by Jennifer Smith June 10, 2020 5 min read

"I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity — all I hope for in my clothes."

-Yves Saint-Laurent

Just like Laurent, we didn’t have the chance to invent jeans.

Though now that we have the chance to drape ourselves in it, we should not really miss out on wearing jeans-and denim in general-as often as we can!

Now you would ask why.

Well, not only because Laurent is a big shot fashion designer but also because jean jackets run the extra mile in terms of mileage as well in terms of fashion!

Truckers or denim jackets started off as workwear, but now they hold a special place in our hearts and so learning how to style denim jackets is more important than ever!

All That Denim is More Than Gold

Honestly, tell us how often do you wear something which is not denim?

From celebs to commoners, denim jackets are all over the place. From airport selfies to grocery shopping, that extra layer has become mandatory.

Nevertheless, just owning a denim jacket will not make heads turn. To be able to do that, here’s how to style denim jackets.

1. Never say No to Overcoats over Truckers

trucker and overcoat

No one looks sexier than a person draped in a fitted denim jacket under a classy overcoat!

Well, nothing beats a bomb denim jacket. But just to make sure that the overcoat does not takes away all the limelight,


Pairing up a trucker and overcoat that complement each other – not compete.

As rugged as it might seem, this combo is perfect for formal settings as well.

Do not be afraid of playing around a bit with colors, for example, a color theme for the overcoat’s fabric and the jean jacket’s stitching!

To complete this look, you would need:

With this styling, you are getting some bonus points wherever you drop by!

2. Hookup a hood and Be the Icon

hooded denim jacket

This look is so hyped up by bloggers that there isn’t really enough to say.

To maintain a fresh look while mustering up enough body heat, this look is best. For an urban weekend look, pull off this and make jaws drop!

But make sure you add only a pinch of salt- not more and not less.

 Do not end up looking like a wannabe by going overboard. In short, go for a minimal, pastel, and plain hoodie. Embroidery, logos, and other shenanigans are a big NO-NO for this style.

To pull off this look successfully, grab a:

  • Navy or grey hoodie
  • Top-notch denim jacket
  • Black Skinny Jeans
  • Brown Leather Cross-body

Adorn this look to make a low-key fashion statement!

3. Get things rolling with roll necks

roll neck and denim jacket

Planning to wear the same worn off t-shirt again?

Rock a roll neck whenever you are tempted to repeat that boring t-shirt!

Want to know something?

A hugging roll neck and a baggier denim jacket make a better love story than Twilight!

To spice things up, mix and match the texture and sheen of the roll neck and trucker.

Need a pro tip here? Wear the lighter layer closer to your body. This isn’t to maintain your hotness – that comes innately to you!

To look as hot as those Instagram models, invest in a:

  • Solid roll neck
  • Blue or Grey denim jacket
  • Pair of cotton pants
  • Brown Chelsea Leather boots
  • Black Leather Trendy Shoulder Bag

Stitch together this look to get eyes fixated on you!

4. Walking the ramp is too mainstream; jog the ramp!

jean jacket

Are you a player? Here is your chance to play outside the field by fusing joggers with a jean jacket.

To strike a midway between looking suited up for a conference and ready for a baseball match, joggers are men’s new best friend.

You might be following a set of rules on the field.

But when it comes to styling, break the norm!

Slip yourself in a soft pair of joggers with some boisterous detailing on the trucker. If you are waiting for this trend to normalize, be the trendsetter!

To jog your way to an athletic look, look for a:

  • Denim jacket decorated with cool pins
  • Sporty Sweatshirt
  • Pair of comfy joggers
  • Chequered muffler
  • Brown Distressed Leather Backpack with Belt Design

Step up your styling game with this athletic look!

5. Trousers are arousers

Trousers with denim jacket

We have got something for working women who love to ditch the conventional tie and tuxedo look! Are you too nervous about pairing up a casual trucker with a formal set of pants?

Be smartypants, and do what feels right!

Something as extra as a bell-bottom would do, let along with straight pants!

For an everyday look, pull out a relaxed trouser, and you are ready to rouse everyone around!

Ditch your workwear for a:

  • Striped T-shirt
  • A cropped length trouser
  • Embroidered leather jacket
  • Vintage leather bag

Styled this way, the boss lady is all set to boss around as long as she knows how to style denim jackets!

6. Tie an office look together

Tie with denim jacket

Yes, you can look professional and chic both at the same time.

Make this alliance work by playing safe. A tie, a shirt, and a denim jacket might be too much to swallow in a glimpse, so keep the woven silks and tailored trousers aside.

We don’t want you to look too hot to handle at work, so don’t you dare go to your workplace wearing a stonewashed or faded denim jacket.

Be the employee of the month by getting a:

  • Minimalistic shirt and tie
  • Denim jacket with embroidered logo
  • Straight jeans
  • Oxford Brogue Cap Toe Leather Shoes
  • Brown military cap

7. Jeans from head to toe!

Denim Jacket and jeans

Denim all the way!

Ladies, breathe, you still have the room to play with denim shades.

A black and blue contrast never fails. But that’s really not the end of the world. Try contrasting shades of white, grey, and green denim! For a spicier look, you can even go two-toned!

Going all denim is like playing with fire. But smart women like you, know how to play the floor is lava!

To go double denim, you need a:

  • Solid colored or white tunic
  • Black Slim fit pair of jeans
  • Demin jacket embellished with leather brooches
  • Pair of bondage boots
  • Black Tote Messenger Handbag

Are you a style-conscious lady? If you nodded a yes, this look is meant for you!

Final word

Don’t have a denim jacket yet? Get your hands on one right now and then maybe follow one of our hacks on how to style denim jackets?

Got one? Now, reuse that jean jacket to recreate all these modern and trendy looks. Make sure it does not only rest in your wardrobe. Pull it out and slay!

Be the focus of the crowd, and see how you make heads turn with your jaw-dropping style!

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