by Jennifer Smith December 06, 2018 5 min read

With the fall season slowly drawing to a close and the chilly winters dawning upon us, it is time to bring out all the thick sweaters and coats. Winter appropriate apparel does not come cheap so if you are looking to make an investment, now would be the perfect time to do so. Naturally, when you are spending a handsome amount of money on a clothing item, you want it to be perfect.

The perfect blend of style, fit, versatility and most importantly, warmth; you want it all. We all love our classic knee-length coats, cozy woolen sweaters, and delicious leather jackets but there is another statement piece that brings in its own unique flavor to the mix; the puffer jacket. A design that was birthed after Eddie Bauer’s near-fatal incident with hypothermia in 1936, the puffer jacket is a piece that traditionally features a quilted fabric filled with feathers.

An item that was curated solely for purpose as opposed to style, the puffer jacket surprisingly has always found more fame for the latter purpose as opposed to the former. The puffer jacket is a durable and practical garment, however, now it is somewhat of a fashion statement rather than a garment meant to keep one super warm. In the latest Fashion Weeks, oversized puffer jackets stole the show with their effortlessly cool vibe and practicality. Finding the best puffer jackets on the market is no easy task especially if you are on a budget. Following is a list of our top 5 picks in puffer jackets that you need in your arsenal if you wish to ace your fashion game.

Puffer Bomber Jacket

red fuppy jacket

A bomber jacket is a timeless classic. Statement cuts, a sleek silhouette, and effortless simplicity are what make bomber jackets truly memorable. A bomber puffer jacket is the best of both worlds. A jacket that keeps you warm and gives you the same cool persona, if not more, than the classic bomber jacket design, the bomber puffer jacket is the definition of hyper-functional sophisticated fashion. Lightweight, deliciously warm and ridiculously convenient, this is one of the best puffer jacket styles out there on the market for those who love to stick to classics and are not the biggest fans of experimenting with their wardrobe. If you love to play it safe, this is the ideal pick for you. Get your hands on your perfect puffer bomber jacket now before the season starts.

Striped Puffer Jacket

If you do not want something plain yet still want to stay true to your minimalist sense of style, the best way to opt for something different is to play with stripes. Stripes have been hugely popular since the beginning of time for a good reason: they are simple, yet they are a statement, they are effortless, yet they are just as chic, and they are the right mix of casual and formal making them perfect to be worn at both types of settings. Striped puffer jackets are unique and stand out in a crowd while making sure to keep you warm.

Printed Puffer Jacket

printed puffy jacket

Puffer jackets do not get the love they deserve largely because of misconceptions associated with it. Many associate puffer jackets to be incredibly boring primarily because of their plain and boring colors and unexciting demeanor. For those who love to go bold, puffer jackets always seemed to be a dead end because there are hardly any good puffer jackets on the market that are laced with colorful prints and patterns to make it look more appealing.

Well, now all your woes associated with puffer jackets have been answered because printed puffer jackets are here and they are ready to turn heads. From florals to abstract prints to numbers to everything in between, prints are always exciting.

Featuring a variety of colors and patterns, the best puffer jackets in the print variety play with a mix of neutral hues and pops of color. Depending on your personal preference, find the one that is the truest to your style. Style a printed puffer jacket with anything: jeans and a tee, over a dress or skirt or perhaps over something simple and monochrome, if you are wearing a printed puffer jacket, everything else in the picture is pointless. Just flaunt your jacket.


Hooded Puffer Jacket

hoodie jacket 2

As if the puffer jacket already wasn’t cool enough, there is an additional feature on the classic design that makes it all the more desirable to everyone: hoods! Who doesn’t love hoods? Hoodies are a staple item in just about everyone’s wardrobe. They are the ultimate definition of casual comfort. Combine hoodies and puffer jackets, and you have a unique and refreshing resultant: the hooded puffer jacket. Versatile, chic and effortlessly cool, this jacket style is both a mix of the timeless classic and the contemporary streetwear outlook.

Sleek yet casual, this jacket can be worn over even a suit, and it will look good. If the terms versatility and practicality could be used to describe any clothing item, it is the hooded puffer jacket.

Water-Repelling Puffer Jacket

water proof

Rain and snow almost always come by unexpectedly. For days when you fear there will be an untimely shower, you need to have something on hand that will keep you warm and protected but will also not get damaged in the process itself.

The best puffer jackets on the market are often not water repelling. Therefore, it is wise to get your hands on one while you can because waterproof puffer jackets are a lifesaver. On rainy and snowy days, jackets often tend to get ruined as they get wet or stained due to various reasons. With water repelling puffer jacket in your wardrobe, you can always be warm and dry.

Puffer jackets, in addition to providing you with the best insulation, is nothing short of a style statement. There is an array of styles available on the market; each with its own character and story to tell. Style them in whatever way you deem fit. If you love a clean and polishes aesthetic, pair your puffer jacket with a pair of khaki pants, a simple button-down shirt and oxford shoes. If you are one, who loves to go bold, find a puffer jacket in bold colors or prints that reflect your personal style.

Pair them with statement boots and a classic monotone ensemble and your puffer jacket will do all the talking for you. Above mentioned are the best puffer jacket styles on the market this season. Fashionable, versatile, durable and incredibly practical, stay warm and slay the fashion game this winter with our top picks and make an investment for a lifetime.


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