and in turn, lousy smell to accumulate in the shoe. When your shoes are super comfortable, you might end up wearing them the entire day without taking them off!

The boots available at Leather Skin Shop are perfect for walking long distances on the snowy pavements. They keep your feet warm and cozy while giving you the excellent grip that is necessary to walk on New York’s slippery snow. Made with 100% genuine and fresh leather, these premium quality shoes will last you a lifetime!

In this case, your first line of defense should be natural sunlight. Open up the laces of your leather boots, and pull out the tongue so that the air has a chance to move around the inside. Place your shoes in a sunlit area for a few hours to dry up the sweat and kill the bacteria.

Introduce a natural fragrance into your shoes with cedarwood insoles


If the natural sunlight doesn’t solve your issue, it is time to subject your smelly shoes to some ingredients that actively make them smell more pleasant. A perfect way to do this is by investing in cedar wood insoles. Not only is cedar wood rich in anti-fungal and bactericidal properties, but the remedy is also totally natural - preventing any irritation or reaction on sensitive skin. Cedarwood also gives off a crisp, fresh smell that you will love.

Grandma tells us to throw in those stinky bad boys in the freezer

Now, we are not sure how this one works either, but trust me, it does work wonders. This hack is one of those family secrets that have been passed down through generations, and nobody knows how someone first thought of them. But trying doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, right?

So, wrap your stinky buddies up in a sheet of plastic and throw them into the freezer for a few hours. Take them out the next day and let whatever ice that has accumulated over them melt naturally. Dry those in natural sunlight, and your shoes are ready to be worn in public again!

Another cost-effective tip is to stuff your smelly shoes with sweet-smelling fabric freshener sheets

Men Black Loafer Velvet Slipper Shoes

If the time doesn’t permit you or you don’t have the energy to treat your shoes with something special, merely balling up some fabric freshener sheets and stuffing them in your closed shoes can also work like a miracle. We guarantee you, your shoes will never have smelled so fresh before.

What could be better than your shoes smelling like your favorite fruit?

Did you think there was no use for the orange peel from lunch? Putting a small piece of your favorite citrus fruit inside your shoe overnight can give it a tangy aroma you are bound to love.

The final word

How many of these hacks had you heard of before? How many have you tried until now?

If you can’t wear your favorite pair of shoes in public for fear of stinking up the entire place, then these deodorant tips are for you! Freeze your shoes, throw them in the washer, or do whichever you think is the best way to drive away from the bad smell, and you can strut in your cutest stilettos at the next party.

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