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The history of moto jackets is as sassy as the jackets themselves. The 1930s gangster style jacket means you don’t need to have a gang to enjoy the aura of a rebel. Constituting a full extent of rebellion, the moto jacket is uniformly resistant to obsolescence.

The classic motorcycle jacket was pioneered by Irving Scott in 1928, distinguished by ample lapels, an asymmetric front zipper, and double breasts – the generic trademark is a reference to a more outlandish vibe. The lavish aerodynamic geometry and design exemplify a polished modern look which is not very likely to become exasperating for many years to come.

Available in many different colors, the motorcycle jacket goes far beyond the basic black in options like brown, navy, red, blue, tan and gray. 

The leather is a primal spirit that is more likely to grow in the fashion industry. It’s a failure free, safe way to make any outfit feel glamorous and effortless, instantly. Leather has the magical to suit our materialistic rituals.

It’s perfect for autumn:

In what fashion bloggers call “leather weather,” it’s an autumn afternoon, and you’re drifting past boutiques where motorcycle jackets are on display. On a screen at the window you see David Beckham wearing a mandarin collared leather jacket, and it instantly takes you to the nightscape of a 90s film.


You enter the store because you’ve been compelled to find out what the label has in store for you. As you walk in through the fancy glass doors, you see girls flaunting cropped moto jackets – you can’t resist but check out their entire collection of moto jackets. “Is it really worth the money though?” you think to yourself. The motorcyclist jackets are priced up to 500 dollars each! You exit the store, only to come across a luxury sportswear store, with moto jackets waiting to seduce shoppers.

With gleams in their eyes, chains on their purses, buckles on their boots – coordinating with the hardware of their moto jackets. You see two other women at the store dazzling each other’s moto jackets in their shades. Literally, everybody is wearing it. Isn’t that reason enough to invest in a moto jacket for women right away?

Anybody can pull it off:

What’s with everybody wearing a moto jacket? Consumed by this thought, you instantly feel the need to put one on for yourself. It makes you feel like you just walked out of a fashion house in Paris.

It makes you feel insulated against the mundanity of the world, cosseted and armored with silver stones, studs, black calfskin, a golden belt, and zipper, you look like you can audition for the next Breakfast Club!

wearing a moto jacket

It’s a good jolt of euphoria with thrusts of the chevrons; the moto jacket encourages a sense of instant confidence in its wearers. It confirms the suspicion that literally anybody can have the cheek to pull this off.

The revival of a tradition:

Moto jackets revive a culture of the 1930s. It’s an off-duty staple which looks supremely and incredibly good on just about everybody. It’s not just restricted to riding Vespas through Florence and Paris. It crafts an image and a style which is a popular image of a laid-back town – even though indicating a flavor of chaos, the jacket is a hero in the era of imagery.

revival of a tradition

Plain vs. printed:

Like any good staple clothing item, the moto leather jacket can look completely different based on how you style it. Plain leather jackets are the epitome of chic. They bring a sense of class and rebellious air to the wearer.

Plain leather jackets

However, printed or embellished leather jackets can also up the style quotient. Pair a printed moto jacket with simple, bold colors, like a deep red tank top and classic black jeans for a unique look. Bring back the 70’s with a neon yellow or tan leather jacket, paired with classic blue jeans.

Fun and flirty:

Despite its apparent masculinity, a leather jacket can also be the staple for your fun and flirty look for an evening out with the girls. Pair it with a pretty floral dress or add a splash of color with a green shirt. A cropped leather jacket with a formal skirt can be the best look for work and even a night out with colleagues. A lace dress and clunky boots bring the perfect boho-chic vibe to your evening out.

Fun and flirty

Last word:

The moto jacket, synonymous with the leather jacket, has made a significant impact in recent years. It’s now seen on everyone you wish you were, even if you’re a deadpan observer of trends, the gorgeous calfskin can never be confused with a cheap slick.

The vintage staple is here to stay and not be left in the corner of your wardrobe. The moto jacket is an international uniform, which has aged well over the years. It articulates a style not so stereotypical yet swift enough to be sanctified by fashion mavens. And its vibe is absolutely not restricted to a punk biker scene.

brown moto jacket

It’s a must-have for all fashion styles, and you can flaunt it in the streets of Japan, the deserts of Dubai and the squares of New York. Whether layered with a plain white t-shirt or paired with skinny black jeans, the moto jackets are a must-have style statement for this season. Wear it over a flirty dress in the warmer months; it’s a staple for a reason – it always looks cool!

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Jack P. Whitehead
Jack P. Whitehead

April 28, 2019

These women very adorable and pretty cool in this Biker Jackets look.

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