by Jennifer Smith March 18, 2020 4 min read

Shoes redefine our outfits. A classy pair of shoes can give a whole new life to your outfit. So all you need to do is buy wisely and pair it with style.

You will never want to be caught with a mismatched pair, would you?

AHH! We thought so too…

You can find yourself in a quandary when deciding the ones that best suit you, but here we are with some of the most commonly asked questions that may have baffled you at some point and time!

Off with the answers!

What Are The Different Boot Styles?

There is no comparison for your trademark cowboy accessory, the boots. But contrary to popular beliefs, boots have much and more style than what you see only cowboys wearing. The different styles of boots that you will find are:

  • The Cowboy Boot: the classic cowboy boot does not even need an introduction.
  • Chelsea Boot: a slip-on boot with a sharp toe and leather sole.
  • The work boot: this is your usual steel-toed boot made from pure leather and non-slip soles for work safety.
  • Captoe Dress Boot: much like a formal derby shoe, the shoe has an open lacing system and a rounded-pointed toe.
  • The Wingtip Borgue: the wingtip brogue is more like your cap toe dress boots, just a little rounded and with a wingtip complemented with brogues.
  • The Suede Brogue Boot: again, much like the cap-toe dress boot, these are in suede rather than leather and, therefore, somewhat more casual.
  • The Harness Boot: this is what you usually see riders wearing with a squarish toe and rugged leather.

What Color Shoe Is Most Versatile?

Black has always been and will always be the most versatile color of shoes that you can get your hands on.

Whether you wear it with dark blues, charcoals, blacks, or whites, black will always do the trick. Not to forget, black will work with all your formals and most of your casuals.

Does Rubbing Alcohol Help Stretch Shoes?

Yes, it does! Just spray it with rubbing alcohol and wear it. You should wear it when it is still wet because alcohol dries quickly. If you plan to wear the shoes with socks, wear socks first and then put on the wet shoes. This way, you will be "breaking-in" and easing into your shoes the right way.

Next, stick in a shoe stretcher or wear them for a little while.

How Do You Wear Tight Shoes Without It Hurting?

Do you know when a pair of shoes is just perfect with your outfit but is too tight?

We wish you never have to go through that heartbreak. But if you ever do, here is how you can do to stop these from hurting. You can:

  1. Buy some moleskin and stick it in places where the shoes hurt. Or, you could stick the moleskin on your feet.
  2. You can choose to use antiperspirants that will reduce the sweating and friction on your shoes, so they do not hurt.
  3. Use an anti-friction stick to apply the balm on your feet.

Can I Wear Leather Boots With A Suit?

Yes, you surely can. Cap toe Dress Boots are a family of boots that are designed mainly to be worn with formals.  You need to be a bit more on point with the level of finesse when wearing your boots with suits.

Chukka Boots, Cowboy Boots, and Chelsea Boots all work well with the suits. Get the one that suits your style the most.

How Do You Style Oxford Shoes?

Oxfords are often considered to be strictly formal in the shoe fraternity. With lines between formals and casuals now blurred, you can style your oxfords in several ways.

The classic suit and tie combination is the best that you can pull off with oxfords today. But, you can also choose to go with a chino and polo combination with a belt that matches your oxfords.

Or, you might want to go with a plated formal pant and crew neck sweatshirt. The possibilities are endless!

What Are The Best Oxford Shoes?

Oxford shoes are considered the de facto formal shoes in a formal setting, and you might not find just one pair of oxfords that work for you.

You can find several different designs from LSS to suit a variety of your needs. If you are looking for a shoe for some formal setting, you can go for the Classic Leather Oxford shoes. Other options include:

  • Two-toned Oxford Brogue shoes
  • Oxford Cap toe Brogue shoes
  • Wingtip Oxford shoes

The tone of the shoes is totally at your own discretion, depending on the type of event and the color of the suit that you will be wearing. You have the option to opt for two-toned Oxfords too.

The shoe dilemma solved

Want to bring together your entire outfit?

Want to add the finishing touch?

Want to have people notice you when you walk in?

Achieve all this with a carefully chosen pair of shoes that bring out the best in you for people to see.

And like Christian Louboutin said, “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”

When your shoes are doing so much for you, they definitely warrant some thought. And just like we’ve never let you make the difficult choices in life alone, here we helped you answer some of the most challenging questions when it comes to shoes!


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