by Jennifer Smith May 27, 2020 6 min read

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

It seems like you are in the mood for something sexy and classy at the same time.

Do you feel like you have nothing stylish left to wear anymore? Are you all out of ideas on how to make your outfit the most fabulous outfit ever?

It is okay if you feel like that. But, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything about it!

It’s high time that you get rid of the same primary colors in your closet.

But why?

Because my friend we have something new and exciting for you!

That’s right. A bold look is precisely what you need. No blacks, no browns. Just a range of colors like orange leather jackets that are going to make you look so great, you’ll soon forget about the dull colors you had.

And how do you plan on bringing those colors to your outfit?

Good question. Now let’s answer it!

Three words.

Custom Leather Jackets.

Yep, we are going to look at some custom jacket ideas to make you look out of the ordinary!

En route to looking as striking as one can be!

We are getting closer and closer to looking fabulous. Aren’t you excited? Because here we’re rubbing our hands together to present you some fantastic ideas to make your outfits look fantastic!

We understand if it takes you time to embrace the new look. After all, it is going to be bold. If you think it is not your cup of tea, don’t worry!

We are sure you are going to rock that look anyway.

Let’s move on to the best part now!

  •  What’s better than red?!!

Nothing screams more fearless and sexy than red. Red is the perfect color to show off just how dauntless you are.

Worry not!! Leather Skin Shop has got you covered with a vast variety of red super-hot jackets. By considering further, customization can take the hotness to just another level. Are you thinking, glossy red is already too bright for any addition? But isn’t that the charm you need to stand out!

It will be super classy to wear and glamorous to look at. We’re sure you’re going to fall in love with it!

A warning first. The customized glossy red jacket idea we’re going to present you is super sexy and fabulously chic, so brace yourselves!

 Red Leather Jacket

Don’t shy away now as this jacket is going to give you a fiery look. You’ll look brave and gorgeous at the same time.

People will get to know you as the strong, confident, and adventurous girl that you are. Are you ready to bring out that side of you?

The best part about customization is that you can literally add and subtract whatever you like! Similarly, adding zips in various directions or only adding them to pockets and borders can bring out a completely different and classy look.

Of course, jackets can have many more designs. Here are some more ways you can add zips to your leather jacket to make them stand out:

  • Adding silver/ black or gold zipper on each sleeve top.
  • Adding a connected zipper on both sleeves and shoulders.
  • Adding small zipper in abstract directions on the back.
  • Connecting your jacket to the hood with a relaxed oversized zipper.

Ladies, it’s not just you who can pull off these variations. Guys can add zippers too for stud look.

Guys, take out your notebooks and pens to note some more fiery ideas!!

  • Add in horizontal zippers all across the jackets to define a unique style.
  • Add in the zipper on one side in an abstract style.
  • Add in a contrasting red zipper to your jacket at the bottom to define borders.

There you go, guys. Stand out with your unique style! 

  • The traditional leather jacket? Nope. Add some hotness to it!

Buttons. Yes, it’s buttons we’re talking about.

The addition of buttons is always the best option; they make it look fantastic every single time you put it on.


Traditional Leather Jacket

Now, this jacket is perfect to wear in casual settings or even at parties. That is the whole charm of this magnificent addition of buttons!

The fact is that the style will go with any outfit and gives an ideal look in any weather! How great is that?

It’s comfortable, it’s lively, and it’s versatile. I mean, what more could you even ask for?

Again, you can customize your jackets like the one in the picture by adding in buttons in various styles that you like.

  • Add on buttons in the border to highlight your wear.
  • Adding multiple sizes of the button on the top corner or bottom corner to add colors and funky look.
  • Add some buttons on the collar to give your jacket a unique spark.

Choose your perfect style and show the world who’s the real fashionista!

    •  Let's get some work done with Motifs to add in style!

    Okay, so we now have motifs in our list.

    Motifs indeed make everything better. Regardless of where you have to wear the jacket, adding motifs can bring out the best look in your jacket. Motifs have the power to make things seem more fresh and impressive!

    And motifs on a leather jacket? I’m drooling.

    Motifs on Leather Jacket


    Hold my drink right now! Wow…

    Is it possible to fall in love with a jacket? Because it is love at first sight here!

    Apart from the fact that it gives off Gigi Hadid vibes, this jacket is also the epitome of beauty and simplicity.

    It is surely an excellent addition to your wardrobe. You are bound to look stylish!

    The shiny matte finish just adds more to its class.

    . The pink and green flowers added to the jacket gives it a perfect look in every sense.

    Adding handwoven motifs can give a really unique and cozy look to the jacket. Other than usual flowers or leaves, you can always add in vintage, abstract design, geometric or pattern motifs to add a funky, cute, or classy look.

    You can literally add motives anywhere you like. Back, sleeves, shoulder or bottom, or anywhere else, it would be just perfect. 

    • Tags for a new look!

    The custom jacket ideas do not stop here. Let’s not forget just how charming blue looks.

    You need a jacket to jazz up your wardrobe. Its time you got out of your comfort zone. Embrace the boldness by putting on some uniquely tag customized jacket.

    Black Leather Jacket

    So, what do you think? Adding tags can do wonder to this glamorous and breathtaking jacket. Gather up some courage and become the star of bold looks!

    Tags might seem weird at first, but some of them are really colorful, sophisticated, funky, and whatnot. You can get plenty of them or just a single one anywhere on the jacket and enjoy the unique look.

    It will be precisely what any celebrity would wish to wear!

    •  Patterns for the rocking style!

    Patterns, you must be wondering what kinds of patterns.

    Worry not, we are here for you! Patterns have a vast variety, and this makes it perfect when considering custom jacket ideas. From abstract pattern to color patterns to geometric patterns to different cloth patterns to patch patterns and many more.

    You can even make your own using variation in quality, color, or design.

    Are you thinking what we’re thinking? A pattern idea to understand better? Here is a jacket with a cool cross lace pattern for a bold look but in a subtle way.

    Black Leather Jacket

    This racer jacket is a beauty, not even kidding. And adding the silver loops with black laces has made it even more outstanding

    The clean, polished look. The snap button collar, some simple detailing, and of course, the zips and laces.

    That’s all it took to create this masterpiece. You can get it customized to your preferences, don’t forget that!


    These were some of the many custom jacket ideas to make you look bold and stylish in an instant. Don’t be reluctant when trying out new things. We believe in you, and we believe you have the power to look great, no matter what!

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