by Jennifer Smith June 17, 2020 5 min read

Summer is coming, and so are summer handbags!

Wondering what color for a summer handbag you need?

Summer handbag trends are ready to invade. Are you all geared up? Let this blog enlighten you with what’s coming, so you have loaded your ammunition.

Research by Statista shows that 33% of the global luxury goods market comprises of accessories. Did someone say handbags? In the US alone, handbags sales amounted to 10.2 billion dollars.

Imagine walking out of your home, all dressed up in the perfect summer outfit. But wait, are you carrying an old school handbag? Major turnoff!

This guide is here to save you from such embarrassing moments. Presenting to you some colorful handbags to make your summer look hotter!

Grey for all the blings!

Women Faux-Leather Set Of Beautifully Crafted Tote Sling Satchel Handbags

Get This Handbag For Just $79.99

Looking for a casual weekend look? Summers are all about comfy and casual looks. Upgrade your summer silhouettes using some sling bling!

Be it summers or winters, premium quality synthetic leather is always in! You are already excited to radiate that sheen from golden embellishments, isn’t it? 

Upgrade your wardrobe with a grey women faux-leather set of beautifully crafted tote, sling, and satchel handbags. Grey is a forever go-to!

To complete this trending look, you need a:

  • Waist-hugging sling dress
  • Pair of transparent heels
  • Grey sling bag

This season is all about flaunting your summer body!

White-helping you buckle up right!

Women Saddle Faux-Leather Bag With Brass Buckle Design

Get This Handbag For Just $89.99

Looking for some extra detailing? What could be better than a statement-making buckle! Quite literally, buckle up to slay in the heat!

Come on, and it is 2020! Wave bye to mainstream handbags and welcome this wristlet to your wardrobe! That golden buckle will shine in the sunlight, and you will feel like a goddess!

Bring this woman to saddle faux-leather bag with brass buckle design as a breeze of wind in your hot personality! That too in white, cause an icy delight will attract all those eyes!

For this icy cool look, shop a:

  • Cream or pastel-colored trench coat
  • White bag with buckle
  • Pair of rugged loafers
  • Basic tee and jeans

Be it a crossbody, a tote or a wallet, and white is harmless!

Carry the white and swoosh all your musing about what color for a summer handbag you should be flaunting!

Blue-the perfect clue for classy summers

Women Tote Messenger Boston Style Hand & Shoulder Faux-Leather Bag
 Get This Handbag For Just $49.99

Does size matter? When talking about summer handbags, it definitely does!Imagine all the good things you can do with all that space!

To make you feel beautiful inside out, this blue bag has a polyester lining within. Also, you get three full-size compartments for all that material and emotional baggage, ladies!

Summer blues are about to kick-in. Equip yourself with an oversized blue tote. Ladies, the greater space, the better!

For this over the board look, spoil yourself with a:

  • Pastel-colored shirt
  • Pastel-colored A-line skirt
  • Beaded blue bracelet
  • Women tote messenger Boston style hand & shoulder faux-leather bag


Bind together this blue look and beat the heat!

Olive green for stealing the sheen!

Women Messenger Crossbody Tassel String Faux-Leather Bag With Bucket Design

Get This Handbag For Just $29.99

Going to a pool party without a bucket bag? Then why are you going at all! Don’t blame us if the drawstrings draw a lot of attention towards you!

With that kind of finishing, you’ll be able to flaunt your passion for perfection! The string design and tassels are exactly what a queen like you deserves to have!

While a neon green might be too much to bear in the scorching sunlight, an olive green never goes out of season! This hue is sassy yet classy!

All you need for the chic look is a:

  1. Buttoned shirt or olive-green dress
  2. Camel hued coat
  3. Striped pumps
  4. A camel hues beret
  5. Women messenger crossbody tassel string faux-leather bag with the bucket design


Adorning this look, get the most jaw-dropping poolside snaps clicked!

Brown for the hottie crown!

Men Alligator Style Tote Messenger Leather Handbag With A Laptop CompartmentGet This Handbag For Just $99.99

Your boss is definitely not giving you a day-off regardless of the heatstroke.Sigh! But it is a chance to go out and inspire your colleagues if they are wondering about what color for a summer handbag they should be going for!

The alligator texture and color contrast make it fit for a manly personality. You are too possessive about your electronic gadgets, right? This one’s for you!

A sleek, sophisticated, brown bag can add a spark of playfulness and structure to your entire summer look. Who is to be blamed if your colleagues get distracted? *winks*

For this polished look, invest in a:

  • Navy short-sleeved tee
  • Cream trousers
  • Dark leather belt
  • No show socks
  • Dark brown sunglasses
  • Men alligator style tote messenger leather handbag with a laptop compartment
  • Men brown penny loafer slip-on genuine leather shoes


Dear men, this trendy summer bag, rather the whole summer look, is a must-have!

Black-exuding elegance!

Men Cross-Body Handbag Made With Original Leather And Fashionable Zippers

Get This Handbag For Just $69.99

If it’s not black, put it back! As cliché it might sound, for men look incomplete without a hint of black. To boss around in black, a black summer handbag is essential.

To nail a wholly accessorized look, this summer handbag is a must-have! Don’t you dare be eluded by its size! That compact little thing is more spacious than it looks!

Wave hi to this new go-to office bag! Carry this and feel supreme. Stay ahead of your squad and try this trend before everyone else.

For this stunning summer look, find a:

  • Fitted formal grey shirt
  • Fitted grey dress pants
  • Black wristwatch
  • Men cross-body handbag made with original leather and fashionable zippers
  • Men black brogue Oxford genuine leather shoes

This look isn’t a look. It’s an experience of a lifetime!

Final word

Missed out any of your favorite colors? That does not mean you got to throw maroon, mustard, hot pink, and other handbags out of the window. You can make them wait until winter!

Seasons change. Fashions change—Trends change. Color schemes change. Years go by. What sticks with you is your confidence and charisma.

Just hold your aura secure and smile—and if you are wondering what color for a summer handbag you should be flaunting, you have found the tips!

But what matters more is the way you carry it! Carry it with a smile, and you can pull off the ugliest handbag of all. Carry it with underconfidence and BOOM. The whole looks go in vain!

Some colors work for every season. But for summer 2020, the above mentioned are your holy grail. Rock these looks, and thanks us later!

 For handbags, more is less.

Happy handbag shopping for summers!

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