by Jennifer Smith June 29, 2021 5 min read

Unless you have been living under a rock your entire life, we are sure you have come across the term “messenger bag” if you haven’t owned one yourself. Considered to be a staple by many, there is much more to picking the right men’s leather messenger bag than what meets the eye.

For those of you who cannot put your finger into what type of bags are classified as a messenger bag, let’s first begin by racking your memories.  

A messenger bag refers to a bag that comes with a long strap to sling the bag either on the shoulder or across the body. The bag continues to be an ideal and practical accessory for all. And while you will find many women sporting the bag, it is mostly favored by men.

Here is everything you need to know about the bag.

The rich history of messenger bags

Before we look into how to choose the perfect men’s leather messenger bag, let’s first understand why the accessory continues to be trendy, even after all these years. You can attribute the popularity of the bag to both the versatility of its use as well as its rich history.

Previously known as satchels and courier bags, as the name suggests, messenger bags were initially designed for postmen to efficiently carry out their postal duties. Back in the 1950s, De Martini Globe Canvas Company took charge of designing the bag which was used by the company’s line workers.

The bag was made to be spacious enough to accommodate the required tools. Pockets were made inside for keeping invoices, and the material used was cotton canvas which was lined with waterproof fabric.

Up till the 1980s, the company remained the major supplier of the messenger bag, and it wasn’t until 1984 that John Peters revamped the classic bag and introduced it to the fashion business. And as they say, the rest is history.

The messenger bags of today

The men’s leather messenger bag you will find today is different from the one that was initially designed all those years ago. While the bag has the same rectangular form along with long straps, now the material used has changed. Leather has taken over cotton and nylon bags.

The messenger bags of today are designed to be multi-purpose. You can choose them for casual settings as well as professional meetings. This is because they don’t look as stringently casual or professional as briefcases and backpacks. Hence, they can fit into different occasions and contexts.

The Types

You can distinctly divide the leather messenger bags of today into specific types. This includes:

1. Traditional Messenger Bag

Men Crossbody Messenger Cow Leather Bag With Zipper Pockets

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These traditional bags are of the largest size in the market. Generally, they are up to 20-inches long. Hence, they tend to get quite heavy, so one must be careful about what they plan on putting in this bag.

Ideally, this is the perfect type of messenger bag for those who are going on a short trip and wish to carry all their gear in a fashionable manner. It specifically looks great when paired with leather jackets.

Whether you complement it with a men’s biker and bomber jacket or women’s leather blazer or sheepskin jacket, a traditional messenger bag slung across the shoulder makes for a great look.

2. Briefcase Messenger Bag

Natural Leather Branded Versatile Business Briefcase Shoulder Bag For Men

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When it comes to delivering leather sophistication, nothing does the job right like a high-quality briefcase messenger bag. It surely makes a great first impression and hence is ideal for professional settings. Be it your first day at work or a sales pitch with new clients; leather briefcases make you look the part.

Briefcase messenger bags are carefully designed to hold laptops and large files. Designated slots are also added for storing business cards, pens, and cables. You can find both smaller briefcases as well as larger ones in the market. While the former is easier to carry, the latter has more space.

3. Laptop Messenger Bag

Genuine Leather Versatile Multiple Compartments Business Briefcase For Men

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These leather messenger bags tend to be smaller than the types mentioned above. This is because these bags are made for the sole purpose of safely storing a laptop. Hence, they are usable for work purposes. At times, you will find variants that have sections for papers and business cards – but this is not a necessary element.

If you are looking for such a messenger bag, we advise you to be careful with the sizing. Also, opt for padded compartments for the utmost safety of your bag.

4. Satchel Leather Messenger Bag

Men Brown Shoulder Strap Crossbody Vintage Messenger Leather Bag

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When it comes to casual hangouts, there is no better option than satchel leather messenger bags. Out of all the types of bags mentioned in this list, a satchel bag is the most compact.

Usually, all satchel leather messenger bags are minimalistic and simple in nature and feature a full flap design. They have just enough space to carry a laptop and a book and hence is ideal for day-long travel. However, it is better to analyze the measurements and be sure of the size if you are planning on carrying a laptop in it.

Choosing leather messenger bags: what’s your type?

For those of you thinking of getting a messenger bag, first, take a step back and consider your reasons for purchasing the accessory. This is because there are a lot of options out there, and to select the ideal design, you need to first be certain about what purpose the bag will serve.

Here are some of the queries you may want to ask yourself when deciding between different types of messenger bags:

  • Will the bag be spacious enough to carry my laptop?
  • Will it comfortably fit under the seat of an airplane?
  • Is there enough room for me to carry the required items?
  • Is the size large enough for comfortably carrying my stuff while being small enough for the bag to not be a nuisance?
  • Is the bag too heavy on its own, thereby making it uncomfortable for traveling long distances?
  • How many sections do you need within the bag? Does this bag have them?

The answer to each of these questions would govern which type of bag will be the perfect one for you.

Pros and Cons

If you are used to carrying a backpack, know that messenger bags will feel slightly uncomfortable to you. This is because they are not as stable as backpacks. However, if you look past this disadvantage, you will find that carrying leather messenger bags has a lot of merits.

For starters, it makes men look very classy and sophisticated. Even when it comes to functionality, no other bag allows one to be as organized as a messenger bag.

Parting Thoughts

All in all, if you are willing to compromise a bit on stability, you will be able to realize various benefits along the way. Obviously, this depends on your ability to select a leather messenger bag that is ideal for your use.

We hope that this guide helps you in making the right choice. Make the decision after considering all the factors mentioned above. And surely you will end up with a bag you will use for years. After all, anything made out of authentic leather stays with one for a long time!

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