by Jennifer Smith November 29, 2018 4 min read

Most of us are too busy updating our wardrobes and easily overlook how we are keeping up with the changing handbag preferences. Fashion these days offers some unconventional bag styles, and it is about time we add some new pieces to our collection. Even though it is a common assumption that handbags can last for more than one season, but it is also true that while keeping track of the new fashion trends, ignoring your carryall does not give the vibe that you essentially need.

There are a lot of designs available in the market. You need to carefully analyze through the overwhelming number of styles and pick one that fits you best. Thorough navigation through these before fall officially rolls in will help you prepare for going out in the season with a whole new aura.

Here are X hottest bag trends for the upcoming season that will help you stay on fashion frontlines:

A Shoulder Handbag

shoulder bag


At the beginning of this year, we saw the debut of Jacquemus’s “Le Sac Chiquito.” It was a micro bag that immediately caught attention, and other designers were soon following similar lines. Now you can travel light, carrying all the essentials and leaving out the extra burdens. The limited pouch space practically asks you to narrow down the list of things and hold minimum things only, such as a cardholder, keys, cell phone, and a lipgloss.

The belt buckle bag

belt buckle bag

Trends from the past are quickly making their way into the fashion world of this day, and the return of belt bags is proof. There are some variations of color and material, but the basic style is all the same. Textures like suede or leather integrate with distinctive details such as studs or fringes. It is up to you how you choose to wear it. You can wear it around your waist or sling it diagonally across the shoulders. As for the fall trends this year, we suggest you go for Women Faux-Leather Tote Messenger Handbag with Belt Buckle Lock and Tassel. It adds grace and elegance plus the design is beyond perfect!


The box bag

box bag

The boxy style is a perfect way to elude a sense of sophistication. It was a big hit on famous runways of Fall’18 such as the Natasha Zinko, Michael Kors, and Oscar de la Renta. It comes with cross-body strap or top handle, depending upon the overall pattern. Among the structured designs, this design with golden embellishments is in the limelight for its exceptional pattern and chromatic selection.


A furry affair


Nothing can beat the absolute cuteness of furs. The fluffy embellishments bring you comfort just by a single touch and even the people around you cannot resist touching those adorable furs. It’s like you carry a pet or a pillow all around!


The chain handle

chain handle

The new chain handle bags are still in fashion. Although the design of the chains is not the same, the inclusion of metal in your bag makes it look vogue ultimately. Essentially chain is for adding embellishment which looks especially opulent when it juxtaposes against supple leather or simple, elegant velvet covers.


The top handle bag

top handle

This season, we find handles instead of straps. A few models such as the structured bags often provide a top handle to carry which is different from the long straps we had in the previous season. It brings a refined and mature look. Plus a top handle makes sure that the bag does not disrupt your carefully curated outfit which often happens with cross-body and long straps.

The backpack


Small bags have been at the forefront for quite long now. It is about time we make a shift towards a different size. This season, make way for totes, hobos, and backpacks. The casual designs come along with the ability to carry more things such as your tablet or a quality leather jacket — way to go big with a carryall that makes a statement.

Vintage patent bag


The shine that adds elegance is not something very common. All the while, we have been dire fans of patent boots and coats. How about, adding a patent to your hand carry? The texture is quite new, the gloss adds a touch of polish, and it is something different than the usual bags that you carry. Try it out once, and you will be a fan instantly.

To sum it up, the handbag trends for fall 2018 appear to be quite radical and will stand out from the previous years. Most probably, your bags from the past season won’t work too well in the upcoming months. How about having a shopping trip where you add up an entirely new range of handbags and purses to your collection? After all, it will influence your whole appearance, and if you succeed in having just right pieces, for sure, you will be the show stopper at the parties that await you this season.

So, brace yourself and go on the hunt for some hottest additions in your wardrobe.


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