by Jennifer Smith March 12, 2018 4 min read

When you think of fur, you instantly think of glamour and extravagance. Sure, fur is associated with luxury and is slightly intimidating to wear, but it’s also entirely classy and perfect to make your very basic attire stand out. Going out with friends on a chilly winter night? Slide over a fashionable faux fur jacket over that outfit, and you’re ready to go! There are several ways to accessorize your ensemble with fur without looking over the top and making a solid style statement. Ranging from fur coats for women to fur clutches, hats, bomber jackets, boots, and faux fur slides, here are 8 ways you can incorporate fur into your outfit and look uber chic:

Invest in a faux fur coat

    Be it a chevron print short fur coat or a plain black/grey one, investing in an elegant fur piece is never a bad idea! Pair it with leather pants and leggings to give off a more street style vibe or over jeans, striped shirt and black heels for a more comfortable yet trendy look. You can even glam up an all-black ensemble with a black faux fur piece for a minimalistic chic vibe.

    For a more retro, casual yet cozy outfit, a short fur coat with plain black skinnies and sneakers are bound to do the trick.

    A long fur coat investment always goes a long way! You can even style it as your work attire. Go for culottes, style them with printed silk or plain top and layer it over with a chic medium sized/long faux fur coat that compliments the shirt. A set of black heels and a small handbag are just what we need to give the outfit the final finishing touch.



     Funky faux fur bomber jackets are all the rage!

      A bright colored faux fur bomber jacket paired with a cute beanie hat, black skinnies and casual sneakers are a fresh, funky and modern twist to the usual fur coats and we are all for it! Finish the look with a small cross body bag.

      You can also be a little more goth and pair it with a chic leather skirt, chunky short black boots, and classic black shades to make a minimalistic style statement!


      fur coats


      Can you ever go wrong with fur scarves?

        A must-have winter accessory, fur scarves are a refreshing addition to your fur collection. Accessorize your basic outfit by throwing on a plain, bright colored faux fur scarf for a trendy twist. You know what the best part is? You can make it work with almost any attire and end up looking effortlessly chic. They are perfect for traveling too!


        fur scarves


         Accessorize your basic outfit with fur clutches for a trendy look!

          Want to amp up your outfit in seconds? Throw in a fur clutch and make any attire look glamorous. It works best when you’re going for a monochromatic look, like an all-white knee-length dress and long heels! You can even carry a fur cross body bag or a stylish handbag.


          fur clutches

          Add a pair of funky fur slides to your wardrobe now

            A trend that started off as pretty basic but instantly caught on is ‘Fur slides’! Fur slippers were once associated with indoor, casual footwear but people went gaga ever since models and celebrities started sporting them. They can be paired with long casual dresses in the daytime and with jeans and skinnies on a relaxed evening out with friends.

            It may seem a bit absurd at first, but fur slides look like an interesting addition to the faux collection and definitely worth the try!


            fur slippers


             Buy a faux fur hat to make an effortless style statement

            Another must-have winter fashion accessory is a fur hat! Cold winter nights are bound to make you lazy when it comes to fashion. And when you’re in no mood to dress up, a basic woolen coat with short black boots, skinnies and a cute black faux fur hat is definitely your go-to style statement.


            faux fur hat


            So if you want to set a minimalistic style statement, invest in a black or white fur hat! You can NEVER go wrong with this, trust me.

            You can even pair them with a sweater dress, under a faux fur coat, leggings and knee-length black boots for a more glammed-up vibe.

            Faux fur knitted soft boots is the new, go-to fashion accessory!

            Fur is all about making it work! And if you’re going for a more dazzling and put together ensemble, adding a gorgeous pair of faux fur soft boots is an excellent idea! Be it a fancy jumpsuit, or a casual winter evening out in your comfortable boyfriend jeans, a pair of faux fur boots is bound to make your outfit stand out.


            Faux fur boots


            You can even wear them with other stylish pieces such a short faux fur jackets and fishnet stockings underneath your leggings or skinnies. Faux fur boots are a stunning combination when it comes to pencil or short skirts paired with sweaters; throw in a fur clutch, and you’ve got a drop dead gorgeous attire ready for work.

            Go bold with a pair of funky fur earrings

            A pair of trendy fur earrings is the perfect way to amp your party-look! It sure is a daring choice. However, it can work great if paired smartly with the attire of a sweater and culottes or ripped jeans. They can even go with a stylish shirt and pair of skinnies styled with faux fur boots, a cropped jacket, and a small bag or clutch can be used to complete the look. 


            fur hearing


            We all know fur exudes luxury, class, and grace but this, in no way means that it has to be overdone! There are ways to incorporate fur and make it a part of your style statement without going overboard. So follow the 8 above stated ways to accessorize your wardrobe with fur this season and become the ultimate fashion diva!

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