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Motorcycle jackets are nothing short of iconic. The statement black classic motorcycle jacket is a cult favorite for more than one reason. They are simple, they are crude, they are uncomplicated, they are versatile, but most importantly, they are durable. There are many types of motorcycle jackets out on the market, but everyone has a particular motorcycle jacket design that syncs with their personal style, aesthetic and personality.

When investing in a motorcycle jacket, there is more to consider than just the cool aesthetic because the most important factor should be protected. Not only is a motorcycle jacket a bold style statement but it serves the purpose of protection like no other.

  • They protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and keep excess heat away from the body.
  • They act as a shield against the cold
  • They keep you safe in the unfortunate case of an accident by reducing the impact of the inflicted trauma.

mc jacket

Keep you comfortable while giving you more space for storage of belongings like gadgets, maps, essentials, etc

  • Factors to consider when buying a motorcycle jacket

Before investing your money on the first motorcycle jacket you set your eyes on, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration before you take the plunge.

  • Textile versus Leather: Both fabrics have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your preference and style of riding. Leather has excellent abrasion resistance and therefore is your best bet if you need protection which is primarily why leather is the most commonly employed material for the motorcycle racing jackets manufacture. Also, there is no denying the fact that leather just looks great. Leather, however, fails to provide protection in rain or heat. This is where textile, especially those with a mesh are superior. Also, leather is quite heavy which contributes to rider fatigue. Textile is more versatile than leather, can be made waterproof, is breathable, has great ventilation, and is lighter in terms of weight and thus more flexible. Textile, unfortunately, wears out faster than good quality leather.
  • Armor and Padding: Padding in high impact areas is an absolute necessity. Armor, originally quite heavy and rigid, now is much more flexible and only becomes rigid on impact. Shoulder and elbow protection is standard with all motorcycle jackets. In some cases, armor can also be removed or replaced depending on the need.
  • Visibility: An important factor to consider as failure to get noticed can lead to mishaps and accidents. Opt for visible gear such as reflective material and bright colors.
  • Venting: Venting keeps excess sweat at bay and thus prevents heat exhaustion especially during the warmer months. Mesh venting is the best kind there is as it keeps all the moisture away.
  • Lining: If versatility is your top priority, opt for a jacket that features removable lining so it can be customized by the season. For the colder months, keep the liner intact. During the warmer months, remove the liner to avoid excess heat buildup. The waterproof lining can also be opted for depending on your need and surrounding climate.
  • Fit: Finding the right fit is nothing short of a task. Find a size that fits best, so you are not prone to mishaps. A size too big can leave you prone to sliding. A size too small can make you feel restricted and thus adds to rider fatigue and decrease blood flow.

Five styles of motorcycle jackets you need

There is an extensive variety of styles that you can choose from when on the hunt for a good motorcycle jacket, your pick should not rely on what looks best but in fact the functionality of it because what might work for one, might not be the best choice for the other. While most jacket styles conform to their classic norms in terms of textile, some innovative new ones are a hybrid of both an attempt to find the best middle ground. Following is a list of types of motorcycle jackets; each unique in its own way with its own function and purpose, to help you find the best match for you.


Cruiser jackets are the original and ultimate classic style of motorcycle jackets. A style that is most commonly made in leather, the cruiser jacket is the definition of casual comfort and chic fashion. A loose-fitting design, the cruiser motorcycle jacket is rather relaxed in its approach and rarely features any armor. New innovative cruiser jacket designs, however, are now featuring more armor

technology to add an extra layer of protection to go with that comfort.

Street Sport

A more casual and relaxed alternative to the typical racing jacket, the street sports type of motorcycle jacket features a loose and comfortable fit. Although largely made with textile, many new styles are being introduced now that are manufactured with leather or a mix of both leather and textile. A minimal design that normally features armor, the street sports type of motorcycle jacket can be customized according to the season depending how much warmth you want from it by adjusting removable liners and venting.


racer jacket

These are the most durable of them all as they are required to be manufactured using high abrasion resistant materials to combat the risk of high speed offs. The most commonly used fabric for this style is a thick leather preferably cowhide which is used to curate the jacket’s main framework. Leather exhibits excellent abrasion resistance making it the ideal fabric for the job. The other fabric of choice is a high-end textile garment. To facilitate mobility, these jackets feature synthetic stretch panels. For protection, the racer type of motorcycle jacket features plenty of armor and speed humps. Speed humps are used to decrease neck fatigue and help aerodynamics. Unlike the street sport and cruiser motorcycle jacket styles, the racer jacket has a tight fit which adds to its safety and aerodynamic properties. The jacket is close fitting at the ankles and wrists too to help secure the gloves and boots on top. The jacket and pants are often matched together so they can be strapped for added protection.


Adventure Dual Sport

This type of motorcycle jacket style varies with the nature of the sport associated with it. Manufactured with a waterproof, breathable material that is extremely durable, the adventure dual sports jacket always includes armor along with abundant venting as well as an insulated liner to deal with varying temperatures. These have a lot of pockets which really come in handy when it comes to storage as you can easily carry more of your essentials with you when you wear them. A tall collar, a relatively fitted silhouette, and a tough external layer, perhaps made with ballistic nylon, these are designed to protect one from scrapes and bumps, a routine part of extreme sports.

All Weather

Everyone needs an appropriate all-weather type of motorcycle jacket in their closet. Normally the all-weather demand cannot be fulfilled with just one jacket. However, adjustments can be made to make sure the jacket works in all seasons. For the warmer months, mesh jackets are the way to go. For the rainy days, a waterproof lining membrane is a necessity. For the cold, all you need is a well-insulated liner. Customize your layering by the season.

As a biker, you need to first assess your need and then move on to making a choice. Find your perfect type of motorcycle jacket match and get riding.


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