by Jennifer Smith March 05, 2018 4 min read

We often integrate into normalcy, losing who we really are. Like several other people in the corporate world, the fear of being gossiped about or chastised prevents us from being true to our real selves.

It makes you die a little inside because, since the age of 12, you’ve been hooked to spending your entire allowance at Newbury comics. You relate to and resonate with the lyrics "When I got the music, I got a place to go!" Delving into the depths of punk rock music and Goth bands, perhaps, you even went through the phase where you shaved your eyebrow off just so you could draw them into clever shapes. When your parents supported your punk habits so much that they even let you wear a red wig and a leather jacket.

However, you had to let go of all that when you entered the corporate world. Likely, workforce needed for your fashion sense to be altered a slight bit, too. Though, being the rebel you are, you refuse to conform to the corporate norms.

But, how do you incorporate punk into your everyday work clothes? According to social gurus, dressing up punk usually requires you to flaunt an all-black attire with dark eyeliner and basically everything black.

However, it’s not that difficult to incorporate your punk style into the corporate world. All it needs is some of your passion for the darker things in life.

It might take you several trips to your nearest clothing store, and you might even have to skim through many, many racks before you find the perfect outfits. But, in the end, it’ll all be worth it. You don’t have to completely change yourself for your career.

A 401K plan shouldn’t have you to unwillingly ditch your youthful perception just to implement a more sub-culture, corporate attire. Chances are, if you work hard enough all year round, you’ll achieve more success which will then let you throw out the fashion cautiousness you’re forced to abide by. Not, really.

Below are some basic fashion rules that’ll help you rock that punk, and you won’t even have to lose your job for it!

Bling it up but subtly!


Your tiny pentagram earrings may often go unnoticed on those dinner dates or corporate meetings, but it’ll be a small secret only your ears know about. And it’ll be an adorable one too! Here’s the bonus, it’ll attract the people you actually want to get to know in an out of the office. However, if pentagrams aren’t really your thing, you can also bring it up with a subtle necklace or a ring.

Love your tattoos


The one thing worse than a tattoo is a faded tattoo. So it’s about time you grew up and treated your tattoos with the respect they deserve. It is always advisable to clean a tattoo thoroughly when it’s in the process of healing.

Always use moisturizer and never leave your house without sunblock because you need all the UV protection you can get on that ink.  Although, it wouldn’t be very wise to get a tattoo on your hands or neck unless you’ve already made it to the list of having a solidified career in your workplace.

Punk up the hair

Punk up the hair

The third rule of going simply to punk requires you to find an appropriate haircut. The haircut can be sort of tricky because you don’t want to end up getting a haircut that makes you look like you belong to Fox News.

If you’re the kind of person who is addicted to using temporary dyes and coloring your hair funky, use the dyes on the back of your hair. Why? So your colored hair doesn’t become too evident in the fluorescent lighting of your day job. I’d say flaunt that Chelsea haircut and go to work rocking that confidence.

Black is the new black

Black is beautiful

Black is beautiful! And if you’re from the Upper East Side, it’s relatively easy for you to get away with wearing all black without being judged for it. You can get away with wearing black ankle boots, black shirts, black pencil skirts and a black leather jacket without getting any of the stares. The color black is timeless and classic. Moreover, it looks good on just about everybody!

A simple black dress is perfect for a night out and every office occasion. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to be restricted to just black, you can lighten up the darkness with a pair of tinted sunglasses or a colorful scarf.

Keep it casual on Fridays

casual on Fridays

Every employee deserves a casual Friday at least once every few weeks. Even if you’re employed by one of those fancy firms with the slightly less strict dress code, there’s still a high chance that you might look somewhat out of place. However, the simplest way to get away with wearing a crop top at your office is if you pair it with high waisted pants.

Who says you can’t rock a punk look at work? We just gave you a bazillion different ideas on how you can. If people aren’t marveling at your casual attire, I’d call it ignorance. There is no book of rules that says you can’t go from simple to punk without overdoing it too much. It might make you look like a social outcast every couple of Fridays, so wait out a few weeks till you can whip out that punk attire, muscle tees and t-shirt that says “Just Let Me Die” and you’re good to go!

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