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by Jennifer Smith March 26, 2020 5 min read

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society” – Mark Twain

You should know better than to defy a literary legend like Twain himself. And when we say this, we say it sincerely.

Let's take a quiz here!

Who of the two is gobble-worthy handsome and the king of class?

A: A handsome hunk in a tailored shirt and pants that scream suavity with just the right accessories.

B: A drool-worthy guy in stained jersey and probably dug-out-from-laundry basket-shorts.

Who will you choose?

Your clothes will define you!

And if you are a guy reading, we would like your affirmation on this….

You definitely wouldn't want to be caught in a shabbily dressed state, would you?

Fashion and You

But before you bring up the argument about “you being you” and wearing what you feel is nice, we’d rather tell you more.

While you may love to be “you” wearing old torn clothes (Ahh! those pj's...) because they are comfortable, your mind and people around you may not love it.

Research suggests that wearing beautiful clothes helps you feel better! So, if you think you have had issues with your mental health, one way to mitigate them is to wear “just" the right things.

Making sure that our suggestions do not weigh down your wallet, we have suggested some classic fashion tips and new fashion trends for men that will last a lifetime and beyond!

Loosing Long

The recent half a decade has seen people wearing clothes that stuck to their skin and needed to be peeled off ( we know it's an exaggeration, but sounds funny right!?). Uncomfortably fit clothes that made it challenging to breathe are still a norm today.

And while the elders frown at this sense of fashion, the fact of the matter is that the largely loose clothes of the past were not much of a welcome sight either.

But after all this, it seems a hybrid seems to be emerging from the past and present to pave the way for the future ( feeling like a sage).

Leather Skin Men Black Quilted Genuine Leather Jacket
Go get this jacket now before it ends!

And if there is one thing that futuristic fashion is about, it is depicted in this jacket!

The new fashion trends for men revolve around wearing loose and long clothes. However, not loose enough to look ugly and not snug enough to look like a wrapper (trying to avoid a stitch while suppressing a laugh).

But the best part about this jacket is its beautiful leather finish and quilted design. Matching it up is nothing but a privilege:

  • Find your favorite sweatshirt. You either go in complete contrast with white or fit in with black.
  • Pair it up with Straight fit jeans with some rugged spots around your knees and thighs.
  • Match up with some beautiful sneakers that match your sweatshirt.

Leather Funk

As long as man has leather, he is associated with class and poise. Every leather adornment has been about exuding luxury.

But with new fashion trends for men setting in, we ask why we can’t you be a little creative with leather?

NWT Stylish Dark Purple Men Stylish Synthetic Leather Jacket
Dark purple synthetic leather jacket - only for $125.00

This leather jacket is a masterpiece, an ode to creativity. It bursts the monotony of black and brown leather jackets with a beautiful, seemingly attractive color for leather jackets.

That is precisely what makes this jacket, and you stand out among all others. The jacket is perfect for your bonfire nights and parties. Here is how you match it:

  • Find a solid shirt with those band color, so it fits right in with your jacket.
  • Pair it up with a beautiful chino (tucked in shirt) or slim fit jeans (shirt tucked out).
  • Match up with your favorite loafers or sneakers to bring the outfit together.
  • And add some equally funky accessories, including rings and wrist bands.

Rebelliously Formal

Do you remember the times when being formal was all about wearing an oversized suit, a pair of oxfords, and carrying a boring old briefcase?

Well, times have changed. It is no longer about oversized coats or boring briefcases, and it is definitely not all about the oxfords. While the traditional dresser still fixates over the old oxfords, new fashion trends for men bring out something rather imaginative with an artistic touch.

Men Black Military Genuine Leather Boots
Buy this leather boot at only $199.00

The new trends bring out these beautiful leather boots. Boots that have the same badassery of any other pair of boots, but the class to rock your formals too. Of course, we do not mean to tell you to wear these for your office.

But when it comes to a semi-formal gathering, you can definitely pair these up with your suits. Here’s how else you can win with these boots:

  • Find your favorite dark dress shirt.
  • Match them up with a great pair of cargo pants. If you want to really show off the boots, try going for your cargo shorts.
  • Add up your shoes, fold up your sleeves, and wear those aviators to complete the look.

Classic and Vintage

But not every traditional look is as bad!

While we hate the looseness in those clothes and the strict rules for footwear, we absolutely miss the headwear.

Blue Vintage Style Leather Hat English Men's And Women's Jazz Ska
Get this hat to rock your boring outfit!

And much like anything that we miss, we bring back!

 That is why this beautiful navy blue hat features in this list of new fashion trends for men.

Especially suitable when you wear your warm clothes on a cold evening going for a walk, this hat just brings all of the attention to you. And we guarantee you; you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s what you need:

  • A blue blazer matched with your favorite white formal shirt.
  • Add a pair of khakis and some boats to go with them
  • Puff up your hair and comb your beard before you head out.

Carry it In Style

You know what men have primarily seemed to ignore, and women have given inflated importance throughout fashion history?


Men Shoulder Cross-Body Messenger Leather Bag With Belt-Buckle Design
Shop for this classic bag now!

But with the new age of men’s fashion coming in, men have finally understood that they need bags as much as women themselves. Especially men that go to office or college, the importance of a bag stands unparalleled to anything else out there.

Here is how you match it up for a perfect day at the office:

  • Have your overall formal shirt and pants ready.
  • Add a sweater for effect.
  • Wear your shoes and put on that beautiful watch.
  • And head out with this bag across your body.

Final Word

While much of the men’s fashion world has remained dynamic and changes at a rapid pace, there is no doubt that some fashion styles come to become classics. With the above fashion trends, there is no second opinion about them becoming an evergreen part of the fashion scene!

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