by Jennifer Smith October 23, 2018 4 min read

Bags are not a woman’s thing anymore. Thanks to the evolution in men’s fashion, many luxury brands are now creating innovative designs for the men’s leather messenger bag. And for a good reason. According to a report, men’s bags accrued almost $2.3 billion worth sales in 2014 which surpassed the figure of women’s bags. Statistica forecasts the figure of men’s bag sales to top  $8 billion by the end of 2018.

These staggering figures show that men are buying more bags than ever before. Whether it is a tote, weekender, backpack or a messenger bag- the trend of the ‘man-bag’ is here to stay.

Today we are going to talk about the most basic style of bags for men, a messenger bag. It is a classic over the shoulder bag which is usually made out of a durable and weather-proofed material. It was initially designed keeping bicycle messengers in mind, hence the name. This specific style of men’s bag can be traced back to 1984 when John Peters redesigned the De Martini Glove Canvas Company’s work bag for utility linesman by adding a nylon lining and edging for weatherproofing and plastic buckles for a more adjustable fit. This laid the basis for the modern messenger bag for men, and today it can be seen in professional environments, airports and coffee shops alike.

However, it can be tough to avoid looking like a schoolboy while sporting a messenger bag. Not all of us can pull off the look flawlessly, and this is why today we are going to share some tips and tricks to keep in mind before you buy a men’s leather messenger bag. Keep reading to learn more about how to invest in a messenger bag that is comfortable to carry and matches your personality wherever you carry it.

Consider what you’ll be using it for

    Before you start bag hunting, it is important for you to identify the places where you will be carrying it. Are you looking for a roomy messenger bag for traveling? Or do you want something a bit more professional to carry to work?

    As with most accessories, men’s messenger bags come in all sorts of styles, shapes, colors, and materials. A big, bright and waterproof orange messenger bag might be a good choice to carry to the beach, but you can’t take it to the boardroom at work without causing a stir. Similarly, a classy men’s leather messenger bag might be the perfect choice for officewear but might not last well on hiking trails.

    The Leather Skin Shop has many styles of men’s leather messenger bags that can be used as a work bag, a laptop bag or a weekender. Consider your usage and where you’ll be bringing the bag before you make a purchase.

    Check if it fulfills your organization needs

      Every messenger bag comes with a different number of compartments and inner pockets. If you want something that can hold your laptop, look for a style that has a built-in laptop compartment.

      Or if you’re looking for a work-bag then search for a design that can help you keep in a lot of files and papers separately.

      Choose a messenger bag with an adjustable strap

        Now, this a point that you should definitely keep in mind before buying a men’s messenger bag. Not all messenger bags come with an adjustable strap. While it may not seem like a very crucial detail, it can make or break your purchase in the long run.

        For example, if you plan to ride a bike or motorcycle to work, a bag with an overly long strap can be potentially dangerous.

        Similarly, if you plan to carry the bag on your side rather than the traditional cross-body style, a bag with an adjustable strap can help you alter the look within a few seconds.

        Look for a bag made out of a durable material

          If you’re looking to buy a bag for everyday use, then invest in a men’s messenger bag that will last you many years. While a cheaper canvas messenger bag might be easier on your wallet, it will not last you for more than a year.

          We recommend you to make a one-time investment and buy a men’s leather messenger bag that will be a permanent piece in your wardrobe. The leather is durable and will ensure that your bag lasts you for a while, even more, if you take proper care of it.

          Pick a neutral color

            You don't want to end up buying a bag that won’t go with any of the pieces in your wardrobe. It is already a hectic job to put together the perfect work outfit that makes you look sophisticated and mature. In fact, overly flashy accessories, like a brightly colored bag, can make you look unprofessional.

            The tip is to buy a neutral colored bag in brown, black or grey tones so that it compliments all your work outfits and you don't have to worry about your bag clashing with your overall look.


              In today’s hectic schedule, men are juggling a career and other responsibilities side by side. It is not uncommon for a modern man to go to the gym in the morning and go straight to work, attend classes at night and then head out for a drink with friends. With so much to do, it is crucial to be able to carry all the essentials in your high-quality leather messenger bag. And just as each man’s routine is different, so will the tasks that he entrusts to his daily companion, the man-bag.

              After going through this article, you still have to ask yourself: what do you like? If you are a business oriented man and your eyes are on the top, then choose a design that makes you feel like a million dollars. There’s nothing more chic and sophisticated than a black and polished leather messenger bag. So, go for it.

              Do you have any more styling tips and ideas that can help one choose the perfect men’s leather messenger bag? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below.

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